sun direct Plan changing

I am recharging one year plan on october.. but 3rdmarch they change the plan with out any intimation. they said that as per TRAI regulations they change my plan. They don’t give what I am requesting the channels. When I am asking with executive officer sreenath he rashly spoken do what you want…plz take action on Sun direct.. they do very worst services to customers… My SMART CARDNO:10404877085…

Varisht Nagrik Bima Pension Yojana. Table No.161 Non-receipt of monthly Pension.

Policy No. 902255657.
Varisht Nagrik Bima Pension Yojana. Table No.161

I regret to inform that I have not received the monthly Pension under my captioned policy since the last four months.

I have submitted my Life Certificate to your Yogakshema office twice.

Please expediate my Pension payments.

Janki Makhija.

South Eastern Railway Non payment of pension as per 7th pay commission

Sub :- Non Payment of Pension as per 7th CPC Revised PPO. (Pre- 2016 ). New PPO no- 20097070100338. Issue date 10/10/2017.
Ref : Submitted my grievance in the hand of SBI official available on the desk of Samriddhi Bhaban, 7th Floor, Strand Road , on 31.01.2019. (serial no – 19) Sir,
I, Sri Pratip Kumar Mandal, Retired Senior Section Engineer (Signal) drawing my pension from SBI INDA Branch, Kharagpur through Pension A/c No – 20041139139.
As per enhanced pension amount Rs 31100/ WEF 01/01/2016, not credited to my pension account till date. Last pension drawn for the month of Feb ’19 was Rs 28348/- (i.e. in the old rate). On enquiry from Divisional Accounts office, S.E. Rly. Authority, they told that matter was already processed and sent to samriddhi bhaban on 6th July 2018. It may due to communication gap between state bank of India, Inda, Kharagpur and centralized processing centre, Kolkata.
May kindly investigate the case, so that the undersigned can draw the pension in enhanced rate with arrears as er 7th pay commission from 01/01/2016 Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Flat No- 5C, Block A. Diamond Villa
South Inda, PO: Kharagpur. Medinipur (West). PIN 721301
Mobile : +91 7908678520
Mail : [email protected]

Access 2 health care insurance company Access 2 health care insurance company

I too just got the call from the same company. Said, for Rs.9980/year, it covers medical bill to hosiptilation charge of upto 15 laks per person and it covers overall 6 person at any age and not compulsory if they are not blood relation and also, it covers 50% insurance for max of four vehicles under this single premium.

If we pay Rs.15000/year it covers for 5 years and also we can pay by EMI option also.

Said, It is not Medical Insurance, but it comes under the norms of Indian Medical Association(IMA).

If it is not a medical insurance then how it will cover Tax benefit under 80D.

They contact me through phone and ask to cross check the Site : Started explaining about the plan.

Meanwhile I cross checked the and , found many are affected by losing their money to this company.

I will not believe if the company calls through the phone call and advertise their product. But this call is very attractive and it will attract all the people since it covers medical expenses which looks very profitable for the Middle class people who spend their major part of the expenses on medical expenses.

If it is really a fraudulent company then our Government needs to take immediate action against this type of companies and bring awareness to our people what medical insurance are available and what it will cover and how to get safegaurd by ourself from this type of phone calls.

Special thanks to the people whoever bring this to picture through and

Planet Gas Stove Black Color Glass became white within 3 months

Black Color Glass of Planet Gas Stove has became white within 3 months
Till now problem has not been solved. Again raising my complain to solve the problem.
I had purchased 3 burner gas stove through Gift Card on 25.06.2018 vide bill no.007 from Associated Appliances Ltd. Within 3 months black color glass become white around burner. I had complained with your Dealer in the month of Sept.18. They told we ill check and change it. After one month they have not taken any action. Again I had visited their shop and they had also told same word but no action taken. Like this I have visited 6/7 times they also told do not worry we will change it. In between they had send one person for verification. They have verified and also told stove glass will be changed and no action taken. Today (09.02.2019) visited their shop and they told for changing this glass it will be charged Rs.1400 because it is purchased through gift card. I have asked them why you are not telling this word since last Sept-18. Why you have given us Guarantee card. Now that Dealer is playing with us. Please confirm regarding this matter on priority basis. Hope this will! be solved by your Company very soon

Abhiram Barick
[email protected] Mob.No.9937050404