IGNOU Result not yet declared

Enrollment no: 152177509
Course: B.Ed
I had written 5 papers on December 2018.But still 1 paper result (BESE 065) not declared since I had written in Tamil language.so still that paper is not evaluated. I had written all papers in Tamil language only as well as first year.How was declared the other 4 papers? I contact so many times and sent lot of mails.But no one response properly.
Kindly request that evaluate my paper by Tamil known evaluator or send it to Tamil known regional evaluation centre and declare the result as soon as possible. I hope that you will do the best.

IGNOU fees deducted but not updated

Dear Sir/Madam,

While making the payment the amount got deducted but status still saying amount not paid. Please resolve this issue ASAP. after that i paid the fees through net banking from another account it has been done.

Name- Devki
Programme :MHD
Control No.: 186575238

Transaction id – 192R442804

Transaction Mode – Debit Card
Please Refund the amount into account.


IGNOU Assignment Mark's are still not added

Enrolment Number: 181253984
Program: BA
Sir pls help me out regarding this issue,my assignment Mark’s are still not added completely,I don’t know what happened,I had asked my study centre about this ,they told me that assignment are already submitted but why my marks are not updated yet .. I’m very worried about it , plz help me out

IGNOU false claim

Good morning everyone,

Myself Arvind kumar yadav, student of MBA from ignou ( Enrollement number 122612108).

Yesterday i got latter from ignou that i copied the project report.

Justification : I submitted the my project report after a year of efforts whereas my project went through my Guide Approved professor from ignou : Mr R srininvas rao and My HR head where i m working( I cant declare his name as per COBE code of business ethics)
This review costed me more than one year as well as many reprinting of report ( more than 4000 pages). They reviewed the project ,And i prepared the project as per their instruction.

How can ignou delhi can say that this is copied.

If required i can submit my all details of mail communication..

I want to highlight some pain area.
My first project synopsis got rejected on account of it that it seems purchase :
Second synopsis got approval than i prepared the project report– after submission of project report , i reminded the same through mail than after i got mail confirmation for reciving of project report. if their was any doubt it should be highlighted as earlier stages.

2.. During first synopsis i was demanded money which i rejected firmly than concerned person challanged me that i cant complete the project without bribe…so after discussion with Ignou team i selected the guide of ignou approved professor from my study center … under whom i taken my project in very true manner.

Arvind kumar yadav

IGNOU Regarding 32nd Convocation form

Myself Debapriya Chatterjee MCA 4th sem student, Enrollment No-151355810.I have paid 600 Rupees for Convocation form on 25th February at 10.04 P.M. Actually after payment I received one acknowledgement receipt from IGNOU, but in a receipt, it showing I have been paid only Rupees 1(one).

According to the slip Control No-435585 PG TXN ID- 13614603. I have also visited my bank as well as IGNOU Kolkata Regional centre, but they are also told the same that payment has been successful. Please find the below attachment and solve my issue as soon as possible. I hope I will gate a positive reply through IGNOU at the end.

IGNOU Does IGNOU deliberately failes students?

Respected Sir/ Madam,
Firstly when i took admission in IGNOU. I was very much happy that IGNOU has that distance learning so that i can do my job side by side. What I am observing in all the semesters that IGNOU is failing me in atleast one or two subjects which is impossible that I can fail in that subject . Also after I have applied for revaluation. IGNOU displays the result after the exam completion of next term-end exam.

Anyways, I completed that subjects now. Now, I am in MCA 5th Semester and on 15th of Feb 2019, December term end results were out and IGNOU have failed me in 3 subjects and rest all the subjects they have given only 40 marks out of 100 which is very UNEXPECTED.
This case is not only with me but also with my whole batch who have given the semester. How can IGNOU fail me in subjects like DBMS(MCS-034) and Object Oriented(MCS-032). which is a daily work that we carry in office since 3 years working in and IT MNC.

Now I risk giving in revaluation. I somewhere feel that failing students have become a business and I dont want to waste my money. I know that I will pass in revaluation . But I will not give for revaluation.


We are here to learn and gain knowledge and get a good degree from such a recognized university. Please dont make students loose their enthusiasm for studies by purposely failing them.

Thanks & Regards,
A sincere student