Qnet fraud Business Qnet fraud Business

Please wake up and come forward… joins hands… you know in bangalore it’s a qnet hub…because of IT, ppl from different regions come to learn and work here, but these qnet beggars are creating hype like they are working with modi, Obama, trump etc… bullshit… even their senior upline used to force them to do signup, you know why… if their downlines stops to do signup even he/she has to do signup for herself.. think how many can invest 4lacks… one day it will end. Qnet products!!! What’s the brand?? Have you ever heard kakkamma, muniyamma, tippesa brands ???? Like this you could never seen such qnet brands but even though that bloody beggar IRs says its good, excellent etc.
People are taking loans from banks.. who will pay interest, emi??? If u do signup ok… u may get 30000 but wt next? Try to cheat everyone, it’s not there mistake it’s all by their uplines used to sit like boss of beggars and doing brainwash…
Have some sense because of you guys so many ppl lost their hard earned money… most of them in frustration because they are not ready to cheat others for commission.
One thing I can say… don’t think you will be living happy life forever… I’m here definitely make u guys to come on road and start begging. You are not eligible to live on this earth… you IRs are big SATHANS in this Bangalore.
Instead of investing here start your own business… government will provide subsidy and tax benefits.. Bangalore and unemployed rural youth be Aware of this international project called fraud link
In Bangalore

So many….. at coffee days food courts, malls, star hotels CUBBEN park… phones and earphone and 2 3 group sometimes big gang…. kick those bastards is in Bangalore fraud he will be in Indiranagar or MG road or Kormangala

self Delay in Car Delivery

Satisfaction guaranteed what a rubbish tagline from your Website.
I have booked Agarwal Mover n Packers by going as per their names in adds n all, Later I came to
know they are fake Agarwal movers, In actual they are DRS Mover n Packers.
They have taken my Vehicle on 15th Feb with commitment to deliver by 25th Feb.
Now it’s been more than 14 days, still no idea when they will deliver the car.
Below are the excuses given to me.

Excuse#1 – Manju who made this Booking said, I have communicated for 10Days delivery, Now its
transport department duty to deliver the vehicle and washed her hands.
Excuse#2 – Mr. Manish Jain Manager, Sir je India hai sab aisa he chalta hai, 10 ke 15 din toh ho jate hai, Washed his hands.
Excuse#3 – Customer care, Talk to booking office(#1), We can’t help, Washed their hands.
Excuse#4 – Mr. Mandeep from loading and unloading department, Everytime same statement with some of
the other excuse "it will reach you by tonight", and if you try 20 times only after that if you are lucky enough he might pick the call.
Excuse#5 – Tracking department Car started itself by 22nd Feb(7 days after they pickup from my
location). I am not sure if they have planned aircargo to deliver by 25th feb(10Days after pickup) to ensure their commitment.
Execuse#6 – Sent below mail to customer care on 26th Feb, still after 3 days no response.
Really frustrated with all these execuses.I had planned my movement after their confirmation
and with this delay already spent 2500 Rs. on cabs bills because of these Bas***.
############################################################## Satisfaction guaranteed what a rubbish tagline from your Website.
I have chosen Agarwal(got fooled as they as DRS group not the original Agarwal group) as expected
to be more professional and customer centric, But experience is totally opposite.
At the time of booking it was promised to deliver my car within 10 days.
Paid more money compare to other movers n packers so that I can expect ontime delivery and with
good quality. But what I am getting delay in delivery and high unprofessional way of dealing to the

As per below mentioned delivery of the Car should be by 25th Feb with no excuses, and now I will be
getting 3 days late by 28th. Is this the way you operate?

I have planned all my travel as per your commitment and now I have to pay all my local transport by
own packet due to wrong commitment from Ms. Manju.

And your Car delivery contact Mr. Mandeep, He is the worst representative any company can have. No
response if you call him 10 times or no response over the messages.
I am going to give worse reviews over the all social portals and not to recommend my friend to go
with Aggarwal(DRS) with worse experience, Better to go with other local movers n packers and pay
less money.

Frustrated Customer

idea cellular Very Bad Network Coverage

I along with other residents and families living in my apartment are facing serious network issues with Idea Cellular Services. Being in a metro city and close to highly crowded areas, nobody would expect to have poor coverage of network from a supplier like Idea. However Idea seems to ignore the issue and havent been addressed for long. The area has too many commercial areas and residential towers. Would like to hear from IDEA as to what would be done on an adhoc basis to address the issue.

AIRTEL NETWORK PROBLEM Losing Network Coverage in Area Where it was covered earlier

I live in Kudlu Road Bangalore. All the tenants in my apartment are now facing issues with Network Coverage of Airtel among some others. Issue with Airtel is that coverage was there earlier but now losing it. How come and any justification please. How would you resolve the issue. If this is the situatioj in a metro like Bangalore things are set to get worse in lower Tier cities. Awaiting addressal.

Mobile fraud call I have received call FROM +917250768431SHOWING BIHAR from truecaller about ATM CARD

I got call from +917250768431 BIHAR and asking for reactivation of ATM CARD .. I thought it was from bank . and I given card number and CVV no and suddenly 400 rs debited from my account .pls trace out this fraud as soon

India bulls office Mysore Not responding

Respected sir,

Before giving Loan, I use to get 1000 calls but now no 1 replying to my call. I need to submit my home Loan deductions to avoid tax but no one responding from mysore branch and my work place 100 km far from mysore. I can’t reach mysore branch office. I requesting them to mail me. Please do the needful Thanking u

airtel payments bank Refund of Rs 9999

Name Tejas T S,
Airtel Ac no: 9845195057

I have been told by your team that refund will be done with in 2 working days but it is almost 5 day up till now I have not received any update. But they are telling that they have no information regarding this.
Bank transaction ID: 85215228022803513165035
Refund reference number: PZT1801211612ZMH1202