Jovie Motors Complaint with service

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am Rahul Raj an esteemed customer of Aprilia.I own a Aprilia SR 150 which I have purchased August 28 2018 From the Dealer M/s Jovie motors located at Kollam ,Kerala.
I received very nice and warm behavior from the showroom manager when I bought this vehicle. They assured the well maintenance and regular service from their side.
I took my vehicle on time for all services being a regular customer. Even i need to travel 50Km to reach the showroom.
I hope it is the duty of showroom employees and the service team to check my vehicle properly and resolve the issues on time.
I would like to point it down my problems I faced from the showroom.
1. In the fifth service of my vehicle. I asked to check oil seal and change the battery but they just did the water wash and gave it back.
2. In one week my vehicle break down while traveling due to battery complaint.
3. After changing battery in another one week again I went through the same situation and when I checked , This time it was because of the problem in OIL seal and wiring kit had gone.
4. Due to this continuous problems as a result now shock absorb-er also have issue now.
5. Now it’s been 1 month my bike is at the showroom and I’m not getting any proper updates or response.
This is not the behavior I expected when I bought vehicle from this company.
I wouldn’t have gone through this many problem if my fifth service has been done properly.
Why they didn’t took my queries seriously at the first place? Why they are not taking my issues seriously now?
Is that a way to keep a relation with customer?

I think the relation between customer and company didn’t end once customer buy the vehicle.
It’s supposed to be a long journey with good relation. And I don’t think this kind of behavior leads to a healthy relationship.
This situation put me in a state where I have to think should I recommend others and my friends to buy the vehicle from this company.
As the principle company,I require an explanation and quick response from your end regarding the same and also request you to provide details of any higher escalation levels that I can contact for making sure that this will not be a continuous behavior from the dealer and the customer will be treated with respect and their enquiries will be handled properly.
Rahul Raj

Cochin Corporation Vacant plot with snakes

Dear Sir/Madam,

I live at Pachalam in a villa. The plot on my right hand side and the plot in front of my villa are vacant. Both these plots are like forest and absolutely no maintenance done. Yesterday there was a huge snake caught. There is also a waste disposal area closeby. It has become a nuisance for us to live here with both these vacant plots.
I humbly request the concerned authorities to take action and keep the area neat and tidy.
Thanks & regards

MAYOR, KOCHI CORPORATION menace of blanket creepers in residential area – supply of pesticides to health office

Dear Madam,
Large number of garden web worms (blanket creepers) multiples all over the bushes and shrubs everyday in few of our residential areas causing skin itches and menace. The matter was brought to the notice of the Health Inspector, Ward 8, Palluruthy and Councilor of division 11. The Health Inspector informed that presently pesticides are out of stock at Ward No. 8 for spraying blanket creeper. The matter was also informed to the Councilor.
We had such past menace in our area few months ago in which Health officer , Wards 8 of Palluruthy used to engage one person to spray pesticides (NUVAN & CYPERMETHRIN 10%EC) in different occasions.
It is humbly requested that immediate supply of pesticides may be supplied to our area so as to avoid further multiples of insects to other areas of our surroundings. SECRETARY