kolotibablo Payout

Hello, I’m a worker in your website. I’m just wondering why I didn’t receive my payout in my paypal account where I requested $15 dollars payout from the website. It says, instant there, and until now I still didn’t receive the $15 payout to my account. Its been almost 5 hours since I requested it. The last time I requested $10 for my payout, it instantly appear on my paypal but now its too long.
I requested the $15 amount just today (June 30, 2017) at 11:22AM Philippine time.
By the way, my username is melchris594. I hope you can fix this concern of mine.Thank You.
Attach is the screenshot of my complete transaction in kolotibablo and paypal transaction which I didn’t received the payment.

kolotibablo deducting

hi i am a captcha encoder also for more than a month as you could see my production, its a huge captchas, before and after i worked i am writing it down my production, but instead of addition its always been a substraction, somebody stealing my production first i lost 300, then 500 getting better, how could i go on into a higher rating.so please and hoping that the company will make a remedy of this, its ho hard to make a hundred of captchas then it will just go to others too much effort i’ve done into this.