Indian Army Aviation Harassment and illegal procedure

I am vasudha rao my husband serving in army before 14 years and my brother in low also in army but 25 Dec 2010 he murdered on durning army patrolling on kargil and that time my husband is serving in ambala. And my husband statement is on writien form send to kargil on march 2017 by 40 arty div ambala but after that we find the truth send RTI and got postmortem report so for close the matter army pressuriessed to my husband by different things in 668 army aviation on nov 2014 by phone call my husband’s unit adjt said you go kargil for your brother case was close so you go and clear it but in request please in details on written form and after that unit commanding officer pressuriessed to go and treat like a murderer accused and in few months my husband’s many years service record destroy by false blames. And not forward any letter for senior athourity. And for statutory complaint request unit not take action on Sep 2015 and now on 2017 without any court of inquiry!
again attach on 668 Army Aviation for a finalisation of displinary action on false accusation on statutory complaints. And as following statement given with all documental proves but after that commanding officer again give punishment ( 28 days RI any 14 days pay fine) to my husband.
Mainly some points are also proved that blames on my husband are false but not action on it. They are as:
1. JCO that signature as a witness it give statement as a commanding Officer order I signature I am not blame to Sanmukh Rao.
2. Given punishment to my husband not perform duty as a dispatcher but in FRO copy dispatcher duty not allowted to my husband.
3. If my husband send a application to commading Officer for statutory complaint on 4 sep 2015. No action take on it at that time and not court of inquiry done.
4. All wittneses accepted my husband is not violent and a witness Nk dinesh said a adjt said to Sanmukh Rao sit on ambulance otherwise we use force against you. And without violent and no drinking case force full admitted in psychological ward