Holidat offer – Scam

Not sure about authenticity, I received the same offer for VIVO v5 mobile phone, I just need to pay 11666, that is 60% of any package, no matter where I go anywhere in India except TAJ Hotels and i got trapped in offer and paid Rs 11666/- after paying even i got payment conformation through Email as i requested them that i need all communication through Email even regarding offers too.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for making a payment !!!

We have received a payment worth rs – 11,666 only for Holiday Package (India Trip).
You will receive a courier Package & Gift) with in 5 to 7 working days at your postal address.
Payment id – 153624048

Purchase date – 23/06/2017

But till date i have only received booking form and on asking for gift i was told that supplier was out of stock due to GST and will dispatch after 30th July, looking at the scenario i think i want be getting any Holiday package or Gift as assured, hence the company is fraud ………….

please if any one can help me getting my money back reply……… cheating customers

fraud holiday package offer
First they assure u with lots of promisses and by showing ISO logo and registration.
then ask u for EMI, for tat u need to pay 11666 once or twice by saying that refund will be made. Once u r done with payment, they will stop responding u by email or over the ph, ph will always go busy, in case someone pics up the call, he will ask u, if payment made, if so, they will promis to call u back or drop the call. Courier with Gift laptop as promissed, will also not be delivered.
No email for refund will be sent, no status will be given, neither any refund will be made. They are big big fraud.