Trivandrum Airport, Kerala, India Stolen

I have flight on 16th November 8:40 air India TRV to SHJ
It’s delayed 2 hours
So I have relaxed outside with family unfortunately i have forgotten my canon 77D camera in the trolley After boarding I have realized
Immediately informed to airport manager, assisting manager but they said that send an email if they found will be return what a simple responsible procedure
still have time 1:30 hours for departure kindly check Cctv footage so that I can fly I had requested this but they simply said there is procedure can’t check like that

Trip canceled and went poonthura police station filed complaint They visited airport manager with me requested to check CCTV footage

While checking found that the airport staff observing the same trolley and it’s moved to a side and the camera bag covered with plastic then purpose fully he move the trolly from there and taken this bag and not to return any where

We called him and ask why taken that bag and have u seen anything in that trolley

He replied nothing I found he don’t know anything

Finally he agreed and bring my bag returned what I loss

The mistake was done by me but if he could have return to airport authority I could have fly same flight

At the end I have seen all others try to protect the staff
But I wrote complaint and give airport manager not police because I made mistake but as a employee he should not do like that

I am not sure what kind of action taken on him also Iam not sure they will take or not even how we can get feedback about our complaints no way to check

Initially they have plan to protect the staff but I did not agreed

KSRTC, Kerala Ordinary bus not stopped after 9:50 pm

The driver didn’t stop ordinary bus , please note sir it’s a ordinary bus when asked after 9:50 pm.
I am Farid kp and I am a continuous ksrtc traveller for the past 4 years from chirakalpadi to plalakkad and palakkad to chirakkalpadi, and this is my first experience. And I am living at chirakal padi near mannarkkad. I was returning to my home from palakkad. As I reached chooriyode i requested the driver to stop the bus little after the chooriyod bridge. And normally there is stop for all ordinary bus on chooriyod bridge and if I get down on the bridge I am the only person to get down there. So I requested him to stop after 200m from the bridge stop. At the time he shout at me ” then I will drop you infront of your home". I don’t reply anything because he’s on government duty and I am not responsible for his misbehavior the government is responsible. and I get down on the normal ordinary stop. I believe the ksrtc department will take appropriate action against the driver. the photo of the ticket is posted… pls…

MGF Hyundai Desom, Kerala Improper maintenence of body part and lack of communication and lack of company Policy

Dear Sir,
We have carried out servicing for my Hyundai Santro GLX with register no KL.63 / 94 on third week of Februvary 2019 in MGF Hyundai Deson, Ernakulam.

But we don’t get proper services s that we asked and also they havenât communicated with the me at the time of servicing of body and cleaning was disappointing, not even cleared the contaminents.

These are the following problems
1. All the body part given for painting and rectification was not cleared propely 2. Not deliver on time
3. Washing of the car has not done properly
4. Also lack of communication from the department(Body shop) if the customer miss any parts

I am not at all satisfied with the service and the customer relation is very poor. Time management and services that they are providing are not satisfying and they are not properly attending the calls for enquiry

But am satisfied with the service department, they used to communicate with me what all are the complaint and they also rectify if they found any damage or missing. Whereas the body shop didnât communicate properly, they just asked what all and just OK, nothing from them, when i raise they complaint they are putting the blaim that the customer didnât mention, even they havenât rectified the informed parts

So I request you to take necessary action against the dealer and improve servicing.

KSRTC, Kerala Rude behavior of ksrtc bus conductor

Iam a college student..

Yesterday (13-03-19 wednesday)., i was traveling in KSRTC BUS from kaloor to muvattupuzha [boarded from kakanad to Pattimatom](around evening 3pm).

Ticket cost was 13rs and i provided him 20rs….conductor asked me for 3rs change… I behaved so Politely saying I dont have 3rs change… Conductor then shouted at me saying Iam not giving change deliberately….
I told him that i dont have change And he is still arguing with me as if I have not given any Paise to him…. Is this the way conductors have to behave to the passengers?
First of all… I have given 20rs amount for traveling cost of 13rs….and it’s his duty to provide remaining balance instead of shouting….
As students are coming from home… They may not have any extra money Or changes with them… Kindly take action against him..

Yours faithfully,
Diljith Suresh

KNMC Delays

I was working in Mumbai. As I got hired for UK, I resigned and came back to Kerala to complete my paper works. I submitted an application for foreign verification at the Kerala nursing and midwifery council on 4th Feb, 2019. However, the documents haven’t reached the UK yet(4th Mar, 2019). I pity the poor service of such reputed govt. Organisations. Besides, there are no ways that you can contact and enquire about the same. #feelingshameful

Very important documents Post not delivered to the address yet, its lost

Post was send from Croatia to India on 19.02.
Since 26.02 is in Delhi International Mail Centre.
Please help me to send it to the final destination to my husband: Pambumkattil house Meloor P.O. Poolany, Thrissur 683011 Kerala, India Tracking number is RC737215715HR.
Thank you
Ivana Pambumkattil