sapna book house p ltd Exchange item

i purchased six item from sapna book house gulbarga via bill Nos. KLSH18CSB86310 Dated 9-Dec-2018 time 19.45 . On 15-Dec-2018 around 18:00, i have gone to sapna book house for exchange of two item which was purchase on 15 dec 18. Details as below :- 1. Magnetic Pencil Box :- 01 nos of Rs. 395/-
2. Ceramic Vase :- 01 Nos of Rs. 215.
I request to sapna staff for exchange the same but first they say go to on counter and counter person say go to section person, section person say hold & wait till our senior come, i wait for 15 minutes and then after one person come and say they are not exchange both item because GST invoice make.
I say to him if you are not exchange those item than you are not display to same on your work area and also not mention on invoice, than say they will exchange only books, I say to him that why you are mention that exchange is available within 7 day on your invoice and then after you excuse that you are not exchange the same.
What is the problem? I say him, items have damage or any miss handling by me ?
They say No, but I cannot exchange due to GST invoice. After that some other staff also come and talking roughly and say, “ek bar aap ko bol diya nahi change hoga matlab nahi hoga. Aap ko jo karna ho karlo. “
Mean wise they say If you are purchase any item its not exchange. Which is not mention any location or bill.
This is the fraud by company and rob to customer and excuse that due to GST they are not exchange any item. Also blame to govt tax authorities.
With Regards
Ankur Solanki

KSTDC Bangalore Airport Taxi service Heavy Over charging by Driver


This is with reference to the taxi that myself and my wife had taken today at Bangalore Airport at approximately 8.50 pm.( 15th Dec 2018)
The car number is : KA03AB4308 and Taxi was taken from Airport to Mantri Tranquil, Gubalalla gate, kanakapura Road, Bangalore 560061.
The driver has charged us Rs.1638 + Rs.85 for Toll near airport when the average charge including toll that I have been paying is approx Rs.1250/-
The driver also did not give any reciept and had given the charge from the Mobile which he was carrying.
When we entered our complex he has also given his name as Girish with mobile number of : 91085 62456.
Very clearly he has over charged heavily by atleast Rs 450/-. / Repair Care / Vigneshwar Enterprises / Brand workshop REPAIRCARE / VIGNESHWAR ENTERPRISES – Consumer Electrical Appliances Repair frauds operating in Bangalore – IFB Dishwashers and washing machines

REPAIRCARE / VIGNESHWAR ENTERPRISES – Fraud company and NOT Licensed partners with – IFB or BOSCH or SIEMENS or FABER or IFB or SAMSUNG or LG or GILMA
This company —, Repair Care, 8050018370 – Vinay Kumar, also known as – Brand workshop, also known as – VIGNESHWAR ENTERPRISES, is one of the biggest Consumer Electrical Appliances Repair frauds operating in Bangalore, they are not a licensed repair partner with any of the brands mentioned in their website – IFB or BOSCH or SIEMENS or FABER or IFB or SAMSUNG or LG or GILMA.
The whole affair of taking the dishwasher and returning without repair has taken 2 months and cost me Rs 2,400 !!
The technical person (Vinay Kumar – 8050018370) came and saw the dishwasher and said he needs to take it to his workshop for repair, he said you have to pay transport for it @ Rs19 per km and service charges @ Rs 1200 and parts extra and I agreed for it.
After taking it, he said the repair will cost Rs 15,000 – he said circuit board and motor is gone (and all that was fine, only the belt had broken); that is when I became suspicious and told him to return the dishwasher. Then he said, he can give a 40% discount for it and with some repair work can do it in Rs 10,000. So, I told him to return the IFB dishwasher without repair; for which he said you need to pay Rs. 1,200 (inspection) + Rs. 1300 (transport)= Rs 2,500 for return and then he will send it.
After which I tried to reach him several times and he was not picking my calls and then to complain when I phoned IFB, they told me they have no such company in their list, that is when I tried to look online and found this complaint list in this website and could trace him back to VIGNESHWAR ENTERPRISES and found their other contact details.
Then he said first you pay it online by wire transfer and I will send the dishwasher. Then 7 days after making the payment, he sent it back by PORTER and not his vehicle. We had to arrange for unloading ourselves and looks like they have stolen some original parts also form the machine and that is why he did not accompany the machine.

These are their contact details: –
Office Line – 8050018372
Technician 1 – 8050018374
Technician 2 – 8050018370 – Vinay Kumar
Office line – 7991858535
Website –
Trading name 1 – Repair Care
Trading Name2 – Brand workshop
Company details – Vigneshwar Enterprises, South Indian Bank, A/C no.################, IFS C Code: SIBL0000127 Email – [email protected]

I hope my post will serve as a warning to some people at least.

Railway station parking charges Parking Charges


This is Premkumar, My experience in all the railway station (Salem Junction, Hosur Railway Station etc…) they are collecting parking charges for the vehicles which came for drop and pickup (not parked). Why this is happening, actually we should allow atleast 5-10 mins free of cost inside the station area for pickup and drop.
Please guide me where to complain regarding the same for quick action.

Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd Fraud agency

I received an email from Shobhana an hour back stating, they tried calling me for the position I’m looking for, She is just telling exactly what’s written in my CV as the requirement from the client..then I understood these people are doing some business…wasted ,my precious 10 mins over the phone and googled about Exalt and reached here..immediately dropped an email for them with a screenshot of this forum and asked them not to contact me anymore.
Thanks for the people who gave their reviews here.

And I’m really scared to post any of my personal information in any of the Job sites now. They are just selling the database to these bitches and making us fall in the trap.
Recently my husband got a call from a sales person asking for me (My husbands no. was given for my profile in ***** website.)
Becarefull with this kind of fraud companies.

and Thanks a ton for the reviews given here

Vishwanath Gas Agency Subsidy not received

Respected Sir /Madam,

Name : Seetha R Kerur,
Consumer number. 7054266649 .
Distributor : Vishwanth Gas Agency, INDANE
DISTRIBUTOR, No. 44/1, Kamakya Extension, BSK 3rd Stage, 3rd Phase, Bangalore -560085
I have not received subsidy in bank account. I already contacted your Distributor many times and till date have not resolved the issue. I am due for subsidy since July’17 till date (pending subsidy for more than 16 months).
I also verified with the Bank (SBI, Katrigupe Branch), they claim the AADHAAR is linked to the bank account. I personally verified online and the bank account is linked to AADHAAR.
Please resolve the issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Seetha R Kerur
Mobile : +8073951233