Joy Alukas rude behaviour by sales people

am a long standing customer of your Company dating back to days of Alukkas and then Joyalukkas. I and my husband have Joyalukkas Golden Reward cards. We make purchases every year from your shops.Since we are based at Trivandrum most of our purchases are from your outlet here in East Fort. For long Mr Reghu ( and his team) now transferred from here to your showroom at MG Road, Ernakulam gave excellent and courteous service and we had joined number of chitties regularly visiting the shop here to make chitty payments and frequent purchases.We were very happy with Joyalukkas.
However all this changed with one visit of ours yesterday to your shop here in Trivandrum.
On 15-10-2017 vide invoice no. TVM/SAD/ 1931 ( Rs 20600) we had purchased 2 sets of ear rings for our 2 baby grand daughters for their birthdays to be given to them during our visit to their residences in Netherlands and USA this year. Along with this on the same day we has made another purchase .. Due to our long association with Joyalukkas and the implicit trust we have once we make the purchase we do not check weights, item etc at every stage of billing and delivery but just see that the item delivered to us is the same that we purchased, We were shown the two ear rings in the box and it looked OK. However we did not see under the box flap holding the studs to see if the screw was present there. This mistake of ours was glaringly and forcefully highlighted by your sales person here yesterday,
We visited your East Fort shop at Trivandrum yesterday and made 2 selections for purchase. We also showed one set of earring we had purchased on 15-10-2017 ( we were abroad and returned only last month) which we found on presenting to our grand daughter on her birthday that one stud screw was missing.Hence we brought it back with us. When we showed this to the shop boy attending to us he said would talk to his senior. When we met that person he seemed to imply that we are lying because such a thing can never happen due to several checks and we should have been more careful and checked at time of purchase. His tone and his body language upset and shamed me so much that I left without paying for the two selected items and decided to cut off my ties with Joyalukkas. I am writing this only out of our regard for Mr Reghu and team who served us so well during his period here. Regards,
Rema Muralidhar

Cyber Crime Cell Paytm mall fraudulent


I am writing my first experience with the paytm mall. I have ordered for a ez water canon by seeing good offer on Price. What I got delivered is just a pipe. And by informing the next day itself took back the product. But the money which I paid for still not refunded. Whenever I inform the same replay Is what I gets. A completely fraudulent activity. No proper way to communicate with the customer care. Only through some messages. Now itâs been 10 days passed. Still waiting for my money. Thinking of going to consumer court to file a case. Donât want any More people get cheated using paytm mall. Also wish to publish in the newspapers, regarding the incident.

Sterling Holiday Ecs

My customer id is 1239603. I am a member from 17/8/18.i didnt use any holidays until now.While joining i clearly stated i cant pay emi which is 17,000 per month… the officials told its fine just provide a cheque and i can stop it. I stopped that the next month itself.The official told its permanently stopped. So whenever im ready to pay i just need to pay.For two months they didnt take my money…This month without my permission 17000 is taken from my account. When the official confirmed that the ecs is stopped then how can they withdraw money from my account… I clearly told them right frm beginning if 17000 has to be paid i dont wish to join…they told just pay wenever i wish to…whenever you require a holiday pay and use it…because of this i joined. Else i didnt want to pay 17000 per mnth for a holiday or membership alone…I want my money refunded and i want to cancel this membership.. i dont wish to be part of an organization that is not true to their words.This! is purely cheating.


Hello sir….. Saturday 03/11/18 around 8:00pm-8:30pm I deposit 30000/-in my saving account number 62201365815 through cash deposit machine SBI , Srikakulam . But the money is not credit in my account and the receipt is not produce by machine.plz credit my money to my account. Details–
Name- Karun Kumar M
Account no.- 62201365815
Deposit Amount- 30000/-
Date- 03/11/18
Time- 8:00pm-9:00pm

SBI ATM Deduction of Rs 3000, payment failure, need refund

I faced a problem on 1st November 2018 while doing the transaction through my ATM card, the amount had been deducted from my account but I did not receive the amount and caused payment failure. Till now the deducted money does not refund to my account. So I kindly request you please take a look at this issue and solve my problem as soon as possible.
Name – Viji V
Bank – SBI
Account No – 67024132852
IFSC – SBIN0070383
Branch – Peyad, Thiruvananthapuram