Samsung India Faulty Refrigerator

I had purchased a refrigerator model no. RS21HSTPN1/XTL-REF-FF, Serial number V00143AF600935 from your Dealer Talwar Electronics in Panipat, Haryana, India for a consideration of INR 71000 paid, Invoice No TE4351 dated 06/12/2014.
The said goods are suffering from the following defects:-

(i) Gas Leaking (ii) Internal wiring issue etc.

I have reported the matter number (i) to Samsung several times (complaint number 4215701863, on 10th July 2016, complaint number 4215879466 on 14th July 2016, complaint number 4248168601on 25th October 2017 and complaint number 4255734151 on 27th February 2018) but despite all my pleadings Samsung India have not rectified defect in the goods which is indeed regrettable and highly unprofessional. On account of your aforesaid dereliction of duty and failure and neglect to rectify the same I have incurred lot of expenses. Below are the summary of unresolved issues.
I made a complaint on 10th July 2016 because my refrigerator stopped cooling. (Complaint no. 4215701863). Service engineer visited & advised that gas of compressor was leaked, he solved the problem and charged INR 1800, Surprisingly it did not fix up the problem so I had to make a another complaint on 14th July 2016, (Complaint no. 4215879466). He visited again & filled gas properly.
Next year in 2017 my refrigerator had same issue therefore I raised my complaint again on 25th October 2017 (Complaint no. 4248168601). Engineer visited my property, filled gas & charged INR 1800. In February 2018 same issue occurred again and on 27th February 2018, I made a yet another complaint (Complaint no. 4255734151)
I was very disappointed that my refrigerator issue was not fixed properly and same issue was kept coming frequently despite spending too much money on gas filling in every call out. I made an online complaint on 12th March 2018 via Samsung India website complaint portal.
Samsung’s Engineer visited my property and found out that there is problem in PCB and fan motor but later on found that both parts are working fine. Eventually they found out that there is some internal wiring issue and red colour wire is broken. They assured me that someone from Samsun would contact me soon.
On 26th March 2018, I have been told by Samsung staff that my refrigerator is not repairable and according to Samsung policy, I can get maximum 56% refund. I insisted to replace my faulty refrigerator or full refund as it was faulty goods from day one and caused me too much financially expense and mentally stress. I contacted Samsung service centre in Panipat on 16th April 2018 regarding refund and they said your claim for 56% refund has been approved and asked me to submit the following documents :-
1) Invoice copy 2) Aadhar copy 3) I.D. Proof.

I agreed with 56% refund of purchase price and submitted all documents next day on 17th April. After 5-6 days I called Samsung Service centre to know the status of my refund, they informed that your case has been closed due to no response from me & advise me to contact at ############ for further action. I have never received any email or phone call from Samsung about certain time to make my decision.
I made approximately 22 phone calls to Samsung customer care no. ############ between 16th April 2018 to 16th May 2018 regarding my refund. On 15th May 2018 and I was informed that my case has been two months old thus it has been closed due to company policy.
I have already suffered too much stress and financial lose, therefore You are hereby finally called upon to Replace the goods with new goods and /or Return the price paid of 56% as agreed.
Thanks & Regards

Jagdish Chhabra

HDFC Credit Card: one assist fee- Deducted 1899 without any intimation. Fraud Company

HDFC Credit Card: OneAssist mfee- Deducted 1899 without any intimation.
HDFC bank- why you are loosing your repo by dealing with Fraud OneAssist company. Rs 1899 Deducted from my credit card without any intimation. How could you are allowing such company and on which basis i.e simply how you authorized them to deduct money from my credit card.

Please maintain your repo and terminate all tie up immediately from this fraud company.
Kindly refund my 1899 rs .

Hukam Chand

Electronic Item Delivered to wrong person after 12 days

Item delivered to wrong person

Track Number: Z64098014.
The parcel didn’t delivered to me but the DTDC tracking is showing the status as "Successfully Delivered".
and the name of receiver is mentioned there whome i don’t know. I have provided my number with the same but i didn’t get any phone call whereas the parcel has been delivered on party phone call is also mentioned in online tracking status.
I dont know to whome DTDC guys delivered my parcel. this is an electronic item which sent form Delhi. I would like to file a case against DTDC Delhi branches.

Reliance Trends Returned but not got refund

I have ordered sweatshirt of worth 900 on 29 june.I have received a men’s tshirt of worth 399.This is the 2nd time I have received wrong item and last time i didn’t get the refund after returning the item. Last order was on 28 may.I paid through cod.please reply early.ORDER ID # TR06531395 on 29 june. ORDER ID
# TR05961077 on 28 may.

ADS Consultancy Kolkata Need Return Deposited amount

I Biswarup Dutta as a registered membar on ADS HR Consultancy in Kolkata on the dated 11th May 2018 onwards .
As I deposited Rs 3540 in Kolkata office which is located 46F Rafi Ahmed Kidwai street . On my first day while I spoke to ADS concern that time she told that 3540 is 1 year package but my login its appearing 183 days instead of 365 days , as well as I mentioned that I belongs in Logistics & Supply Chain field but job notification which I have getting all are Sales related .
As per my last visit ( 11th May ) Kolkata concern persons told that this week I have getting 2 interview call which is from Reebok & Birla , but as of yet not getting any notification .
for the reason I have call 6 to 7 times in 9007136370 / 8697652357 , but everytime phone are ringing , no one pick up the phone .
After That on 22nd May Again I visited Kolkata office for return back my deposited money . That time Mr. Suman ( ADS HR Head ) / First Discussion ( Ms. Pubali ) has told me that please put a mail to him & they are call me & provide me the Date & Time to return back the money within 15 days . But till the date I am not getting any call as well mail response .

Colony Roads Colony Roads

Hello Sir,

I am Vishal Kishor Jaiswal, I am writing this complaint in regards to bad colony road which we have at our residence. Below is my address:
Row House No:. 2
Shivdhara Row Houses,
Ayodhya Nagri2,
behind Omkareshwar Heights,
Sai Nagar, Amrutdham,
Panchavati, Nashik-3

We are facing lot of issues because of extreme bad health of our colony roads. They are not tared and as a result, we cannot commute smoothly. No school bus or school van is willing to come inside our house to pick/drop our kids. There are lot of pot holes created due to the rainy season, this creates lot of mess not only in the house by also responsible for bad health.
We have been contacting our nagarsevaks but not getting enough support in order to get a permanent resolution. There are several issues that are causing because of this issue.
i request you to please look into it and take a prompt action as soon as possible.
Thank You
Vishal K Jaiswal