jodhpur nagar nigam Air pollution and encroachment

श्रीमान्, महापौर साहब,
नगर निगम, जोधपुर, राजस्थान।


मेरा मकान सरदारपुर क्षेत्र 1ST ‘B’ रोड, नानक स्टोर वाली गली में हैं। आपकी जानकारी के लिये हमारे पडौस में स्थित दुकान न्यू लक्की नमकीन नाम से व्यवसाय करता हैं। जिसमे वो पूरे दिन सुबह 6:00 बजे से लेकर रात 9:00 बजे तक समोसे, मिर्ची बड़े, कचौरी तथा तेल से निर्मित होने वाले नमकीन का उत्पादन करता हैं, जिसमे पूरे मोहल्ला में नमकीन व तेल का धुआं फेला रहता हैं। आँखो में जलन एवं सांस लेने की तकलीफ ध
ंरे-धींरे बढ. गई हैं। व मकान ज्यादा गर्म रहता हैं, इस वजह से मकान मे रहने मे बड़ी कठिनाई हो रही है इस वजह से मेरे माताजी एवं पिताजी अब मेरा घर छोड.कर मेरे भाई के साथ रहने लगे हैं।
तेल की बड़ी कड़ाई रास्ते के किनारे पर लगी हुई हैं एवं रास्ता भी कई बार ट्रेफिक कि वजह से जाम हो जाता हैं। इस वजह ट्रैफिक में भीड़ बढ़ जाती है कोई बड़ी दुरघटना होने की संभावना हमेशा बनी रहती हैं। एवं चारों तरफ गंदगी पड़ी हुई रहती हैं। ‘‘स्वच्छ भारत अभियान’’ की धजिया उड़ाई जा रही हैं। मेरे पास कुछ वीडियो एवं फोटो भी है, जो कि हकीकत बयान करती हैं।
अत: आप से अनुरोध हैं की आप उचित कार्यवाही करें।



( My partner India Allahabad) Fraud By Sneha 8687843637, 7080942352 ( My partner India Allahabad) Fraud By Sneha 8687843637, 7080942352

Fraud by Sneha( 08687843637,07080942352)
Maine apni beti ke liye sneha naam ki ladki se baat ki my partner india branch me. usne mujhe kuch rishte bataye jiska aaj tak mujhe number nahi mila.uske kehne anusaar maine 6000/- ka amount pay kiya. maine 100 baar call kiya parantu us ladki ne mere call ka jawab nahi diya aur battmeezi se hum log se baat kiya.fraud ladko ka photo bheja aur beti bol ke paisa liya. main sneha ke khilaaf bahut bada action lunga aur jald hi uske paas suchna pahuch jaayega. uske vmarriage beauro mein uske khilaaf action lunga. maine is par shiqayat kiya jisse anya pariwaar wale sneha dwara satark rahe.hume jis do number se call aaya sneha ka wo hai ( 08687843637, 07080942352) MY SELF (MANOJ KUMAR ) :- 09455363200
Shri Manoj ( CBI OFFICER )

ADG APS (PLI CELL) Non receipt of PLI(Survival benefit for Rs.40,000/-)

Sir, I would like draw your attention towards my claim for 20% amt of the sum assured under AE Assurance(15 Years) PLI policy No. APS-AE-623305-L for Rs.2,00,000/- which was due on 14th January 2018. The claim has been forwarded to your office through 661 FPO C/O 99 APO vide their letter No. 785/PLI-Corr/FPO dated 10-01-2018 and subsequent reminder vide even No. dated 12-03-2018 but the claim for Rs.40,000/- has not received till date. It is not understood as to how the above mentioned has not been credited to my account till date. As such, it is requested to intimate the reason for not crediting of the same and also take appropriate action at the earliest as I am facing pecuniary loss.



My consumer id is 123062195 and my local supply office is in krishnapur bidhan nagar. I am writing this email to inform you that people sitting in the local branch are of no help to the consumer. They treat us as if we are there slaves. Whenever we face any issue with the power cut or any other issue we have tried going to the office asking for help and they strictly deny to do the needful. Also my point is why do they have a phone in the office is it only for there personal usage because if you try calling up the number they are least bothered to answer the phone. I wonder if it is 2018 or it is in 1990 that we are living. Why can’t the government recruit some good and hard working people instead of having such laid back old people who don’t do there work properly and neither do they let others work as well. For the last 3 days we are facing the problem of power cut during the afternoon for 3 – 4 hours

maxsociallink sk Service Collected money service and amount nor refunded

HI Sir service) collected 2 lakhs by saying service will be provided if not amount will be refunded.
but they have nor provided service nor refund, i have all the proofs of bank transaction, call recording, sms and whats app chats.
Aside sir please take this has serious issues, later only i realized that they are cheating so many people.
address they have give to me is maxsociallink(sk service), ep block saltlake sector 5 kolkata west bengal.

JACOB hall ticket generation

iam studying BE second year in the department of EEE in SAVEETHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE..i am having the attendance of 70% so that i want to submit medical certificate for the hall ticket generation but my college (saveetha engineering college) management donât accept my medical certificate .they planned to dee bar that they marked absent even if i was attending the class


Dear Manager
I paid Rs 1399/- through PayTm to your repsentattive on 24/02/18. As on today I did not received the coupne.
I sent many mail to subscription…..and phone many times but no one giving response. I sent all proff of my payment.
But nothing action is been taken

Please solve the matter.
DP Gaggar

Videocon Worst after sales service by Videocon

Dear Sir,

I gave an compliant on 26th March 2018 as I faced issue with my 50" DDB smart TV. And service engineer Mr.Balamurugan inspected the TV on 27th March 2018. And he mentioned that need to change a spare part .
And he said will order it and fix it in a week as my TV is under extended warranty, he mentioned that I need to pay only service charge and transportation charges about Rs.2000.
I agreed to pay the necessary charges on completion of service with proper bill.
After a week I called him to know the status and he said it will take another one week and and he mentioned that if I need to repair it urgently then he gave me his senior mobile number.
His name is Mr.Krishnan, I have called him to know the status and he mentioned that there is a CBI raid in Videocon company so no spare parts were delivered & it will take one week to solve my issue.
I have been calling their customer care (no response) and Mr.Balamurugan & Mr.Krishnan for last 2 weeks where I didn’t get proper response and not even attended my calls.
And today Mr.Krishnan was attended my call after so many try, and replied me that will do conference call with spares supply team which didn’t happened and end of the day he told me that it will take another 15 days and gave an number of his senior Mr.Praveen.
As usual he also never attended my calls.

Customer service number is not working for last 3 days which Mr.Balamurugan agreed and no proper response from above 3 members is service team.

I really don’t know whom to compliant

Please help me out.

As this product was tagged as Made in India I bought this even at higher price.
//Don’t Buy Videocon products//