Respected sir/madam,
This is to inform that the delay in MBA (2016-2018)regular 3rd semester exams creating a lot of difficulties.
By August 2018 the two year MBA course is supposed to be finished, but unfortunately even the 3rd sem exam notifications are not yet published.
The delay in every thing, whether it is publishing of results or conducting of exams., it has become a recent trend.
I request the concerned authorities not to put the students’ future in uncertainty and take immediate action to the subject matter.
Thanking you

University of Hydrabad Refund of Money deducted for failed payment failure

While applying for IMSc course online with university of hyderabad, payment was failure. I tried to do it again in net banking and the second time also it ended up in failure. In total Rs 1123.60 (561.8*2) was deducted from my bank account. Third time I did the payment using credit card and it was successful. Please credit the failed payment amount to my account with out delay. The details are as below:

Date of payment : 8th April 2018
Particulars : FN/SHP/6895393631/6895393631/IBIBOWEBPRIVATELTD ; and 6895353339/6895353339. DEBIT : Rs 561.80

My Bank ; Federal Bank.
Mail Id : [email protected]


ibibo web Rs.1853 transferred using their gateway not credited to beneficiary.

On 31st March Rs.1853/= transferred online thru Fednet from my account with Federal Bank Ltd. West Nadakkave branch for recharging my Dish TV subscription. I have used to recharge & the option on the site " instant recharge". Though I got the message that transaction failed amount was debited by the bank immediately. Waited for the refund but never came till today. Aggregator IBIBO Pvt limited confirmed the transaction was successful and the amount has been credited to the intended beneficiary/ merchant. Fednet is still trying to find out from IBIBO to which account the amount has been credited but I haven’t heard anything from both Federal Bank service desk and the aggregator IBIBO. I must know where my money has disappeared. DishTV continue to say that they haven’t received the amount.