Bangalore municipal corporation Garbage disposal

Am residing in the Wilson garden.there is a problem of garbage disposal on road sides and it is creating an unhygienic condition.we are not able to cross the streets in such conditions.Garbage collectors do come in the morning time but it is not possible for each and every people to use that properly.sometimes when we go out of station suddenly we are not able wait for the garbage collectors..So I request you to place garbage bins keeping in view of keeping the city clean..This may reduce the disposal of garbages on roadside..Kindly consider this serious issue as soon as possible..

Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Limited. Fraud on Membership for Zest Holidays

I purchased a Zest membership from Mahindra Holidays and Resorts Limited 7 years back. When I purchased the membership the same was sold to me as an exclusive membership for weekend breaks which can be used on short notices of even 24 hours before use subject to availability.
The resort membership was sold as exclusive to use resorts by Zest members and limited to specified resorts which were 5 at the time of sale of membership. Since the membership was limited and exclusive for ZEST members with assurance of late booking of Hotels I decided to pay for Zest and not take a Mahindra Holidays Full membership which was for many resorts but with many members.
I have paid Rs. 82000/- for the membership and ASF charges regularly which with interest over 7 years is in excess of Rs. 4 lacs now.
Initially for 3 years i could use resort regularly with easy bookings and availability but the same started changing by the 4th year. We were often turned back from availability to find that MHRIL is collecting money from non members and giving them accommodation at the expenses of members who paid out huge amounts to MHRIL to set up the facility. We initially ignored it while we started losing our Holiday days due to non-availability of resorts exclusive to Zest Members
In 2016 Mahindra suddenly made the Zest membership non exclusive allowing all Mahindra holiday members to use the resort which was meant for Zest members. This is violation of terms and conditions of the memberships which ensured exclusive membership for Zest members which is basis of my reason to purchase. More recently i have been refused stay in Big Beach pondicherry Zest resort which is renamed as Mahindra resort despite being exclusive Zest Property.
While i wrote several mails to [email protected] Membership no 91006317 for booking to use my eligible holidays which have expired earlier with 10 days in advance I was not given rooms. Several non Zest members stayed in the resort on the days i was denied the rooms which is similar to many earlier request in last 3 years. Owing to the same i have been denied holidays forcing me to either suffer or spend lots of money in alternative travel and holidays.
The above is a fraud by MHRIL and I am looking to fine a Consumer Case against MHRIL for denial of service, harassment and loss of opportunity where new timeshare costs have gone beyond 5 lacs now which i should have purchased
I would like to have MHRIL compensate me for their fraud.


Bangalore municipal corporation So many mosquitos in AECS layout.

So many mosquito in AECS layout. It has become really difficult to live here. Offices,homes,parks,roads, malls etc everywhere mosquitoes are there. People are facing huge difficulties. High chances of dengue, malaria such diseases. I request you to look into this matter seriously and at the earliest because we all are facing difficulties in our day to day life. Kindly do the needful asap.

Kapil chit funds Legal notice with out no dues

My chits over completed last 9months, No dues all cleared, But i asked my serity documents, they sent legal notice for due payment due 3200/- Rs, i asked and i have proof payments all cleared, but Chanda Nagar Manager Mr Chandra Reddy said no this amount penality, u should pay that amount, i asked why penality came my account, let me statement asked him, he said w can’t provide Statement, and he said if u taking another Chit, we can avoid penality charges.
I said why u charged penality said first, i don’t intrest Kapil chits again let me clear proof for penality details, he said we can’t give u can goto legal sell. This Kapil chit fund company complete fraud and employees are very cheaters, This compaly Labours are working not employees and company completely put reddy from manager to higher level and they are supporting together how customer catsh and harres and payment delay and maintaining dues, and once enter in kapil chits it all fraud employees and company also fraud.
Don’t go KAPIL CHITS….cheaters and fraud Company KAPIL CHITS

Airtel Prepaid Mobile Calls disconnecting before receiving

What the hell airtel is doing…i m using the number 8978701548 since a long time…but from few days i m facing difficulties while answering a call… particularly from jio numbers… whenever a call comes from a jio number the phn rings and disconnects automatically before picking up…for this i asked at a nearby airtel store as well…they told me there might be some issue with ur sim…so swap it… everything will be alright…and they charged 100 rupees for that…but now also same problem…calls disconnecting automatically….now what to do….i asked the customer service as well….but simply they are not caring about it… nonsense people are sitting there…they don’t care about there customers….i need immediate action regarding my problem…i m annoyed with it… can’t take a lot of calls….

Namma Metro Security guatd

I am traveling from Jalahalli cross ,Mysore road and almost half metro station . In all these metro station security guard will be alert and ready for chek up any time. But I have found that in hulsoor jogupalaya side checking side the security man will be keeping the metal detector somewhere and he will be seeing somewhere and standing if we arrive we have to call him and make checking . And I feel too difficult if I reach the metro station 2minutes before the train I will miss the train also.. Today 13/4/2018
Time 11:16a.m he was in duty the offical can check up the security camera also .. please keep some young people for this duty rather than keeping the old one