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I am an ex employee of Infosys Ltd worked in Hyderabad location. I am yet to get my final settlement and experience letter. Have contacted Infosys several times but not responded. I am getting an auto generated email to log a request on Alumni portal. But I am unable to login to that Alumni portal itself. My DOJ on 01st Jan 2018 and Relieving on 2nd Jan 2019. I should get before 45 days of my relieving but not yet got. Can you please help me on this.

Employee id: 781615

Kind Regards,
Rajesh Dadi
[email protected]

online sbi Partial Cash dispensed from ATM

Dear sir,

On 18/11/2018 ,i withdraw Rs5000/- from SBI ATM -RPC LAYOUT but i received from ATM (ATM ID…S10G000813124) Rs3500/- only.

Till now balance amount not yet credited to my SB Account.

A/c- no-54004400775.

ATM ID S10G000813124

TXN NO 566070256


TXN DATE: 18.11.2018


Sunil ns

Professional Courier Delay in delivering the Shipment

Staff from Professional couriers, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad branch are so reckless that they won’t update the shipment details in a proper way when we make a call about delivery and won’t deliver shipments till your home. Delivery boys will ask us to come & pick the shipment at certain location, if we deny it then they won’t deliver it and update as address not found in their records. My shipment reached on Feb 20th, 2019 to mehdipatnam branch and delivered it on 27th and that too I collected it from the location which they told. My location is just 1 km away to this branch. Totally service is very bad and behavior of delivery boys also not up to the mark. If management is not taking any action then this will goes in the same way and there won’t be improvement and ultimately their ratings will go down. I will recommend people not to opt professional couriers in their life and go for the other service.

Y-Axis Y-axis Fraud

This is sandeep mogarala, I have contacted to ur organisation for overseas studies guidance, they said 21000/- including 3 universities application process, short list the universities and visa process. Then I asked them is it includes visa fee? They said it’s not included visa fee, it’s only short list and application process.

What is mean by application process?

They never tell me that I have to pay application fee extra, even they didn’t send terms and conditions before I pay fee. Now they are asking me to pay application fee extra, and blaming me that we sent mail, they are telling we sent all the terms and conditions after u paid the fee.Who want the policies after paid the fee, Before paying it self you should be clear on fee.When you say application process it should be included application fee. Every one will think its including application fee. So you guys should be clear on this, while we pay the fee you guys are not clear and after that you guys are telling application fee is excluded.

You people really cheating the customer, I don’t wanna continue with you guys, kindly refund my amount.


Sandeep Mogarala.

Mobile legends Purchase problem

It’s been more than 24 hours now and I still haven’t gotten my twilight pass in mobile legends bang bang worth 800rs which I had purchased through Google play which gave me 20rs discount and final amount which I paid was 780rs! I got a message that money was deducted and it has been successfully transferred to times of money limited on 25-02-2019 at 12:07pm ! But I still haven’t gotten my twilight pass nor is my money refunded! Please either give me the twilight pass or please do refund my money!