Idea Charged me extra

Firstly they have given me wrong information. They have taken 560 Rupees from and said that we will give you plan of 509 Rupees from 90 days. Rest they have not told me. And Now when I call them ten times that my number has been activated but not yet recharge. They after they have give me another plan of 84 days. And I called them again that you have told and have charged me for other plan why this plan now. She a ill-mannered girl started saying nonsense . You csn do complain . You can do what so ever you can. They don’t have a bit respect and knowledge of how to speak to a customer. Her number is 8743000371. I don’t her name. Please take a proper action against her behavior And do wrong things. Hope I will get a response as soon as possible.
Ashish Grover

Idea Recharge done on wrong number but when I am asking to revert it to correct number no customer care executive helped me

I have done recharge of 347 Rs using NetBanking unfortunately on wrong number 7448080766.
This 347 Rs recharge was done by 4 times I.e.1488Rs wrongly credited to wrong account.
When I asked for Idea customer care centre but no one helped me for this.
Please help I have lost 1488rs.

If you need all 4 transaction number I can provide them.

Thanks and regards,
Mayur Navle

Idea Incorrect Overusage Charges

Dear Team,
I am using two different numbers of Idea as postpaid numbers since many years and this year in January we have changed our bill plan from easy sharing to 499 plan post visiting an Idea outlet near to my place and that time it was being informed that in next bill you will be only charged as per your new bill plan and previous rental won’t be charged but in the next bill of Feb2017 we were shocked to see the bill generated amount as it has included our previous bill plan plus new plan charges and our bill turned somewhere around 3000 .As we have never been informed regarding these charges we raised request to customer care becoz any which ways if we are going to be charged like this we won’t have changed our bill plan but as per drastic changes In the internet service provider companies competitive rates IDEA was still charging a hefty amount and it’s speed also not so good.So from customer care we got the call and update that they have waived off our February!
month charges plus for the coming bill they would be waiving off somewhere around 2995 amount and same information was shown in our mobile app for the whole month.But due to wrong commitments at Idea end we have to again change our bill plan on 27thFeb and on very particular day we have not used that much net but as per Idea March2017 we have consumed 8GB of data on 27thFeb itself and for the same they have charged us somewhere around 8000 for overusage which we have never done nor we are that much illiterate that we are not aware about limitations as we are continuously seeing our consumed data in our mobile app but same was not reflecting anywhere as we have not used it.Afterwards as a normal customer we raised this issue to Idea cc number but they upfrontly denied our query and asked us to go to Nodal cell .So as per their direction we raised this issue to Idea nodal cell , greivance cell and everywhere where we could but there was no revert from Idea end and everytime ! they are just mailing or texting us that auto generated mail t!
hat they tried calling us but we were not reachable.Firstly if someone‚Äč calls you we get an missed call notification but that was not there and they were just wrongly updating the status as per their routinal job.We have been harassed by the customer care people as they forced us to pay the charges in any case .If you people could pick our track record then you would get a clear picture that in this competition we are using Idea services since last five years as a postpaid number and paying a good amount of bill 2500 on an average every month and we have never ever used that much over limit data in our past and nor we are going to use in coming future.Now we won’t justice to us as we won’t waiver of these current month bill charges as as goodwill service charges or whatever case you have with you.Its a sheer cheating and harrassment to genuine and privileged customer’s.If you people would not listen to your customers then who all would stick with you .I als!
o wish to terminate my these two numbers and along with that other three numbers for my family. Kindly revert me at the earliest and feel free to contact me on the given below number. Regards. MANVENDRA 9540717172