RTO New Delhi Fitness certificate issue

Our commercial vehicle HR55X8360 is running in Delhi-Jammu Route, Today date 25.05.18 when vehicle is returning from Jammu to Delhi at Delhi Netaji Subhash Palace Rto officer stop our vehicle and asking for paper’s checking our driver give him paper’s file.. He will check all required paper is valid but he asking that fitness is available is not valid because it is computerized and having no Stamp from concern RTO office.. Thus i talk with him and asking that now days Fitness is come online after vehicle passing, And these online fitness clearly mention that "this is a computer generated receipt and no need of signature" so when it clearly mention that no signature required so why he is not excepting.. After that he cut a court chalan and charge un-neccesories charges like seat belt not wearing, Uniform is not wearing, Fitness un-valid etc..So suggest what is the reason of Digital india if our rto officer is such un-educated and always threat driver un-! necessaries… Kindly look it and give solution of such problem.

one assist Giving fake service


The OneAssist customer care is a fake.
One of their customer calls n said just say yes to our policy and i will remove your money from the bill and after saying yes they never call back and bill getting generated. The name of customer care is "Hemangi Shaha",
so i request you never belive when anyone gets call from OneAssist customer care.
and "Hemangi Shaha" , if you want to give best service , be fair about it. Very cheap customer care service.

SBI Credit Card Fraud SBI credit card fraud transaction

Dear sir /madam my name is B CHANDRAPPA S/O B RAMULU Address:H.NO.1-91 , balampet village, doulthabad mandal, vikarabad dist, Telangana,pin code 509336.SBI CREDIT CARD online Fraud transaction of my account that of totall amount of 55255 rupees on dt:23/05/2018 at 5:30pm in online from unknown caller that person phn no.is9711377691 there are two different transaction done from my account i.e one is algiostar india pvt ltd amount is 8625,another’s Ais Amazon pay amount of 46999 rupees

Customs and central exciss Complaint against unknown person Ramavtar gurjar and Hemraj singh gurjar

Miss. Paramjeet Kaur,
Aged about 29 years,

Mobile No: 9148761156

Subject 1:-After getting the anticipatory bail trying to implicate on me in the departmental inquiry by making false allegations by Hemraj singh gurjar and unknown person Ramavtar gurjar. And constantly pressurizing me with mentaly torturing me.
Subject 2:- complaint against Mr Hemraj Gurjlar, cheating,criminal intimidation, raping me by having sexual harassment when I am unable to give my consent under the false pretext of marriage , pressuring me to withdraw the charges during the course of investigation and trial , later threatening and harassing me mentally and abusing me over phone and avoiding me completely.
Subject3: please investigate how can hemraj singh gurjar rejoin his duty again despite being absconding 7 month. He again joined his duty on the basis of fake medical document.

Respected Sire / Madam,
I am Miss. Paramjeet Kaur D/o Balawant Singh, Aged about 29 years, working as a constable from 2014 in the CISF , bangalore Airport native of Nanak matta Village , udham Singh nagar, Uttarkhand.
⢠I was working in the Bangalore Airport terminal as a constable in CISF from 2014.I was always regular to my job and was consined with my work only. I am servived by mother, father, brother and younger sister in my hometown and i was stay all alone in the banglore. I meet many people during my job hours. Mr. Hemraj Gurjar who is also working at the Airport as Customs Inspector from 2013 and in the year 2016 jan, he started interacting with me more closely by following me till my residence and i was never interested and was always trying to distance myself from him. But he always tried to get closer with me and was interested in getting married with me. I was not interested for the proposal made by him. And was trying to distance myself from him. He befriended me by making approaches like to love me and marry me. I had made him clear I donât want love marriage. I am a having dependents and I need to work hard for my family. He said that he will convince his family and take me to meet them at his place in Yelahanka. Finally one day on 04/06/2016 he took me to his place by making me believe his parents have come to meet me. I believed him and went to his place; there were no one at his house. I asked him about his parents. He replied that they have gone out to purchase some grocery and will soon be back. He started to force me by kissing me on my lips and touching me inappropriately. I refused. He was strong and he forced me to keep quiet and had sex without my consent. I was not comfortable and told him that we should we keep all this once we get married after approval of both the families. but he did not listen to me and forced to have physical relationship with him. I tried to stop him but I was helpless and cornered. He also told me that he took me to his place on the pretext that his parents had come and just wanted to spend time with me alone as he loves me very much. Since i was very upset over this, after doing everything i told him that i will do your complaint in police you cheated me and did wrong with me, then he assured me that we are as good as married and marriage just a formality which is bound to happen soon. He took me in a tample and applied kumkum to my forehead and wore me mangalsutra and said that we are already married. Later many a times and on several occasions he took me to his place on some pretext or the other and had sexual relationship with me. Then I went to my barrack and he I was emotionally, physically upset for a few days. When i started asking him as to when his family is comming to meet me he started avoiding my question and gave evasive replies. In the month of october 2016 his father Mr. Surjan singh gurjar and brother Mr. Nihal singh gurjar came to banglore and meet me at baglure cross. Both his father and brother told me that i should forget him, as i can not get to him.when i told them that we have gone too far in physicaly and we got married in the tample. they told me that often men commit such mistakes for which they cannot keep on marrying everybody. they also told me that he is already married with a kid and hence there is no chance of me getting married to him. Later he ditched me, his father and brother threatened me of dire consequences and telling me to stop meeting his son. I had to go for legal assistance.
I had lodged a complaint before the Bagalur Police Station on 05/03/2017 and it was registered as Crime No 40/2017 U/sec 376,417,506 R/w 34 of IPC. Though the FIR was filed with these above sections, the Accused Mr Hemraj Singh Gurjar and other Accused his Father and his brother i.e. Accused 1 to Accused 3 remained Absconding for many months. The Accused No 1 is Inspector of Customs Department in International Airport Bangalore. He was in constant touch with me over telephone and other friends. He ultimately succeeded in persuading the police authorities using his influence and made me many calls to withdraw the charges while filing of charge sheet by requesting me that he will marry and live with me. He personally requested me by falling on my legs in front of everyone in public places with crocodile tears. Later he obtained the bail and somehow he convinced me to withdraw the sec 376 IPC by meddling with the police. Finally the charge sheet was filed U/sec 506 and 417 IPC by dropping Sec 376, which were compoundable in nature.
Further after the filing of the charge sheet by the Police , he approached me frequently and confessed to his mistake that he married me lying , and to remove ther secton 376 he confessed his mistake by written on stamp paper and took me to a Naga Devatha Temple at Yelahanka New Town , Bangalore and promised me that he is consciously taking me as his wife and will live with me forever. Before the temple he applied kumkum and turmeric to my forehead and face. He had bought garlands and we exchanged. Later he convinced me again that we are husband and wife and we should not fight in court, we should compromise the case and live happily after that. He made me to submit a statement to DCP and police officers. I had no other choice as I am woman alone here working for a living and other dependents at village I needed his mercy to live a life of honor as a married woman.
Believing his promises and looking at the long future of families and work pressures I was made to agree to his demands. He took me to the court and fell on my feet to go for a compromise and he will never cheat again and look after me. I felt embarrassed by his behaviour with all the public looking at us and with no other go and due to him and his family pressure I had to go for a compromise. The Honâble CJ JMFC Court Devanahalli court was pleased to allow the application U/sec 320 Crpc filed by his Advocate and at Adalath the case was compromised and he was acquitted with other accused his father and brother. He took few daysâ tour to his native and came back to Bangalore.
Soon after that he had contact with me & we were living as husband and wife though we were not properly married according to Hindu customs and functions. He made me believe him so much that he will not cheat in future again and he took me to his apartments and other places at hotels and friendâs places. He used me sexually when I was unable to give my consent for the sexual intercourse. Frequently he used me in that period and slowly he started to give gaps in the pretext of work. He would not pick calls and would not come to meet me lately. He got deputation to Delhi without giving me any explanation. By coming to know all these developments I asked him what he was doing again, he told me that he had enough with me, we are good friends now, and he doesnât want to continue with this in future. He said that his family and parents are very angry at me and they may do anything to me if I went to meet him. He finally told me that he wanted to get his job back and he had a wife and child there in his native. He used me to get acquittal in that case. He had manipulated and meddled with the police officers by using his powers and influence.
During this course of belief he had cheated me by having false marriage, having frequent sexual intercourse many times after the acquittal of case. I was under the impression that one day he will marry me and his family may accept me as daughter in-law. Now he is not staying in Bangalore, he is not receiving my calls and there is no positive thing of my marriage.
Recently when I approached him in whats app and telephonic conversation he has told me that he has used me to get out of the case and rape charges. He doesnât want me. He threatened me that you do whatever you want; police will not take your case again. You have nowhere to go. He had enough with me. He is happily married. Donât mess with him again. I have made many requests to him. He is not responding now.
Though he is married, he has cheated his wife also. Now he has made false promise to withdraw the rape charges and go for a compromise by making a false marriage with me. He had sexually and mentally harassed me many times after that false marriage and acquittal of case, forcing me to believe we are wedded. I was unable to give consent due to all this happenings; his father and brother have threatened me of dire consequences if I contact Hemraj singh Gurjar again. They have intimidated me to leave their son.
After all this devastating blows upon my character and my life I am praying to initiate appropriate legal action against the accused Hemraj Singh Gurjar and his family for spoiling my life and making me helpless by all this acts of rape and threatening along with breach of trust and help me to get justice. Hoping to see the light of justice.
âOn may 2nd, he got anticipatory bail from the sessions court. After getting bail continue he is mentally torturing me by giving false information in my department. He is trapping me in a departmental enquiry by making false allegation by an unknown person Ramavtar Gurjar . He is constantly persecuting me. While the truth is that he never told me that he was already married. He also confessed his lie to the stamp paper. It clearly means that he gave me false stamp paper to remove the 376 and get his job. I want to tell you that i was an unmarried girl. But he was married, he has committed a second marriage. No law allows a married person to waste a virgin girlâs life. He made a false allegation against me that i knew about his mariage. This crime has been done by Mr. Hemraj singh gurjar not by me. Despite being married he has violated rule 21 of CENTRAL CIVIL SERVICES CONDUCT RULES 1964. So i request to you that please taken a strick action against Hemraj Singh Gurjar.â
1. Sub-Complaints against Custom inspecter Hemraj singh gurjar currently posted at Kempegowda International Airport Bangaluru for who despite being an employee of the central government,violated the rule of central government.
2. Despite having already married he has violated the rule 21 of the central government by making a second marriage.
3. I have made it clear in my first complaint that hemraj first raped me after that he married me in tha tample to avoid the accusation.
4. I was a virgin girl. But custom inspecter hemraj singh gurjar was a married person.Custom inspecter Hemraj singh gurjar has committed the second marriage.
5. No law has given any person the right to ruin a virgin girl’s life.Hemraj singh gurjar has voilated the rules of central government.
6. There for i request you that strick action should be taken against such a treacherous person.