Komparify.com Rs.444 STV BSNL plan voucher not recharged to my mobile

Amount of Rs.444/- deducted but not recharged

An amount of Rs. 444/- processed on 22-10- 2017 at 11.14 M(today) via debit card (CSB) through Komparify . recharge for mobile no. 8762557495 was not done.i, sent email to Komparify.com many times and no result yet, message coming to me that it was not recharged due to failure of process.
But I have virtually paid Rs.444/- paid to Komparify from my bank balance which is evident in my bank statement. Once money is received by your authority, legally,responsibility cast on you to act receiprocally. I got message my account is disabled and nothing said about refund or re-initiation of process of rechraging efforts from yKomparify.com Then. what about my money of rs.444/- paid to you. CanKompaify.com should respond . Prayer: recharge the above voucher to my mobile or refund rs.444/- to me immediately or refund to me immediately
a. subramanyan