Idea Outgoing calls

For the past couple of months, I had been using Rs 199 unlimited plan à couple of times. But last month, the plan was activated when I recharged my phone without me wanting it. I was unable to recharge or use any other plans because of this. Now that the time duration of the plan is over, I’m unable to make even local calls despite having a sufficient balance. My incoming calls aren’t affected. Help.

Idea Harrassement

Dear sir/madam

I want to inform you that i am idea customer with no. 9914003348 from last 4 years but me and my father harassed from idea store’s employees now they send me bill. Bill for what? I came abroad in month of October 2018 after comming here i couldn’t use idea service. Before coming here i requested 4 times (in month of july 2018 to sept 2018) to idea store (Khanna) to make my connection prepaid but they make me fool. They didn’t do anything. Before comming here i was paid advance bill for month of september 2018 to Mr. Ravi (idea store khanna his contact no.8872002020) and request him to make my connection prepaid but he did’nt do anything. Now from 2 months my father go there regularly (25 times within two months) and request them to make my connection prepaid but they didn’t take any action. Mr Ravi (idea store khanna his contact no.8872002020) he also didn’t do anything he also make my father fool and harassed. Now who’s resposible for th! is harassment and now i’ll complain about it to higher authority.
Thank you

Sukhvir singh
Alternate no 9417812319

Idea Wrongfully deduction of Money

I have received an SMS from 51998 and immediately Rs.8.00 was deducted from my account I have not subscribed to any service and no VAS. This fraudsters are duping people of their money and is not different from cyber crime. The governing authorities are sitting idly without doing nothing in spite of so many complaints by so many clients.These fraudsters are minting money from all such innocent mobile users for nothing. Please look into and restrict such fraudulent activities. Worst communication services in India. Government Even not taking action against Such Co.