Hyudai /Creta Poor quality Tyre for Creta


I bought hyundai creta 1.6 sx+ reg no. on 30/12/18. With in 2 months i had to replace 2 tyre for rear left.
Never ever experiences such a poor quality tyre performance. i am facing a severe problem with the performance of the tyres of hyundai creta, there has been two serious incidents firstly while i was driving on a highway a big metal piece which was totally blunt created a huge puncture on rear left hand side tyre and puncture shop advised to change the tyre as the tyre was very severely damaged During late night travel in bangalore -mysore highway,

In these 2 instances I had to replace the tyre of cost 7000K Good Year .
I want proper compensation from Hyundai or Good Year at teh earliest. if this was one time happened, okey that is quite natural. But it happened to me twice which is not acceptable, that too with in 2 months of purchase of this Vehicle.

Bangalore PU college No proper management

Dear sir, I am a parent of a student who is studying II PUC in Bangalore PU college, Near Bible College, Hennur Baglur main road, bangalore. I would like give few reasons the PUC college is not having sufficient teaching staffs for Science subject, but the college principal Ms.Rohini is forcing the parent and students who seeks admission in this college to take the admission by promising us that there will be all the facilities like playing grounds, canteens, and good teachers. They intend to collect the fees only from the students and there is no facilities. If any parent approach them for asking anything regarding the college issues like teachers etc., they will complain about the students only, they don’t listen to a single word about the issues. Once the parent leave the college premises, they will call student and scold them.

After completion of 1 year PUC, we didn’t want to continue in such ridiculous college, we approach them for a TC, they are not ready to issue the same, we are forced to continue there only. II year is getting ending with no proper teachers/lecturer, students are struggling a lot with their subject to understand and read it. We are worried about our children how they are going to face the examination.

We request you to kindly take this matter seriously and take necessary action against the college, we didn’t want the other students and parent suffer and spoil their future.

Zomato Order got rejected before informing me

I ordered something from zomato by mistaken I put my office address instead of home, the order got placed( there is no option to cancel the order or to change delivery address…good trick)I called delivery boy to come to right address and he said okay, after some time I got a phone call that "delivery boy is denying to come to that address you can contact to support for refund", I contacted the customer support, he/she just denied for refund, also he/she rejected my order without informing me, so I told them to order it to the wrong location. They just simply said it is not possible, the order is already rejected. How someone is such irresponsible?
hence please don’t order anything from zomato. they have bad customer support also they will reject the order without informing you

order number: 1682120895


Narayana e techno school, Hulimavu Bangalore School duping parents for admission

This is to inform you that my son are studying in Class 9th and Class UKG respectively in Narayana E-techno school, Hulimavu Branch, Bangalore.
The school had opened this branch only as of last year and have been luring customers, by putting up stalls in the apartment. They had put one such in my apartment too and we had decided to put our children to that school. At the time of admission, we were given all false information that French language is available in the school as I had particularly asked if there is one, since my son had chosen second language as French in his previous school. We were told that we can pay the fees in the month of June, Oct and Feb for the session. But, to our surprise, once children started the school, I was told that there is no French teacher in the school since the management cannot afford such huge salary expectation , and then the first term fees for the next class ( 30% of the tution fees) is charged by them before even the current session is over. None of the CBSE school have this policy wherein the first term fees for the next session needs to be paid in Feb, March instead of Ma! y, June.
I do not know if this school is running under any policy guidelines directed by CBSE as they do not even focus on CBSE curriculum but their own JEE curriculum for more than 80% of the time.
I want CBSE to take strict action against this school as they are duping parents at the time of admission and playing with student’s career.