ACT Fibre Net No internet service provided once bill paid

There was a net issue so i raised a compliant.The technician came after 2 days and noticed that the line was cut due to the construction that was taking place.The act company has not yet resolved the compliant even after 7 days since we had already paid bill,they are least bothered to correct the issue .In calls too they just started giving irrelevant answers and no action were taken to solve the issue nor to refund the amount and take out the connection.After all this today i.e 1 they have sent a mail regarding bill payment.They are not providing net and they demand for money.
Just remove the connection and re pay me back the money and being almost 3 year customer to ACT fiber net ,i experienced the worst service ever from a company who just looks out of money not providing services nor the product.
Worst service company

xyz delaying issuing of passport

Passport for my daughter not yet issued after around 3 months Dear Sir/Madam,

I have applied for a passport for my daughter , I had been to Kalburgi on 06/01/2017. The status shows that the documents and the fees was submitted on 13/01/2017. Till date i see the same status,
File Number BN79C5000066517
Date of Birth 05/08/2016
Application Collected on Date 13/01/2017
Status Passport application has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents.
I am required family to fly to with my daughter but i am getting delayed due to non issuance of passport.
File Number: BN79C5000066517 Fake assurance by Febindia


I have brought the Bose Bluetooth speaker from as per the website they are selling the original speaker, imported from US and also they will give us the 70% of cash back too. but i have received the duplicate product and didnt received cash back too. i tried to reach support number regarding my Order #14525 was placed on March 22, 2017. but not getting any kind support. i raised request one more product and got a call febindia team for enquiry, during the same call i have asked for my cashback, but the person was on call very rude and disconnected my call.
kindly help me with product return and my money refund.


Dhananjaya N

Bajaj Finserv Unwanted promotional calls from Bajaj Finance/Finserve

Unwanted promotional calls from Bajaj Finance/Finserve

Daily 5 to 6 times phone calls and SMS from bajaj finserve end 1400820130 comes regarding to take loan. I am not interested to take loan . So please stop the same if not than i shall move to consumer court.
Please remove my number from you database and stop irritating me.

AAdhar card authentication error Aadhaar authentication failed

Hello everyone,

I am trying to apply for PAN online for my Mother and wife. after payment the next step is authentication of Aadhar which is getting failed.
I am really not sure id it because the PAN needs the initials to be expanded where as the AAdhar has only initials. Please help me with this, the error report is below.

Online PAN application

Your Aadhaar Authentication failed hence you cannot proceed the application with e-KYC mode. Kindly generate new token and proceed with physical mode. Kindly note that you will get refund of the PAN application in next seven working days. Aadhaar authentication could be unsuccessful due to following reasons- 1. Application Full Name does not match with the name registered under AADHAAR
2. Gender of applicant as per application does not match with the gender registered under AADHAAR
3. Date of birth as per application does not match with the Date of birth /Year of birth registered under AADHAAR