Teleshopping India, New Delhi, India Fake calls for oppo Reno 2

Hi guys..
This is to inform you that I have been receiving a call from Siddarth Sharma introduced himself as information incharge from oppo company and they are offering me oppo Reno 2 at rs5990 only. The parcel has been came to my post office. Now what should I do?

Volkswagen Polo, India Battery

Battery issue again. Last year bought new battery from service centre under warranty. Now during servicing they told battery fault due to rear camera installed in my car. I said when last year u replaced it wid new battery then it is expected from you to tell this info to me. Even during inspection u ddnt inform about this issue will arise. But in servicing you informed warranty lapsed and charges will be there for new battery. Is this is the way to do business??!

National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, Mohali, Punjab, India Grievance about research fellowship management and student records

Dear sir/madam,
I am a Senior Research Fellow at National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, Mohali, Punjab. I am availing fellowship from UGC under NET-JRF scheme since March 2016. There has always been delay and irregularity in fellowship payment to students including myself. But this time the issue is about its records management and a total lack of response from any helpline number given for student grievances.

On student portal, which I was only recently able to even login into, I got to know that even after submitting my Contingency Utilization Certificate for period of March 2018 to March 2019, the amount has not been deposited to me.

Instead, I received a payment of Rs 20,000 in 4 parts (5000 each), which I considered to be the contigency amount as there was no portal working for me at the time and I could not confirm anything.

But now as portal worked, it shows that amount as HRA for months of Sep.2018 to Dec.2018, while I had already given HRA certificate stating that I was living in hostel (provided by institute) since May 2018 and should not avail HRA.

Also since May 2019, I am living independently again and have approved HRA certificate from institute head (Director, NABI), but the administration says the HRA option is no longer displaying in their portal and there is no response from UGC whatsoever.

Most students are suffering from these types of irregularities with no one to go to for help. Kindly help me at least get in touch with the corresponding authority so I can resolve this issue, or the only way left is to stop my research work and travel to Delhi and try to find a solution personally, but if that is the way to go, then why even is there a Grievance option on student portal?? And it does not work, for your kind information.

I look forward to a solution with great hope.
For any correspondence, my email ID is [email protected]

Thank you.
Best regards,
Vijay Kumar

Teleshopping India, New Delhi, India Cheated on me 😭😭

Fake Vivo Y95
I got call on Dec 17th i got a call by a person Parveen +919053366073 and later by manisha +918750789437 That your jio mobile no. is selecting as lucky number by company (promotion of company happen). You get 75% off on vivo Y95 phone and only you have to pay 4500rs. AND I pay these amount. He says it will be soon parcel to india post office near by me .He was given Speedpost consignment is EZ183223006IN.Please you solve my query…

India, KOLKATA FOREIGN LCAO, Transfer from office of exchange (Inb), Air, BANGALORE SFE Rakshith M

RV283518122CN this product stuck in KOLKATA FOREIGN LCAO, Transfer from office of exchange (Inb), Air Ced kolkata hold 13 days later please fast process please send my

Teleshopping India, New Delhi, India Fake Vivo V19pro

I got call on Dec 7th at 12.00pm i got a call by a person Rahul Sharma+919911632636 and later by Nisha +918742901123) THAT your jio mobile no. is selecting as lucky number by company (promotion of company happen). You get 75% off on vivo v19 pro phone and only you have to pay 4100rs. And it will be soon parcel to india post office near by me . And i give all incorrect information as I knew they are fraud people. Please do not entertain them or atleast give all incorrect information and let them pay the shipping fee and not get any money out of it.
Speedpost consignment is EZ101473234IN and its returned back to the the origin i guess no one will collect it.

Fraud Sexologist Deepak Arora In Delhi , India, Chandigarh Fraud Sexologist Deepak Arora

This Dr. Deepak Arora is a big fraud.

When I went to his clinic, even without listening to my problem, he asked me my monthly income. To which he exclaimed, ok you can afford my treatment. He asked me to pay INR 1.5 lakh for a 3 month medicine. When I said I will get back on this and cannot commit now, he became abusive and asked me to leave. He never heard my problem and is only interested in money.

I am sure he has no medical degree and no one is taking action because of corruption.

Trivandrum Airport, Kerala, India Stolen

I have flight on 16th November 8:40 air India TRV to SHJ
It’s delayed 2 hours
So I have relaxed outside with family unfortunately i have forgotten my canon 77D camera in the trolley After boarding I have realized
Immediately informed to airport manager, assisting manager but they said that send an email if they found will be return what a simple responsible procedure
still have time 1:30 hours for departure kindly check Cctv footage so that I can fly I had requested this but they simply said there is procedure can’t check like that

Trip canceled and went poonthura police station filed complaint They visited airport manager with me requested to check CCTV footage

While checking found that the airport staff observing the same trolley and it’s moved to a side and the camera bag covered with plastic then purpose fully he move the trolly from there and taken this bag and not to return any where

We called him and ask why taken that bag and have u seen anything in that trolley

He replied nothing I found he don’t know anything

Finally he agreed and bring my bag returned what I loss

The mistake was done by me but if he could have return to airport authority I could have fly same flight

At the end I have seen all others try to protect the staff
But I wrote complaint and give airport manager not police because I made mistake but as a employee he should not do like that

I am not sure what kind of action taken on him also Iam not sure they will take or not even how we can get feedback about our complaints no way to check

Initially they have plan to protect the staff but I did not agreed