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I got a job as work from home content writer with ExamFocus through Naukri. I worked on 2 articles for 3 weeks and sent them. After getting my bank details they said that they can’t work with me because my article is not upto standard. They refused to pay me for the articles. The person I was working for was Ramachandran Arunachalam. I should be paid for the articles I sent.

Reliance/ZTE Wi-Pod battery (Model WD670, 3.8V 2300 mAh) ZTE Wi-Pod battery Issue (Model WD670, 3.8V 2300 mAh)

i have a reliance 4G LTE Wi-Pod purchased in 2016, which has developed a battery problem. The battery has bulged out in the middle and wont fit in properly into the wi-pod housing. the cover also fails to close. forcing the cover could lead to the overall damage of the unit, hence looking to buy a new battery. But after reading the above complaints, i realize that this is a known complaint. Would like to know what has been done by reliance to address this problem? are they going to replace the batteries? if so, how it has to be carried out? with a multimeter i checked the battery terminal voltage and it ready 3.8 v correctly, so the problem is really the bulging. In case reliance washes its hands off its responsibility, what about the OEM, namely, ZTE; are they answerable to anyone here? what about the battery being made available in open market? gullible consumers like me (really, it sucks!) would not mind shelling out additional dough to meet their internet addiction of ge! tting the wi-pod to work again !!!
Please spare me the typical excuses, and give a straight answer (1) where am I going to get this battery and how? (2) its a SNAFU moment (sic) and don’t beat around the bush, by saying this is not available, that is not available (3) i want to know where can i get this battery in Bangalore?
Awaiting for, at least a curtesy call or an email response? !!! is it too much to ask?

RATION CARD Delay in New Ration Card Issue

Delay in New Ration Card Issue

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly note, I have applied for a new BPL Ration card on 1st Jan 2018 in my wife’s name and had also checked the status of the Ration card which stated as "Your RC application no. 211579477 dated on 01/01/2018 applied for KALGHATGI taluk process is completed, and Your RC Application has been submitted"
Hence, we went to collect the same. However, the concerned person denied to provide us our new Ration card stating that issue of cards has been stopped and can be collected only after elections . I dint understood the strategy behind this to why is it to be given post elections.
Assistance on this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & regards,

Garbage collection Garbage not collected in last 1 month


BBMP has not been collecting garbage for last 1 month. This is creating health hazard and garbage is thrown on street by frustrated public.
Aakarshana Enclave,
Kempamma Devi Road
New Thippasandra

When called up contractor, he is saying that the BBMP has not made payments for last 2 months and hence the employees and drivers have gone on strike.
We are being collected additional tax for swach bharath abyan but the state of affairs on the ground is appalling and really feel cheated by the quality of life in a city like bangalore.
The video posted by Virat Kohli makes me wonder is it worth it all the debate when the truth is nobody gives a damn about it at lower levels in the government organization.