Unitrust Protection Services Company LTD. Registration payment fee of 415 US Dollars Convert to INR 30200 INR

receiving this email

Attn Beneficiary.

We are informing you that we have received your information’s regarding the delivery of your consignment box of Mrs Mara Ann Albion but due to the verification of her document and order procedure required by the authority of your country India so we get delayed.
According to the information we received from your country authority that the consignment box has to be registered at the entry in the registration office in your country India before can be deliver to you as the beneficiary at your given address.
With due respect beneficiary, you has to make a registration payment fee of 415 US Dollars Convert to INR 30200 INR on the call of the arrival of our diplomat George Lucas in your country India after making the payment for the registration at their office he will proceed to your address as it has been instructed by the authority of your country India.
Note: that the Agent who will be bringing the Trunk box to you in your given Address will departure today from United Kingdom to India, The box has been registered as personal valuable items and classified documents as instructed by your sister Mrs. Maria Ann Albion. The Agent does not know the actual content of the consignment for any reason whatsoever to avoid diverting your consignment box elsewhere this is an instruction from your sister Mrs. Maria Ann Albion.
Based on our meeting with the delivery company today on the delivery of the Trunk box tagged consignment, we ask As soon as the Agent arrives in India he will call you on phone or he will email you so get ready to hear from him in the next 18 hours, 36minutes, that’s the approximate time from United Kingdom to India, please try your best to cooperate with the diplomat George Lucas so that he will deliver the Trunk box to you in your Country India successfully also kindly make the said payment for the Registration fee that was requested from the authority before it can be deliver to your given address because without the payment the authority is unable to released your consignment box for the diplomat so he can’t come to to your home address for delivery.
your full corporation is needed regarding the delivery procedures as we cannot act contrary with the delivery law to enable us to have fast delivery to your home.
Most of our foreign customers who have received their consignment by this means, applauded it as it is easy, safer and faster please follow the instruction of our diplomat and he will provide you the details for the payment when reaching the capital city of your country were the consignment box will be registered.
Note The flight Departure details from united kingdom to India. DEPARTURE DATE 15/11/2018
ARRIVAL DATE 16/11/2018

We have given the Agent your telephone number and email address to contact you.
Yours Sincerely
Dr. Dr. Scott Gough
Managing Director and the vault manager of
Unitrust Protection Services Company LTD.

Bangalore Auto Rickshaw harassed & over charged

KA 41 5857 – i travelled from majestic bus stop towards old airport road.
The ksrtc bus stopped outside the bus stand saying last stop and forced all of us to get down at 4 30 am on 11 th nov 2018. I had to take an auto from outside the bus stand as I had luggage.
The auto driver initially agreed to go by one & a half meter as it was 4 30 am.
After I started the journey he went on some inside roads and started questioning if I knew b’lore roads. Luckily I knew the roads and kannada and i had to direct him as he was heading via indiranagar.
Reached my destination and his meter was Rs. 340 . He demanded Rs. 680 saying it’s the new rule for before 6 am. i questioned his agreement of one & half meter and he started getting aggressive just showed his auto license card and took it back before I could even read.
i gave him Rs.500 note stating thats all i am giving. He put it in his pocket pulled out a Rs 50 note and started fighting again. I shouted at him saying I know I have given a 500 note. By then my grand mom came out of the house as he was getting aggressive. he changed his stance to saying I was giving back Rs 50 change, but now as you have come give me another 100 rupees. And got more aggressive telling me to delete his auto no details, stating his friend another auto driver told him I have taken the details. I could not take a picture of his number plate as it was very small and it was only behind and not inside. It was a new auto. luckily i typed it before i got in and it was automatically saved as a draft. I had to pay his Rs 600 to make him leave the place as we were 2 ladies.
he boasted saying we always take people from majestic area and be happy I got you in one piece at this time of the morning while it s still dark.
Please take action against this auto driver, young man thin not very tall decently dressed – KA 41 5857.
he even said they wait there mostly where the buses come down the chickpet flyover left to join majestic. sure you will find him there.

Saibya Senary Non Cleanliness of Environment

Senary is the project of a builder "Saibya Structures" in Bangalore. The builder has crossed the deadlines of project completion date, but still 30-40% work is pending, which is moving in very slow pace. Though there are quite a good number of families occupied their flats, there’s no proper maintenance provided by the builder. On top of that, builders are not maintaining the surrounding environment clean, for example STP area is very bad and in poor condition, which affects most of the families staying in this building. Worst part is that though those who stay in the apartments keep on pinging and informing the bad situation of the surroundings, builder management including director and supervisors incharge are not taking any interest in keeping the surroundings clean.
Request someone to please take action against the builder at the earliest.

Elica Chimney installation

Worst service I ever had..I suggest you to plz don’t purchase Elica products at all..that service is very worst..more than worst ..service people and company guys are idiots ..they cheat you upfront ..they cheated me also..and installation is more than poor..that bastards don’t even come for installation ..I have waited months together for installation ..and also they tell different installation charges whenever I call ..the service technicians are more than worst.simply they charge for nothing..1st the company people tells installation charge is 500 + gst ..and when u call 2nd time they tell it different ..they tells that it depends on the technicians ..aren’t they cheaters