Sree vigneswara layout welfare association Sociaty not working properly and water not coming 3 houses

Hallo vigneswara layout welfare association is working 24/7 for association that’s why 3 houses not getting water and please dissolve sociaty and give chance to work others who can work properly if not this matter will go to our sitting MLA and former MLA with all proofs and call general body meeting or hand over bore well(corp water) keys to who can work honestly not as time pass work and lot of drain water stags at layout and water given for commercial estabilations in layout and taking 3000 RS what happend those money who is responsible for all those please co operate all layout people for better service for layout from our welfare association mainly each and every house have gatewalls and they stop water for others how good is this please think thanking you all

royal enfield New bike with faulty battery

I have purchased a bike on 12-12-2018 from sairam autocrafts royal enfield showroom located near mahadevapura bangalore and i faced issue with the bike on the same day . It stopped suddenly on the middle of the road and i couldnt start it again . Road side assistance checked it and told there is issue with battery and RR unit . I had a worst experience buying this bike. I have now searched about this issue and many people faced it .
Bike model: Royal enfield classic 350 gun metal grey.

SHEELA GAS AGENCY, J.P Nagar, 3rd Phase, bangalore gas not yet received til now

I have booked the gas on 8th Dec but till now I haven’t got the gas to home and sheela agency owner is very rude and not giving proper answer why this people take this many days for supplyING the gas and my receipt is print and cash memo also came in my phone

veet hair removal cream waste product

I used, veet wax strip for upper lips, i just used a small strip for doing upper lips(the whole area), my skin became red, full of blisters, it took 10days FOR the redness to go,TO which IT costed me 1500rs to consult doc and taking medicines, creams. the skin was totally damaged, it was torned, i wasnt able to laugh, stretch my skin… A phase full of embarrassment. after the redness had gone, it became black. and now it looks like a guys moustache. THANK YOU SOO MUCH VEET FOR MAKING ME THIS UGLY, A PHASE FULL OF EMBARRASSMENT. I ONLY MISTAKE I DID IN MY WHOLE LIFE WAS TRUSTING YOUR PRODUCT AND USING IT AT THE TIME OF EMERGENCY, CZ THE VERY NEXT DAY WAS MY MEETING. U RUINED EVERYTHING. DERMAT COSTS, MEDICAL COSTS, ALL TOOK ME 3-4K FOR JUST 150RS PACKET.HATE YOU!!!! its BEEN 3MONTHS, ITS NOT HEALING NOR CURING. ULL RUINED MY LIFE. I CAN SHARE PICS IF U WANT.

Bus unavailable Bus not available at proper timing

This complaint is regarding bus is not available for more than 2 hours everyday in k.Narayanpura, hennur main road. From 1:45pm to 3:30pm. There is not even a signal bus available. They come on there own time and leave as there wish. What kind of transport is this. Worst transport. Service i ever seen to this k.Narayanpura place. What action can a transport team take and arrange buses to this k.Narayanpura place. I am staying in this place from past 15years. The is no proper bus and no proper timings for the BMTC. How many people have complaint regarding this and still its the same happening. Please arrange bus at this place for every 40min. My humble request

Samsung 32 Inch TV Samsung TV Broken during shipment

I have send 32 Inch TV (Samsung ) from DTDC Courier tracking no. D46594017 ( Bangalore – Durgapur ,West Bengal)
When received its found LCD of TV completely broken . Since this tv was very close to my heart & i have gifted to my parents & get repaired also by Samsung care. they charged 12000 /- rs .
Can you get settle my claim asap.
We never expected so much carelessness in dealing with such fragile items.

Rahul Saxena

shubh nivesh Cheating Shubh Nivesh policy

Hello SBI life team,

This is Harsha H from Bangalore holding policy # 35045994310.
I took the above said policy in Nov 2013 with lot of hopes assured by SBI life and now deeply disappointed with the fraud/Misleading works done by SBI contracted temporary 3rd party team.
The first mistake i made is by attending the call from SBI life. Next is accepting the agent to visit me and explain about the policy. He showed me his business card to make me believe that he is genuine. Then came the fake and false promises he started making and took me through imaginary numbers, which of course didn’t come true. In between he showed me multiple other policy holder’s documents to believe that many people have already took this policy.
The SBI shubh nivedh cell from Basavangudi branch, persuaded me like anything to get their policy. Their policy agent came to my office, promised me that after 5 years paying 50,000 INR per year, I will get ~400,000 INR which is 150,000 INR more than the total amount i pay (considering me being 27 years old at that time). Later, so called SBI life customer service Manager Mr. Pradeep literally begged me for getting the policy in 2013 with this promise on returns i would get. Also I was informed that i would be getting compound interest + terminal Bonus of 30% every year. He also gave me the contacts of his manager and branch manager (which is in switched off condition right now). Believing all the promises he gave i accepted to go for this policy and gave my check for 1st premium on 29/12/2013 check # : "509071" and without missing any premium, I have paid all the premiums till maturity.
At one point of time i thought of cancelling this policy as i needed money for my marriage expenses and spoke to SBI life. They suggested me not to do so because after maturity i will get good returns. Based on that, i took personal loan for my marriage with a belief that i can clear that loan amount with this policy maturity amount and continued this policy.
In between i was getting calls from SBI life to keep funds in account to avoid the penalty and i kept on asking them how much is the bonus and interest accumulated or the maturity amount I will get. They said that it is not possible to say any figure at that point and during the maturity i will get to know. I was still in a belief that i will get the sum what was assured by that lord agent (400,000 INR).
In the recent past i started getting mails from SBI life to surrender the policy as it is nearing the maturity date. I visited SBI life koramangala Branch with all the necessary documents and requested them to check what was the maturity amount as it was the time i should know.
“Hearing the amount, I was totally collapsed and my eyes got filled with tears”
With soo much difficulty I had paid 2,50,000 INR in total since Nov 2013 and SBI life person told me i get only sum assured of 1,80,000 and bonus of 30,000 + terminal bonus 20,000, so total 2,30,000 INR.
For my questions on this cheating their answer was, "sir the policy is like that and we cannot do anything". I was completely down, looking at my situation Mr. Kumareshan Associate branch manager came to me and suggested to visit Basavanagudi main branch and discuss with (Divisional head) Mr. Premanand.
I met Mr. Premanand and explained all the issues since day 1 and also showed him the letters and calculations which that lord agent had given me (i have all the information in hand).
Mr. Premanand checked all the history and explained me that this is a mistake from SBI life, they have changed my policy to whole life term policy which means i get only the sum assured + Bonus and remaining amount (sum assured) will be provided only after 100 years or when i pass away.
He himself accepted that this is not the correct policy for me, he asked to me wait for a week and took all the documents given by Lord agent and informed that he said will check with his team.
After a week, Mr. Premanand told me that he could not do anything.
After this i have been receiving calls from SBI life asking me to submit the policy documents as it has crossed maturity date. I kept explaining my concern them hearing which they said "we understand your concern and will get back to you after discussing with their manager". No one has turned back with the solution yet.

How can SBI life executives target and cheat lower/middle class people who have a very low income and believe in their words to put in their hard earned money with a dream to save something for their future.
My concerns :

1. I am cheated by SBI life team: explaining me a different policy which has a high sum assured and enrolling me in a DIFFERENT policy which has a lower sum assured. Which is completely an insane behavior and is not at all acceptable from such a renowned organisation.
2. A customer cannot be aware of all the plans available at SBI life and it is the duty and responsibility of the SBI life team to be aware of what is suitable for whom and atleast do the right thing they had promised. Promising something and doing some other work is a Fraudulent behavior.
3. I have paid 4250 /- every month, 51,000 INR per year which is 2,55,000 INR in total 5 years. In turn, the return after maturity is only 2,30,000 INR. Maturity amount being lesser than the premium paid is completely not acceptable.
4. If SBI Life executive can promise me a different policy and enroll me in some other different policy, now they are responsible to change the policy again and provide me my sum assured in the beginning – 400,00/- INR.

As per customer policy design always should be in favor of customer. I don’t need your single penny extra just provide me my hard earned money back as per the assurance provided.
2.5lack (5yrs premium ) + terminal Bonus + Bonus which is assured by that Lord agent, and it is not a small amount for me to let go.
Could you please understand my concerns and find a solution to return my money back!!!!
I could see bundle of complaints against this Shubh Nivesh from SBI life. It is clearly understood that this policy has created a mess with people life and also cheated people for their money.
If you do not address this issue, it will be serious concern from costumer and would definitely spoil the SBI life business.
If SBI failed to give me a solution then I would definitely go to “Ministry Of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances”
I hope you will understand the seriousness and resolve my issue.
If anyone wants to know more or interested to solve please do contact me on below number.
Harsha H
+91 9886965177
[email protected]
Policy #: 35045994310

Passport Seva Regarding amount refund

Dear sir/mam,

I, Rahul Gupta, pursued an online transaction of 1500/- to apply for passport. My Application Reference Number is ############dated on December 01,2018. The status of payment is showing ‘failed’. I am also dialling your customer care no. 011 41561114 but the no. Is always engaged or not responsive. Kindly fix the amout issue.
Login id : [email protected]

Rahul Gupta