Public Toilet Charging Rs.2.00 for urination

Sir ,
Today at Raichur Railway station at platform no.1. public toilets officials have charged me Rs.2.00 for using it for urine purpose , when I argued that if it is used for toilet you should charge , but they said for use of urine is also it is charged , hence I paid for the same , now I want clarification whether it is permissible to charge Rs.2.00 for using urine also ?
Pl strictly warm the officials not loot public who are charging for the urine also

Clarification required

Yours sincerely



Samsung SAMSUNG AC quality of board

Hi Samsung.

I have brought AC on 29th May 2017 and @ 2017b once after the AC 1 year warranty over, it stopped working and when SAMSUNG Service center people visited they said that it is the issue with PCB board. How can PCB board from SAMSUNG branded can go. So it mean your brand uses such a low quality of board.

Thank you for cheating me by selling the such a cheap quality product for Rs 50000 to 60000 RS INR and making to go bad after exactly 1 year. I have never seen a such a cheap and fraud company for selling products and Customer care do not care about this and claims it only saying warranty over and Samsung will not do anything. Such a fraud company in the world.
9900046283 / 9880599405

chillr app Debited amount is not yet refunded

My amount Rs. 5000 was debited from HDFC and it is not credited to the respective bank account.
I have raised the dispute and you people have not updated the status after mailing many times also.
Reference Number: 660328134
Ticket Number: 223514
Raised on 22/02/2018

Please Refund the Amount and Inform me when it will be refunded.
please contact me on : [email protected]

INDIGO FLIGHT Check in Baggage has been cut and items stolen

Hi ,
My Daughter Poojitha Maheshappa, was travelling from Bangalore to Kolkatta, in Indigo on 01-April-2018. Details of flight are as below:
Flt No:6E433
Departure time from Bnagalore :11:00AM
Seat No: 24F
Check -In Baggage details: One VIP Soft luggage and One KIT bag , both together weight is 13.5 KGS. Check-In baggage number: 6E0312490213 /6E0312490214

When she opened the VIP Soft Luggage after reaching home she found that, some one has opened the side ZIP, has cut the inside 2 or 3layers of cloth and have taken items from inside including sweet boxes, makeup kits. After taking items they have secured back the ZIP as it is , so that there are no clues of this theft act when u see the luggage from outside.
Rs.7000 worth VIP soft baggage has been damaged and valuable items worth Rs2000 has been stolen.
She is a student studying in IIT Kharagpur and frequent flier in INDIGO airlines. But this time journey has given very very bad experience and feeling ashamed of the security provided in airport. We pay thousand of rupees to travel. Still we do not have secured travel.
I am going to complain in consumer board. I need compensation of the loss incurred.
I am also worried about future travel with your airline. I will write reviews in social media and suggest people not to travel in Indigo.
There are many airlines, still we had some trust on Indigo. But this bad experience have given us nice lesson.
Spend money to travel and additional incur loss on baggage and items? Why don’t you take proper actions against such thefts?

Manjula Guruswamy

ACT Fibernet Closing request ticket without fixing it

We raised issue one month before that no power back up in ACT Fibernet power box. But without fixing the issue ACT people are closing the ticket. More over no one had come to fix. I have reopened and called them more than 20 times. But still the issue persist. Sent email to the respective person as well but no action was taken.
Note: Power box available in our building only.

Wisdom Montfort International School Wisdom Montfort International School

Wisdom Montfort International School is playing with words. In their official Website,they claim CBSE curriculum which can be misunderstood as CBSE affiliation. The facts should be clearly stated otherwise, it amounts to cheating. Many teachers are not qualified and their records should be checked.
The root cause of this is the Principle who has no idea how to run a school. There are many cases of child harassment which is suppressed within the school. Please check:
a. All records of the school
b. All approvals
c. Certificates of all teachers
d. Child harassment cases