ACT TV Subscribed channels not activated

Its been more than a week since I subscribed for the channels and also made the payment. Till date, none of these channels are activated, I have called your useless call center and informed them several times and also raised the complaint. None of your call center staffs have supported me in resolving the issues. The standard response I get from them is by today it will be activated and so on. Your customer support staff are inefficient and lack the basic ethics in servicing customer queries. The quality of service is below par and pathetic. I want the senior management to look into this on priority and resolve the issue.

Contact number is 98862 18179


It has been 11 days since I paid and registered for act WiFi 6 month plan. WiFi still hasn’t been installed in my building.

First, sales people promised me 3 days Installation time and I bought it. Then customer care people told me it’s maximum 7 days. I have waited.

Everyday I call customer care and they promise me by end of day it will be done. And in evening when I call to ask why it’s not been done, they say that by next day it will be done. Now they have started putting me on hold and hanging up on me.

Today customer care tells me my owner has issues with WiFi installation in building but I have asked my owner and he’s completely fine with it. He has no objections. Even if this was the case, why did they make me wait for 11 days to tell me this? Also, isn’t the act team responsible to inform me if there is some blocker on my end so that I can act on the same?

I am tired of false promises, new excuses, calling customer service everyday twice and delay in installation. I have tried reaching the nodal officer but the number seems to be busy always. I can’t even convey to you how unprofessional the customer service has been.

Please help me get some resolution. At least arrange a callback for me. Soumya
Account no. ############

Adecco India Didn't received experience letter

Hi team,

I am continuously taking follow up from Adecco team from last one month via mail,toll free number and even with your executives who are working in Jamshedpur but none of them are bothered to revert or receive call ,I’m really disappointed with the type of service received by addeco to get my experience letter,as if all of them are sleeping now it’s a high time I need to go to consumer forum to get my experience letter.i know after giving my complaint also the company is least bother to revert as all the staff are sleeping means the company is sleeping,as if I have done a mistake to work with Adecco,as I haven’t received my experience letter nor my PF.

If still any one is reading this mail and in a mood to help pls revert me in my mail id.

[email protected]

Mens leather jocket Cheated by sending wrong product

Hi ,

I have ordered Mens leather jacket from facebook marketplace.He’s name Suman from westbengal. I have received different product with very cheap quality then i tried to contact him again he is not at all responding and i told him to return but he removed from his chat list .He was cheated me please make a complaint on him .