Indian Railways Hygiene in Indian railways

As we are following and supporting Swach Bharat, and as Indian railways are a major part of India. I feel its our responsibility to keep the railway lines clean. I noticed that many people are throwing the garbage out of the windows, this very bad. I request the concerned authorities to come up with a solution to this problem.

Indian Railways Train from Chennai to Bangalore running late

On 18/5/2017 I boarded Shatabdi express from Chennai. But the train reached Bangalore more than an hour late. On 21/5/2017 , Lalbagh express from Chennai is running late .
Our time is also precious. Kindly ensure that trains are not late for more than half an hour unless in case of any emergency or any natural calamity

Indian Railways Theft inside Train

I was travelling by 12137 on 7th may 2017 from Bti to Bhopal when my compartment was looted. Someone broke the chain i had tied my luggage with and took my bag which had important documents and goods worth INR 20,000. I had lodged an FIR but till now, no action has been taken neither by Delhi Police nor by Government Railway Police, New Delhi. Kindly look into the matter

Indian Railways refund not received

Respected Sir/Madam,
I had booked a counter confirmed ticket for my elder brother and sisterinlaw from KRPuram rly.station for Yeswantpur to Howrah for journey on 24.01.2017 in Duranto Express (12246). Mode of payment was cash. Due to unavoidable circustances i had to cancel the ticket. PNR No. 474-6106214, reservation ticket no. 06409707.Total charges Rs. 7415/- only.
This ticket was cancelled on 03.01.2017 from Asansol junction and got TDR,which was sent to Cheif Commercial Manager (Refunds) ER,3 Koilaghat Street,Calcutta 700001 on 06.01.2017 by
But i am sorry to inform you till date no refund has benn received.hence it is requested to please refund the same at the earliest. Chanchal Bnaerjee,Asansol.

Indian Railways Unauthorised boarding in reserved compartments

I booked 6 tots for travel by train no.12640 of June 3 from krishnarajapuram to chennai central video pnr 4645124296….D 13 coach seats 13 to 18. Passengers include 2 senior citizens and a 9 year old. Could not get into the coach due to unauthorised persons crowding the compartment. There were at least three times the passengers permitted to travel in the compartment. There were unreserved passengers jam packed, even to squeeze in. No railway employee around to help us board the train. With our luggage we had struggle to stand in the foothold we got. For all tha pompus advertisements, are there not railway staff to prevent unauthorised boarding in reserved compartments and help genuine passengers? We could not get access even to pull the chain!!! It was a pity that the staff who get paid fabulously out of the people’s money dont care to discharge their duty and there was nobody to pull them up. We travelled standing till we reached kuppam syn.😣😣😣😣! 😣😣😣Raghavan