Dear sir

I was EX-employee of Jio smsl and resigned on 15 jan 2018.I have withdrawn my pf amount from SMSL on15th may2018.15th of june i recieved an sms stating that PF amount will be credited on my account.Still the amount is not credited and the PF portal it is showing as settled .My details is mentioned below.Kindly do the needful

Name-Jemson George

Employee number-67528768

PF account number-MH/VA/############


contact number—9142000763

10108546272804001 Form-10C 19-May-2018 08:04 AM 19-May-2018 06:02 PM Claim Settled
10108546272801001 Form-19 18-May-2018 08:51 PM 19-May-2018 06:01 PM Claim Settled

64 Kb smart card online verification by EME Records Observation against 64 kb smart card by E m E Records

Respected sir
I 14575696w Havildar Somanathakurup N(Rtd) is observed that The EmE Records are normally put the application ‘s observation as remarks is not expressing what reasion for rejection of application /observation against particular application.Like a Application is required for PDF,the record only express to edit the application(PDF like old smat card, ppo)
But other Recods were reflect actual requiment for application in online,as observation.
So inview of above please to consider the requist as welfare of our EME Personals. Most application is now pending due to this type of reason. With regards
Somanathakurup N

Icici bank kasaragod Gold auction without information

I had kept my gold at 2015 and got gold loan of 4 lakhs.. from icici kasaragod branch.. there were 6 lakh’s gold .. i paid every months interested amount till now.. but last week i got a mesage from one of the staff from the bank that our gold has been went for auction.. When i approached bank to repay the interest of the loan if any pending.., the bank informed me that my gold has been got auctioned. I was shocked to listen this that how a bank can get auctioned my gold without intimating me as they have my permt addressed and email id. i have lodge a complain in the bank but no intimation has been recd from the bank. There is no condition has been mentioned in the loan document regarding auctioning of gold then how can a bank can do auction. They dont have any right to do this with other’s stuffs.. now they ate telling to go and meet a officer in chennai branch to pay 8.50 lakh to get back our gold.. i don’t understand why to pay tjis much as my gold is wort!
h of 6 lakhs n i got loan of 4 lakhs.. i dont need any other person’s detail to meet or take back my gold.. i have dealt with the branch in kasragod and i need my gold back as it was from the bank in kasragod branch.. I didn’t receive any registration papers from the bank to auction my gold.. its an humble request to give back my gold without any demands..

nissan maicra Service issue

Dear sir
My self maharoof , using(Nissan Micra KL 17 L 6413) model car with deep regret I am stating that I had a bad experience with regards to the services you are offered to the customer . I spotted my vehicle in your service centre for the issues related to the movement of that car in a couple of months back . I was unable to start the car was the issue I am facing .it was happened immediately after flood .your executive advise me to change all the parts and put the same on flood affected case hence ,I am able to get the insurance benefits . They give a quotation for RS 120000 without checking vehicle ,and I refuse the offer hence it is not affected by the flood .then I took sujession form a mechanic and I ask the service centre to clean fuel injector ,then they are able to start the vehicle after one and half month research of finding the issue. Before finding the issue they changed all oils and one Matt costed 7000K instead that they putt bill for 22000K . During the settl!
ement I clearly mention that the car is not to be there in flood effected band. Now I came to understood that the car is listed as flood related. It cause me a huge loss in resale. It is ridicules to see a reputed firm like you, taking the advantages of flood. Please avoid this type of un proper behaviours and kindly consider this issue and do the need full to remove the vehicle from the list. Consider this has a humble request and don’t force us to face it on legally.
Thanks and Regards
Maharoof Edvan
Mobile: +919707222888

Ibps unable to download admit card

I am unable to download my ADMIT CARD.It is showing invalid credentials yet i have tried many times to log in.Here is my registration no and password

Application Fee / Intimation Charge received and Application Registered.
Registration Number: 1700067068

Password: 4B5CL2WN

Note : Please note the difference between 0 (Zero) and o (letter), 5 (Five) and S (letter), 2(Two) and Z (letter) while using the Password.
Please keep the registration number and password safely.

Your Application details are as follows :-


Date of Birth: 27-09-1990

Post: Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I)
please help me out

Railway Recruitment Board Exam Exam schedule of second stage CBT for ALP and technicians and rpf constable (group A). Schedule to be held on same date

I am writing this letter to draw your immediate attention regarding the schedule of rpf constable (group A) exam and second stage computer based exam for ALP and technician. This two exams are scheduled to be held on same date and different venues for me. This practice obviously reduces the opportunity of candidates to write both exams, and this is unfair towards a job seeking candidate. So I request you to kindly rearrange the schedule of exams and provide justice to attend both exams on different days
Rpf constable (group A)
Register number: 1110655384
Exam city – Thiruvanathapuram (kerala)
Exam date – 23/01/2019

ALP and technicians
Register number : 280019090
Exam city – coimbthore (Tamilnadu)
Exam date – 23/01/2019

KERALA RTC Need refund for failed transaction

Respected Sir,

Need Refund for Failed Transaction
I have booked the ticket from Bangalore to Kozhikode on 05.01.2019 ( date of journey being 08.01.2019) through online and it got cancelled during the payment.
Bangalore TO Kozhikode
Journey Date: 08/01/2019

The system has not generated the tickets for the transaction.
I have paid the amount through internet banking ICICI. My account is debited. I need refund of the amount 673/- which has been debited from my account. Please do the needful to refund the amount asap.

Vaishnavi C