Indigo Airline froud job & fake job letter

indigo airline ke taraf se poja sharama ka call aaya aur usne bola ki hum jai prakash international airport patna se call kar rahe hai ki apka profile shortlisted huya haya hai.usne bola ki registration fees 10650 aur uske bad document verification 16500 uske bad usne bola ki apka profil internationa level pe select huya hai. phir human resource officer training needs assessment evalution form me 23500 uske bad Employment agreement & personal details 25057 and PF & ESI 38250 rupye hamse usne liya aur aak froud letter provide ki . sir mera paisa bapas kar digiye.

Indigo Airline want to know is it fake or a real job

Hi, my name is Mohammed Arbaz, i had a call from that am intrested in ticketing executive, than a day latter they ask me to pay 1450 as a registration fee , and a tele interview has been taken saying he was an HR from indigo, and now they are asking me to pay 7500 as a verication fee so i just want to confirm is that a real or a scam.

REF : HR005861

Indigo Airline Expressing gratitude to indigo staff Harpreet kaun for her outstanding service

26th march 2019 unfortunately we r missed our flight(Delhi to Agartala 6E 377) due to not having boarding on time. Then we were very shocked and we talked to an Indigo staff. He told us to contact H03 counter. In counter one staff asked to give per person almost 15 thousand rupees for our next flight.Then we broke down and decided to exit from the airport. In that time [email protected] kaun said us if we are exit from here we may not entry here again so she suggest us wait till 12:50 and contact the counter again .She said probably would be in a thousand rupees per person Delhi to Agartala. After waiting four hours we contact the counter again and she managed our ticket within thousand rupees per person. Such exemplary services & cooperation by indigo staff @Harpreet kaun we were able to reach safely our destination. IndiGo has been the best in India’s sk! y because of the staff like that @Harpreet kaun
Thanks @Harpreet kaun
May God bless you

Indigo Airline Damage of Baggage and laptop

On 23-3-2019 we came from Jaipur to Mumbai by flight no. – 6E 394. PNRVH1BXW. As we landed we came to belt number 4
As we approached the bags started coming In we waited around 40 minutes but as we waited through
People started to take their bags and go after 45 minutes of waiting we finally saw our luggage wrapped in a plastic wrap we started wondering that why was it in a plastic wrap as we took it off the belt, we saw that the chain was flying open because it had broken not because it was overweight but we think that someone tried to open it because it was jerked as we approached the ‘baggage service’ ,the lady who was there at the baggage service, we informed baggage service personal Name Jayshree. She call one loader personal to cut the wrap and she trying convince baggage chain is not good may be our loading personal saw and wrap properly your luggage after that she instructed to loading personnel to cut the plastic wrap and we show one side chain was open and many of the things come out from luggage, where one side our luggage was locked.
After cut the plastic wrap we saw that the baggage was full scratches as if it had fallen several times.
As we opened our luggage we checked whether both of our laptops. were in it one of them was fine but the other one was scratched so much and one corner was damage and on the top of screen side scratch, other portion charging point had been damaged.
When we request to make complain and I need complain number, she is not ready to write, when we ask second time she wrote there register but not shown me what she writen on the complain register, she given one number – FG6M6G.
When we request to call Loading supervisor how it was fallen from top and screeches, she protecting air mates and told me they are very busy, I cannot call, we will investigate we have camera, after that she convince your luggage is small screeched we cannot do anything because is outside box. And it is happen during luggage handling. She wears Jacket and disappears.
She not gave any suggestion how to make complain. We lose 2.30 minute on the airport after landing. Our Rent Taxi came and gone we have paid cancellation charges. Point to Note :
1. Luggage fallen and scratched.
2. One computer one corner side was damage and on the top of screen side scratch, other portion charging point had been damaged.
3. Due to delay Our Rented Taxi came to Airport and left, we have paid cancellation charges.
4. We Lose time on the airport to notify Indigo Baggage service section for damage luggage. 5. She (Jayshree) was not showing what she had written on the complain register. 6. She (Jayshree) disappeared without informing the customers.


Sital Mukherjee

Indigo Airline Check-In Baggage Lost


I have traveled with Indigo Airline 6E-303 / 6E-7153 (Delhi-Hyderabad / Hyderabad-Rajahmundry) on 06.11.2018. My PNR – VFYSQM.
I Checked-In 02 Baggage at DElhi Airport which I was supposed to collect at Rajahmundry Airport (Destination). However, I received only 01 baggage and the other baggage was lost en-route owing to mishandling by Indigo Crew.
The baggage contained all my clothes, toiletries, medicines and other necessities. Hence, I have to purchase new clothes, toiletries, medicines, undergarments etc, which has put an unforeseen burden on my Financials. This is not including the trouble I had to go through to arrange all the necessary things.
It has been several hours and still no communication has been made by Indigo regarding Lost Baggage and its recovery, if that’s possible. I have to hold-off my work due to these extra trauma, I have been put into, owing to unprofessional behavior displayed by Indigo Airlines.
I request your indulgence in appropriating compensations for all the trouble I had to go through and expenses I have to make. I am seeking a fast decision in my case.

Yours Sincerely
Ashish Jain

Indigo Airline Didn't allowed me to board the flight

We had extremely bad experience with indigo. We will never travel with indigo again. I will tell the complete incident at the check-in counter.
My flight departure time was 9.30 am. I had already done online checkin. We had done all the baggage scanning formalities and were ready to board at 9.07am. But the staff at the counter rudely said that the boarding has been closed. Actually still there were 25 mine left for departure. She could have supported us and we would have catched the flight. But she didn’t supported at all and we missed the flight. This is the first issue.
Secondly, she lied us that there is a next flight available for our destination in next one and half hour. But actually the flight was after 12 hrs. And I had to pay 10692 INR extra to book the next flight. This is really a big loss. And we suffered a lot waiting for the next flight for 12 hours. My wife became sick there.

Indigo Airline Flight late

Hi, Arif.

We truly regret the inconvenience caused to you. We understand how delays can impact our customers and therefore we make every possible effort to minimize such delays and offer our customers an on-time and hassle-free flying experience. However, we would like to state that our operations are dependent on various factors which determine our on-time performance and factor such as weather/congestion is beyond our control. As checked flight 6E-823 was facing consequential delay due to severe bad weather at Bengaluru Airport. We hope our airport team had assisted you in the best possible manner and looking forward to your understanding towards this.

IndiGo Team.

EBIX CASH, INDIGO AIRLINE Reissue of 9 Flight Tickets bearing PNR No. RCUV6J

Dear Mr. Dixit,

Greetings from IndiGo!

With reference to your concern raised, we would like to inform you that under PNR: RCUV6J, full refund has been already processed dated on 30th December 2017 to the travel agency account originally used for making the reservation.
IndiGo Team