IRCTC Ticket booking issue tatkal

Today I wanted to book a train ticket by tatkal in the process during payment step I could not see my union bank of india option at all …earlier I used to book with the same only.
Now that option is not seen ..then I checked some web in to it was suggested to use RuPay option …in that it took some time for registration of card… Then a message came can’t honour…my ticket is not booked … Now I have to find a bus to travel 500 km … Now y the hell Irctc does this nonsense …can anyone answer please.

IRCTC refund not received

when will i get my refund
i tried to call but the helplineno us always busy?
refund against PNR Number 6612130175 /IRCTC Transaction ID 100001182821887, an amount of Rs. 6060.0 has been processed as per below details:
Date of cancellation of E-Ticket/Date of failure of E-Ticket booking:10-Mar-2018 Refund processing date:13-Mar-2018
Refund amount:6060.0
Refund reference no:4518812321
Payment Option used : PayU Money M

IRCTC Not refunding amount on ticket cancellation

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have booked a Ticket on 22883 (Puri-Yeshvantpur GaribRath). Please find the details in PNR Number 6313123100
Due to some circumstance, I’m not able to go on that train.
I have cancelled the ticket on Journey date (06-April-2018) at 7.30AM through IRCTC website using Counter Ticket Cancellation option.
While checking 10.45AM at Balasore(BLS) railway station where I had booked the ticket, they were saying go to Khurda(KUR) for the refund money.
How is possible to go KUR for refund money? I have booked the ticket at BLS railway station, then why I have to go KUR for refund money?
This is serious concerns, I have returned from BLS with empty hand. They did not refunded my money.

IRCTC Money refund

Sir I booked my ticket through is deducted two times from my account and ticket is not done.not any massage has come for ticket booking confirmation from IRCTC.kindly return my money or send me massage
1)ECOM txn of Rs. 900 was made on your account ending with XXX2427 on 16/06/18 22:10 at IRCTC E TICKETING.Now clear balance is INR 15212.2
2)ECOM txn of Rs. 909.12 was made on your account ending with XXX2427 on 19/06/18 10:40 at PAYTM.Now clear balance is INR 12693.08

IRCTC Account debited – Ticket not booked : Razor pay

Failes transaction id with IRCTC: 100001217888429 for amount 435. Payment made though UPI with Razor pay, money is debited but ticket is not booked. Such a shame that there was no acknowledgement to the customer on refund process. Transaction happened on 4th Apr 2018, till now no communication at all. Can you refund the money.

IRCTC Not refund received

Hello Sir/ Ma’am,
This is with to refunds on booking status not confirmed yet amount deducted from the amount.
It always happen while booking through IRCTC portal everything is fine but after payment is done from my bank your portal stop responding suddenly and the worst it does not even acknowledge that amount deducted should be refunded within proper time displayed and set as a rule in your portal. When it says 3-4 days , why the refund is not done after 10-11 days. I need refund to make further. Transaction ID 100001212885282
Failed transactions, payment deducted but no confirmed booking status.

IRCTC Irresponsible service of Nagpur junction Railway parcel Department

We had booked a two wheeler Hero vehicle (Mastero reg.No: KA 09 HB: 4042) from Mysore at Mysore Junction Railway parcel office on 13th April 2018 to Nagpur Junction. On the booking day Mysore railway parcel Department informed us the vehicle will be transported through Jaipur-Mysore express (12975) on 14-04-2018 and it has to be collected at Nagpur on 15-04-2018 with in 6 hrs of train departure. If any late in collecting the vehicle we will be charged 10Rs per Hour. Accordingly today 4:30 PM we went to collect the vehicle at The Nagpur railway station, they are not aware of our vehicle. They said we didn’t received any vehicle, immediately we called to Mysore and enquired about the vehicle. Mysore parcel services send a photo, stating your vehicle was send on 14-04-18 in Jaipur- Mysore train. When we showed the details to Nagpur parcel service person. He started asking whether the vehicle was boarded on front side or back side of train. How we will be knowing where the vehicle has been boarded. Finally they said the vehicle has not been taken out at Nagpur, now the train has crossed the state. They irresponsibly said us that you come and collect the vehicle after two days once the train comes back from Jaipur. They don’t have the coordination with Mysore parcel service, they asked us to enquire whether the vehicle has been boarded or not. They didn’t even enquired with later station parcel Department people, whether the vehicle is deboarded at any other station or not. They will fine the customers, even if they are late by one hour to collect their vehicle. What about their irregular behaviour in collecting the goods, rude behaviour with customers, delay delivery, no updates about our vehicle (where it z and when it will be exactly deliverable). These people has to be punished for their irregular, irresponsible and rude behaviour towards customer goods and customers.

IRCTC Food served in Shatabdi Express

Dear Sir,

PNR No: 6413425702
Train Name & No : 12086 Shatabdi Express , Both Senior Citizens
Myself & my wife traveled by 12086 Shatabdi Express on 18th April 2018 from Mariani (MXN) to Guwahati (GHY). The services of Pantry was unimaginable. Breakfast was not served as per Railway rule. very small quantity of tea served in Paper cup in sugar premixed hot water.
Lunch was served in an unhygienic manner at the last moment of the train arrival time at Guwahati. Items as per Menu not served. Lunch plates arranged in the running train floor near the Toilet and very unhygienic way. Whole compartment was soiled by serving boys. Myself & my wife did not get food to eat as only rice bowl and very diluted Dal served in the plate. Train’s arrival time at Guwahati was 13.55 hour and food served at 13.48 hour. Many passengers were not served food at all. The coach Pantry Manager was indifferent.
No news paper served up to 10.45 hour. On complaining to TTE paper purchased at LUMDING station and served.
IRCTC charged Rs. 450/- for two persons for food, but experience was very poor & pathetic.
By endorsing a hard copy of this complaint to the Secretary to Hon’ble Minister of State , Railways, Shri Rajen Gohain, I like to draw his attention about lackadaisical attitude of your running Pantry Staff towards Customer and their attitude of pilferage from Passenger facilities.
Please take necessary action on the responsible persons under intimation to me.
Prasanta Jyoti Khound.
Mail: [email protected]
Phone No : +91-87240 60553