documents Documents still not reached

Respected sir/mam

Tracking number : EK311015485IN
It was send on Article Type Delivered At Delivered On

Event Details For : EK311015485IN Current Status : Item Received at ICH MUMBAI (HOME) Date Time Office Event
29/03/2017 17:03:27 ICH MUMBAI (HOME) Item Received
29/03/2017 17:03:27 ICH MUMBAI (HOME) Bag Opened
29/03/2017 16:21:26 ICH MUMBAI (HOME) Bag Received
29/03/2017 13:00:49 NSH MUMBAI Bag Despatched to ICH MUMBAI (HOME) 29/03/2017 12:17:20 NSH MUMBAI Bag Received
29/03/2017 03:04:35 NSH BENGALURU Bag Despatched to NSH MUMBAI 28/03/2017 23:45:18 NSH BENGALURU Item Bagged for NSH MUMBAI 28/03/2017 20:54:29 NSH BENGALURU Item Received
28/03/2017 20:54:29 NSH BENGALURU Bag Opened
28/03/2017 20:45:50 NSH BENGALURU Bag Received
28/03/2017 20:34:07 BENGALURU G.P.O. Bag Despatched to NSH BENGALURU 28/03/2017 20:21:51

Documents were send from Bangalore to Ireland,however it reached only till ICH MUMBAI ,,after that ther is no further information. Kindly solve this issue as soon as possible. It is very urgent .

ICICI KHALSA COLLEGE AMRITSAR Account not opened only misbehaviour by the Br.manager

Account not opened only harrasmentp00
Account not opened only misbehaviour by the Br.manager
Respected Sir/madam
I visited on April 2017 for opening of s/b account at icici Khalsa college Amritsar branch..On enquiry counter they informed to me that opening of s/b account you have to maintain Rs10000.More information you contract our Branch Manager.I entered the branch manager ShNeeraj Sharma,cabin and wishes him good afternoon.I asked sh sharma ji regrading term and condition and balance maintaimce for s/b.He replied me that you have to deposited Rs 20000for s/b account.I asked sharma ji your enquiry counter employee say that you have to maintenance for 10000.only.This is not fair and asked him to give me account opening form.He suddenly shouted me that I will not open such person account.I again requested that I will become the customer of your bank.He again shouted me and say get out from my bank.He called the guard and say to him."Dhakkai Mar Kea ohnu bahar kadd"Being a senior citizen and pensioner your cooperation is urgently required.Thanking you Satpal bhagat
674a gali no 2 Amarkot putligarh
Amritsar 9888202099

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Airtel Amount deducted but recharge isn't done

I have recharged my prepaid number (8055533956) with Re.146 ,money got deducted from my bank account but the recharge is still not done .I did the recharge from myairtel app .Here’s the message with ID
Your airtel mobile 8055533956 online recharge txn ID 17050371801 of Rs 146.0 has been initiated. Please keep the txn id for future reference.
Regards .

Mahindra hardware Noise polution &invironment polution complaint

Iam gaurav from himachal …iam sufeing from havy noise poloution & invironment polution …some people assamble a whater tank tractor troly thrashers and use a difrent kinds of gasses infront of my house . Tbe nerst polution bord dipartment varun gupta s.d.o is not take. Any kind of action ..please help me air my contact is 9816477577

ICICI Bank Fraudulent ATM withdrawals on my ICICI account

Hi Team,

I am writing this email to direct your attention towards the fraudulent ATM withdrawals of Rs. 98,400 which happened on my ICICI account in the space of 2 days – 18th & 19th April, 2017.
PFB – a detailed description of the issue.
Ø Date – 18th April, 2017
I work a night shift at American Express Campus, Gurgaon sector – 43 from 7.30 PM to 4.00 AM.I went to the ICICI ATM at work at 4 AM in the morning and tried to withdraw money from my account. I couldn’t withdraw as it gave me a message saying transaction limit exceeded. I tried my card on the other 2 ATMs in my office but got the same response. Then at 4.34 AM in the morning I got 5 text and email alerts from the bank stating that 5 ATM withdrawals of Rs.10,000 each (total – Rs. 50,000) has been done on my account. This was a surprise as the card was with me the whole time. I called up the customer support team at ICICI and told them the whole situation. The person I spoke to told me it is just an ATM error and he will forward the service request (SR468125110) to another team and my money will get credited in my account in the next 2-5 working days. This was the assurance provided to me by the representative I spoke to.

Ø Date – 19th April, 2017
At 3.53 AM in the morning, while I was at work, I started getting text and email alerts from the bank that ATM withdrawals are happening on my account. Within a space of 5 minutes my entire remaining balance of Rs. 48,400 got deducted from my account even though the card was still with me. I called up the customer support team again and after numerous calls I got the information that on 18th April 2017, the withdrawals that happened were from 1.53 AM to 1.57 AM from an ICICI ATM in Nai Basti, Gurgaon and not even at the ATM located in my office (American Express Campus, Gurgaon sector – 43). This was well before the time i tried to withdraw money. The text and email alerts for these transactions came 2.5 hours later at 4.34 AM. If the person I spoke to would have researched this better, I could have saved the remaining balance on my account.
When I inquired about the transactions done on 19th April, I was told that the money was taken out in a total of 6 transactions from 2 diff locations – 1 in Malviya Nagar and 1 in Khirki Extension, Delhi. They could provide me the address of the ATM in Khirki Extension but not for the one in Malviya Nagar as their response was that they don’t have the complete address. They blocked my card and Net banking service and raised a new service request SR468363846 asking me to visit a branch with some documents to start the investigation which I did. I submitted the FIR copy, copy of my debit card, customer dispute form, copy of id proof and a breakdown of all the withdrawals that happened on my account as provided to me by the Bank only. The lady in the branch (Madangir) assured me that investigation will start immediately once she updates the documents on her system. I was told that I should call the Customer support team for regular updates on the investigation.

Ø Date – 20th April, 2017
I called the customer support team for ICICI for an update who confirmed that the investigation has not been started on my account yet and I would get SMS alerts about the progress.

Ø Date – 21st April, 2017
I called the customer support team for ICICI for an update who confirmed that the investigation has not been started on my account and that the documents were only uploaded to their system on 20th April, 2017 evening rather than on 19th April, 2017 when I submitted the documents.

Ø Date – 23rd April, 2017
I called the customer support team again to get the complete address of the 2nd ATM in Malviya Nagar. After the representative initially refused stating that they can’t find the address, I literally had to force them to research further and eventually they did find the address for the 2nd ATM which turned out to be the same one as Khirki Extension, which meant that both ATMs were located in one address only. This was a very unpleasant surprise for me as they ICICI team had previously had confirmed that money was taken out from 2 different locations and simply refused that they can’t find the address for the ATM in Malviya Nagar.

This detailed description of events is necessary to understand that ICICI bank hasn’t been taking my request seriously. It’s been 5 days since i raised my complaint and i haven’t received any sort of response from them. They seem to be acting very casually about the fact that I am broke and have no money in my account. The unprofessionalism of the ICICI employees, both branch and customer care has left me very frustrated and confused about their customer service ability and whether they are even looking into my problem.
I have also attached the following documents on this email: · FIR copy

· Customer dispute form

· Breakdown on transactions (on the basis of information provided on 19th)
· Copy of my debit card

I am hoping you can help me find a way out of this frustrating issue.
Looking forward to your response.

NSDL Refund of pan card ekyc

Dear sir/mam

i applied for PAN card and i chose e-kyc/e-sign through adhar card. the fees in deducted from bank account but at last process after getting the OPT for adhar card and after clicking verify i get this message.
"Your e-Sign/e-KYC based request has failed hence you cannot proceed the application with e-KYC mode. Kindly generate new token and proceed with physical mode or e-Sign mode. Kindly note that you will get refund of this PAN application in next seven working days."
Name :- pranav prabhu

Tokan No.:-0006458348

Date of Birth :-06/08/1990

email-id :- [email protected]