Indian Railways refund not received

Respected Sir/Madam,
I had booked a counter confirmed ticket for my elder brother and sisterinlaw from KRPuram rly.station for Yeswantpur to Howrah for journey on 24.01.2017 in Duranto Express (12246). Mode of payment was cash. Due to unavoidable circustances i had to cancel the ticket. PNR No. 474-6106214, reservation ticket no. 06409707.Total charges Rs. 7415/- only.
This ticket was cancelled on 03.01.2017 from Asansol junction and got TDR,which was sent to Cheif Commercial Manager (Refunds) ER,3 Koilaghat Street,Calcutta 700001 on 06.01.2017 by
But i am sorry to inform you till date no refund has benn received.hence it is requested to please refund the same at the earliest. Chanchal Bnaerjee,Asansol.

Indian Railways Unauthorised boarding in reserved compartments

I booked 6 tots for travel by train no.12640 of June 3 from krishnarajapuram to chennai central video pnr 4645124296….D 13 coach seats 13 to 18. Passengers include 2 senior citizens and a 9 year old. Could not get into the coach due to unauthorised persons crowding the compartment. There were at least three times the passengers permitted to travel in the compartment. There were unreserved passengers jam packed, even to squeeze in. No railway employee around to help us board the train. With our luggage we had struggle to stand in the foothold we got. For all tha pompus advertisements, are there not railway staff to prevent unauthorised boarding in reserved compartments and help genuine passengers? We could not get access even to pull the chain!!! It was a pity that the staff who get paid fabulously out of the people’s money dont care to discharge their duty and there was nobody to pull them up. We travelled standing till we reached kuppam syn.😣😣😣😣! 😣😣😣Raghavan

Indian Railways Regards mistake in railway online ticket

Dear sir/madam

I am Arjun.p from kerala.I have booked two tickets on 04 jun at vivek express via online,in that print out its clearly mensioned that the arrival of the train is at 12:35 of june 4 and departure at 2,:45 of june 4.As mentioned above when i came to station at 4 th jun at 1:00 pm,i found that the train was gone at midnight 2:45 itself,when i found the arrival time 12:35 i thought that the train will be arriving at noon 12:35,due to mistake made in the print out when i book the ticket ,i have missed my money and train also,even i had lose my valuable time also,when i get it into the railway station for the enquiry,from their part they told to file a complaint in online they can’t take any further action,so please take the necessary action against this issue and please refund my money,it is bit dissapointment from a indian railways,hope soon further action will be taken,i am attaching the copy of the printed ticket by this mail,my no is 9995922901.
Thanking you

Indian Railways Unexpected and unbearable delay of the train

Sir I have been waiting here at the Lucknow charbagh railway station since last night for train number-13239 Patna Kota express to reach Kota for my studies
Firstly according to the delay details the train was supposed to reach the station at 8:00 after being delayed for 8 hours but sooner they updated that it will come at 14:15 but it didn’t . They keep changing the arrival time the time is 19:08 and there is no assurance that when it will reach the station
Sir in this era of development if our transport system will continue to be like this then we can never become as a developed country we will keep pushing up in the underdeveloped one’s.
Thank you

Indian Railways Fine in ticket

On 12th June 2017, I had booked a ticket in Ispat express from Howrah to Kharagpur which was scheduled to be depart at 06:55 hrs. Every Monday I go by this train to attend my office at 10:00 hrs in Kharagpur. I take local via Bardhaman main line to reach Howrah comfortably by around 06:15-06:30 hrs. But on this day the local was more than 30 minutes late. I reached Howrah by 07:15 hrs only to find that my train has gone.Now, I have lost my Rs 95 just like that. Still I had no problem to buy an unreserved ticket even though it is loss for me. But I had no time. At 07:25 Faluknama was to be departed. If I miss that I couldn"t have reached office in time. So, I boarded on Faluknama and reached Kharagpur in time standing the whole path. At Kharagpur railway station T.C caught me charged me for travelling without ticket. I told him that I had missed my train in which I had reserved ticket and didn’t have any time to buy a ticket for Faluknama. But he didn’t listen!
and I had to pay the fine of Rs 320. So, if I do the maths I paid Rs 415 (320+95) for travelling standing for 1 hour 40 minutes that too because of railways mistake because their local was late because of which I missed the train and all this happened. So, is this justice? It wasn’t like I was travelling for free. I had paid more than for what I was been fined. So why I had to be in loss for railways mistake. I can understand that railway can’t be perfect and sometimes it can get late. I was okay with that that by spending money for reserved ticket I had to travel in unreserved. But then railways should understand too the problems created by their mistake. Specially those stubborn arrogant T.C’s whose aim is to just snatch fine so that it helps in their promotion. I guess railway will do something regarding this matter.

Indian Railways TDR amount yet not refunded

The tickets was booked in November 2016 from Guwahati to Bikaner for 6 passengers . The PNR number of the ticket is 6358 330666 and the TDR number is B 052028 . TDR was filed on 9th January 2017 at 15:20 p.m. at Bikaner railway station but till today 15th June 2017 the refund amount has not been refunded into my account . Please take some action against the authorised refund department and ask them to return my amount as soon as possible. Thank you…