education dept, karnataka Cancel exams or pospond them

Respected sir,
I want to file complaint against the decision taken by the karnataka government to conduct exams as soon as the colleges reopen. Online classes were of no use at all we simply wasted our data and gave stress to our own eyes.
Universities conducted internals and quiz which were to try our luck. I don’t know why people cant see the mental state of students and take some valid decisions . Decisions are taken blindly and dumb about the education of karnataka. Conducting exams is more important than one’s life?? Either cancel exams or extend colleges for 2/3 months and then conduct exams. If you don’t take cancel or delay the exam then we wont attend the exam at all !! You want to fail us fail because life is more important than ur so called ‘Exams’.
The university in which i study has 75% of hostallites so what do you expect when people travel one place to another is it safe to stay with them ??!? Karnataka eduction system has really lost its mind.

Provident Fund Office, Bangalore, Karnataka Pf kyc approval

Dear sir,
I was resigned 6 month ago at quess as axis Bank loan department and I was uploaded my all kyc detail and banking detail also please sir approve my pf..

PF NO-############
UAN- PYBOM00463700000769774


education dept, karnataka Narayana School RT Nagar Bangalore

Narayana School has suddenly increased the fees and has been demanding the fees to be paid immediately DURING LOCKDOWN PERIOD. Those not paid due to lockdown…their online classes has been stopped. The school has been inhumane and threatening as there is no one to help the students and parents.

education dept, karnataka Vibgyor Schools Bengaluru

Vibgyor schools forcing students and Parents for start of online classes for next academic year. Which indirectly giving pressure to parents for enrollment of students for Admission of next academic year June 2020. As per government enforcement because of presentation Covid19 situation, schools are not suppose to start next year admission.

education dept, karnataka NARAYANA School doesn't care about their staff/Teachers

NARAYANA School doesn’t care about their staff/Teachers, they treat their employees as slaves, who is responsible if they get COVID-19 why can’t they give holidays to teachers if there are no classes in school, what do the teachers have to do in school., if they get COVID-19 who is responsible they might simply terminate the teachers instead of taking precautions., Government has to take serious action against these schools.

@Education Department/Human Rights act,
Please treat this as high important every human life is at your responsible.

@Naraya Groups, Give respect to your teachers.

education dept, karnataka Taking more work than the giving salary Nearly 10 Hours

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Wife is working as Teacher in Narayana School Branch, Tindlu, Bangalore. The Management is worst and collecting good fees from students, But given salaries are less and working hours is very bad. Morning 8 AM to 6.30 PM, Including every Saturdays’s. Som e times not even allow sundays, but no extra amount pay for holiday works. Giving torched to teachers.

Here resign is not solution. Government have to restrict the hours. Salaries are very less, for the above working they are not even getting. 15K, That to in Bangalore expenses.. Really bad fees collecting from every student minimum 80K per year max nearly 2 Lacks.

1. Leave wise one leave per month and that to should not take Saturday and Monday.. What will do the family persons?. The propblem no proper channel to raise complaint and take against action.

Please take a necessary action to strict the timings.