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Hello Customer Care!

Hello Customer Care!
I am Dhananjaya Bania, Registered number-9577374752,I brought LYF Water F1S. I have facing lot of problem from when ever brought this phone. According to the transention Id-8009796309
I had issued with charging and battery. Lyf care took my mobile till one month in care. When ever I received the phone I get new issued with headphone headphone not supported to the pin I explained to the Advisor then Advisor told me that headphone problem so its not working. At that time headphone is not in stock.Then i came Guwahati show in Jio service Centre .There also same not in stock.After that mobile shows again Charging issued and headphone issues I shaw it to BTM JIO Service Cantre,Bangalore on 21/10/17. They check my physical properties.My phone is then under warrenty.And told me Charging point is not there.They told me they order For me but its takes time.Send me another lyf centre Bammanahali i went there on today 23/10/17.In there they check my phone and told me your phone is on liquid damaged.How it happen ?Only one day before i show to another centre my phone is okk.But Now one day after my phone is on liquid damage. It don’t know anything about what ever done in Service centre. I have not received any resolution from service center from the beginning of transention Id-8009796309 .How can I get resolution from care?I know that my phone is not in liquid damaged.Some thing drown in Service Centre only. I want my phone and solved my problems in underwarrenty.
Incase show me proof and CCTV footage of when ever my phone is open in operation room. Note :Care address in screen shoot plz check.


Dt: 23 /10/2017
Name : Mr. Sribatchha Routray
email: [email protected]
Customer dispute complaint No: SR502389698

Sub: Four Consecutive unauthorised Debit card transactions between 3am to 6:30 am And another declined attempt due to lack of fund at 1 pm, today (23Oct2017)
Dear Sir/Madam ,
This seems to be a serious issue here with lots of ICICI debit cards as eminent from the grievance websites across hence need escalation (Ex:
In the month of September and October, And I am just another victim here. There is a serious security breach and people from Europe and other parts are buying Train tickets, Movie tickets and doing PayPal transactions with our Icici Debit cards without The card, Without the CVV number and without the OTP, all the security is bypassed and breached, our hard earned money has got siphoned, mostly in the early morning hours from 3am to 6am.
And when we call for SOS, the customer care numbers are not responding and when after hours of waiting till official timings are on the call are responding with automated loan offers and linking Adhaar card advices. Even in the branch office of Icici do not respond and advise to keep on calling customer call centre, till a complaint is registered for investigation. The height is the call centre person without taking the compliant or even blocking the existing card first tries to sell a new Corel card with more security options with an annual maintenance of Rupees 550 /- only. As if they do not care about the fraudulent unauthorised transaction just happened at the night about which I was most worried about. And seriously if the Corel card is more secure that means the other cards are vulnerable or compromise security, then why these cards are still in circulation.
My honest request would be to fix the technical issue related to this type of Debit cards at the earliest so that more people are saved at the earliest.
I still do not understand how someone able to bypass all the required security process without the physical card and OTP and the pin and sitting 1000s of kilometres away in other countries are using my card to do transactions or withdraw money without my authorisation. As I was checking the point of transactions and the vendors involved through google. And if this is the case then it is serious issue and need to be addressed ASAP.

Reliance Digital TV Some channels are not comming +worst service

Hello reliance digital tv : You people are blody shits since from more than 1 Month sunnetwork channels colors network kannada are not available wats wrong with you , and mainly poor and very worst service i ever seen ,not responding to customers, there is no call connection at all no one is responding, More than 10emails v mailed to you ur website they dnt hv manners to respond at all .very worst service so am telling all our frnd and colleagues to dnt go with reliance digital .Rectify d problem ASAP thank u !!
sir This is not only my own problem entire reliance digital customers are facing this problem please check your website and complaints raised ! -From Karnataka state

Exalt Consulting Pvt Ltd False hopes for job placement-worst consultancy.

I am writing to let people know in abundance as to how this this consultancy, namely Exalt Consulting based in Bangalore are making money by giving false hopes to candidates. I am a candidate with 7 years of working experience in testing domain I registered with this consultancy on 26th May 2017 and the time until which they have promised to place me somewhere is 3 months, its been 1 and half month, till now not even one interview they have been able to schedule for me. I am looking for a job in Mumbai and at the time of registration every person at the consultancy will call at least 100 times to make sure you register by paying 5279 Rs, that is it after that noone from the consultancy is bothered to even answer your calls/emails. The first interview that they had scheduled was for a non relevant profile and one more that was for Bangalore location although my application form clearly states my job location needs to be Mumbai. I have written in total 116 emails to this consultancy including the grievance officer, noone has bothered to address the concern, forget getting a job the contact persons will not even pick up calls at the time you need them.None of the departments in the consultancy has any coordination about anything going on with a candidate also the customer care representatives give false information when you call, I was informed by the customer care executive, Mohammed that the second interview job location is Mumbai although after me doing some thorough research found that the company where the interview was scheduled does not have any base in Mumbai at all, then the placement officer finally confirmed that the job location is Bangalore. After I wrote an email to the grievance team about this incident, obviously noone responses, the next day I received an email from the consultancy placement team asking about the review about the interview that I actually never attended because of incorrect work location, hence this shows the lack of coordination, the people at the consultancy dnt even bother to read your emails. When you call the customer care support who do not know head and tail of the candidate’s profile, will only tell you to drop in an email and that we will receive a response by the end of day that never ever comes. The consultancy has claimed to refund the registration amount by end of 3 months in case they aren’t able to give a job hence its pretty clear that their only way of making money is through interest derived from candidate’s registration amount as they are not at all capable of getting you a descent job, at the time of registration they will promise though that they have openings in a lot of MNCs and getting a job for an experience candidate is not difficult at all however nothing of it is true as their only focus is to get the registration money from the candidate. Its been 1 and half months of my registration I am waiting for the other 1 and half months to get over so that I can claim my refund, seeing the response of the firm I can surely say getting the money back will also be a great challenge, so I am prepared to visit the consultancy with a legal attorney as they have not left me any other choice. Its by far the worst set up and cheapest organization that I ve ever known, a firm that takes advantage of candidates like us desperately looking for a job to mint money. Please please please dnt waste your time, energy and money considering this consultancy for your job search.
The system will not accept anything less than 1 star which mens that the rating is bad but for a firm like this there cannot exist a rating at all as they are below everything and the cheapest organization.
I am updating this thread to let people know that this consultancy has not been able to get me a job in 3 months, I have filed for refund on 26th August 2017, the consultancy tool 1 month to acknowledge my refund and said that I am eligible for refund on 9th Sept is 10th October 2017 and I still dnt see the money in my account. I have sent more than 100 odd emails but there is no acknowledgement.I dnt have any more words to explain how much fraud this consultancy is and how they are making money from the interest earned by keeping candidate’s money for indefinite amount of time.
I am waiting for 18th Oct 2017 which as per my calculation completes 18 working days from 9th Sept 2017 post which I will be filing an FIR against this consultancy, its not about the money anymore its about exposing this consultancy in public so other candidates are not fooled/cheated. There has been reports in the past on all leading newspapers about this consultancy being fraud and how they make money by lying to job seeking candidates, somehow they got away with it and now I believe its time again to have the issue reported and dealt with legally so consultancies/companies like this cannot play with people’s emotions.
Today 18th oct I have received refund from the great consultancy and for a introductory fees of Rs 5279 paid by me, the consultancy has refunded me only Rs 2800, without giving me a job the company wants to charge me Rs 2479, don’t no on what basis the company is charging me money, they haven’t done a single piece of work they haven’t even been able to schedule a single relevant and valid interview for me. I have already reported the issue to the grievance team however I had written several times to grievance team earlier as well however they have never ever responded to any of my emails in the past so I am sure they will not.
I will be filing an official FIR against this consultancy on Monday 23rd Oct 2017.I am sure there will be many people like me who have suffered or are suffering situations like this with this consultancy in particular, they already have a reputation of being closed down for fraud cases in the past, its nothing new for them but its time to close them down again.
I received a refund amount of rs 2800 from Exalt on 18th Oct 2017, the consultancy had promised to offer a job and of not they had mentioned that the full introductory fees that is Rs 5279 will be refunded however they have deducted rs 2479 for nothing at all, no effort whatsoever made from their end. This is the most fraudulent organization I have come across my entire life. A cheap company with cheap people working, I wonder how are they still operational in Bangalore.
I dnt no how much filing a police complaint against them would actually work as the consultancy already has a fraud image hence the police might get back at me stating with so many newspaper articles informing people that this consultancy is fake, why did I ever enroll for this consultancy. Its true I feel prey to this consultancy and I am shamed that I was associated to this consultancy once in my lifetime. At least of I donated this money to an orphanage or an old age home, they would have got some help instead I invested in this fraud company.
This is my strong urge to people who are reading this review so that they can spread the word across and boycott such companies.

Payzapp hdfc bank Transaction failed-money not refunded

Dear Payzapp,

I transferred Rs.5000 from my Payzapp wallet to my HDFC bank account on 22ndOctober, 2017. The transaction was actually failed and the money did not get transferred to my HDFC account. The money didn’t even get refunded to my Payzapp wallet. Please look into the issue and refund the amount , Rs.5000. Here is the transaction id :201710222024542103sN59IQ3 and my Payapp linked mobile # : 96327 83223. Attached the transaction Image too.

bajaj finserv MISBEHAVING

Dear Sir,

I would like to report a conflict that has arisen between me and Your FOS (Anmol and Pritam From Bhajanpura Market Delhi) ,There have been several incidents over the last Day, and I feel that it is time to lodge a formal complaint.
I do not like complaining about things at all, but something definitely had to be said in this situation because if this level of quality continues, I will no longer be able to continue this relationship. I can also speak for other people who have recently conducted business with you, as they have not been happy with their recent business dealings either.
The fact of the matter is that your company is beginning to slip and, therefore, something needs to be done about it. I don’t know the specifics of what is going on behind the scenes there, but something definitely needs to change internally within your company if you want to keep your customers happy.
I hope that you do look into this matter and take the necessary actions which you deem proper for this sort of events.


Pooja Bose