jntuk Payment problem while uploading od

Dear Sir/madam

I’m vs ishwarya ventrapragada with hallTicket number 15L31A0451. I want to bring to your notice that I paid 2000 for the od and when I started uploading documents it said 1st make payment and then upload documents, but I made the payment and money was also debited from my account. Kindly consider my problem and do the needful as soon as possible.

jntuk Double payment issues

I have done payment for the OD to jntuk and it is that the payment has not done and got waited till the last date to apply for od and i have made another transaction since it is still asking and second time too payment has done and shown in that transaction successfull and payment for od has done but previously done payment not got reverted I have done the payment second time because the last day to apply for OD has arrived and here are my attachement of transaction id so please check and revert back my money Transaction reference
And payment done through netbanking

College name: swarnandhra college of engineering and technology My reg no:15A21B0435
MAIL ID: [email protected]


Dear sir/Madam,

I had applied for original degree on 29 of Feb and I had done the payment but it was still showing payment pending, but money was deducted from my bank account and I am unable to proceed to next step and upload documents, the number provided for technical support is not responding. i am in urgent need of My OD please please provide a solution.

Roll no: 13AB1T0029
Mail ID: [email protected] Mobile no: 7075115825

jntuk Payment issue

Dear sir/madam

I had applied for original degree, had done payment, but still showing pending status, my money debited two times(4000) but still it showing payment status pending, I am not able to pay one more time, please resolve this issue, please refund my money

Email id given mistakenly: [email protected]
Original: [email protected] Hall ticket no: 15L31A0579
Name: Karanam kusumapriya
Payment debited details are attached below

jntuk payment issue

Hi sir/Madam,

My name is KETHIREDDY TEJASWINI and my reg id is 15331A0477. While i was applying for my OD due to some technical issues money got debited from my account, And the status is showing like your bank payment is successful, But when i was trying to upload the documents, Again it is asking me to make the payment first.

Please look into it and help me as fast as you can

mail id : [email protected]

Thank you.

jntuk Didn't Receive OD

Hi Sir/Madam,

I have applied for OD in last year 2019 July, till now i didn’t receive the OD, i have checked in pending ODs list in portal to see if i didn’t update any details but its not there.

its been 8 months i have applied , so kindly help on this. my career plans went on hold because of this.

so please kindly understand the situation and help,
Hall ticket num 10FE5A0512
email: [email protected]

jntuk Payment demited but showing still pending

Respected sir/mam,
I had applied for original degree and the payment successful . I had done the payment twice but it is still showing payment pending. But the money was deducted from my bank account.I was trying to contact you through the phone and mail.but no response from your end.i am waited almost 5days noteven single response.please respond your are the responsible as a university.please reply at least now Ht. No-15L65A0220

jntuk Lets file case on JNTUK

Dear Friends,

I have been facing the same trouble just like you guys for my grace marks. I have applied for my grace marks on the date of January 28, 2019. As per the rules they are supposed to complete the process in 45 days for grace marks. When i asked them for the status of my grace marks application they were telling that my original marks memo of (3-1) for which i have applied for grace marks was not submitted by me. But i submitted it with my very own hands to them , and now they are saying like i didn’t submit the required documents(3-1 Marks memo). I have decided to apply for the marks memo and again went to jntuk to apply for the duplicate marks memo of 3-1 and this time they said that we will check for the certificate again and if its not with us then you have to apply for the duplicate. How can be that care less in handling certificates which are our lives and they are really playing with our valuable time and lives.

Finally i decided to file a complaint on JNTUK, particularly on Examination Section. I need all your support to file a case on university in consumer court.

Contact me through mail to make it happen ([email protected]). There will be a great impact for a group of complaints than a single complaint. Lets make it happen guys. We need to get it done , No student further should face this kind of problem. We need to let them know how accountable they should be at their work. JAI HIND