KANPUR JAL SANSTHAN Dirty smell sever's water supply

Very bad smell dirty watar supply in ratan lal nagar kanpur pincode 208022. This is due to sever leakage which mix with watar . Many complains done at local watar supply station vocally, but nothing happens to solve the problem. I request you to instruct to local authority to solve this dirty thing. My mobile number 9140735882. Address+name=sarvjit raje mig 96 ratan lal kanpur.208022.

KANPUR JAL SANSTHAN Improper and dirty supply of water

In my area Juhi baradevi there is no timing for water supply, sometimes there is no supply for more than 24 hours which creates scarcity of water for drinking and other essential purpose. And addition to this in beginning of the supply water is so dirty that it smells like sewer water. Mahesh Shukla
127/392 Juhi baradevi
Ph.no. 9450140825