KSRTC Regarding issue of booked seat

I am travelling from Tirupati to Bangalore in Airavat.
By the time i booked the seat; it didn’t showed that the seat beside mine was for boys.
But after getting into the bus they were telling that the seat beside mine was for a boy. As there is a girl beside how can you allow the boy to book the seat
please have a look and fix this issue And this is not the first time. It happened before too.

KSRTC, HUBLI Refund of student bus amount


Diploma college students KSRTC Bus pass applied at SGES Rural Polytechnic, Tarihal on 12-07-2017 as 1st year Diploma student for the academic year 2017-18 and paid bus pass fee and relavant document to said college.
On 17-07-2017 Dept of Technical Education, Bangalore 3rd round counselling my diploma seat re-alloted to Govt Polytechnic, Vidyanagar Hubli. On same day SGES Rural Polytechnic, Tarihal authority get a student bus passes from KSRTC,New bus stand Hubli.
and said bus original surrendered to the KSRTC New bus stand, Hubl on 18-07-2017 due to college has changed.
Now Govt Polytechnic, Vidyanagar Hubli Principal through with relavant admission fee, aadhar card, allotment letter etc submitted to the KSRTC, New busstand student bus section, Hubli. KSRTC authority refused to change the address of bus pass and Rs.900+80+50=1030/- also not refunded.
Kindly refund the same amount as earliest as per norms. If not refunding said rule copy please send for our reference.
student name : A G Biradikar
Compliant by : Bagewadi [Relative] Ref M: 8971183244

KSRTC Ksrtc bus no 19s always coming late

The ksrtc government bus number 19s from state bank to vamanjoor is supposed to leave state bank at 6:20 and reach vamanjoor at 7:10 but the bus never reached in times because of the bus driver who drives in neutral extreme slow speed and ecen auto rickshaw goes faster than the bus. Even though the roam is empty the driver drives it extremely slow and as a result passengers reach very late to their destination. This is very inconvenient for the the passengers including me. Coming late once or twice is ok but come regularly late from 2 to 3 weeks. I hope that the necessary actions will taken.

KSRTC Bus breakdown – Refund


I had booked a ticket from Sagar, Shimoga (Dst), Karnataka to Bangalore in Heggodu Sagar Bus (sleeper) paying Rs.580. Bus broke down near Bhadravati around 11.30 pm. We had to wait till 1:30 am to get another bus. The bus which was sent to us from bhadravati depot was an ordinary one. We all traveled to Bangalore from Bhadravati in an ordinary red bus. It was very inconvenient.
I would request you to refund the amount as soon as possible. Herewith I have given the details of the journey and my Acc details as well for refund.
Details of the journey:
Date of journey – 24/10/2017
Boarding Point – Sagar
End point – Bangalore
Departure Time – 21:05
Trip Code – 2105SGRBNG
Ticket No – 38571498
Service Class – Non AC Sleeper
Seat No – 19
Journey Fare – 580/-

Account details for refund:
Name: Adithi
Acc No: 50100191503149
IFSC Code: HDFC0002047

KSRTC, Kerala Cancellation of trips


Alathara is a village nearby ulloor. Last KSRTC bus from Ullor to Alathara is at 6:15 pm. But this bus is not coming most days. And people of whole village have to face various difficulties to reach this village or to go out of this village at evening. Passengers including woman and old people are waiting for hours before taking taxi to go home. Please take some action against this as fast as possible.

KSRTC regarding the duriation


I have traveled from Bangalore to chitradurga on 23rd of December 2017.
I got into bus from mejestic bus teams Bangalore at 10.30am the conductor was informing all that the bus will go to chitradurga hospet and kudlig the same was return on the board in front of the bus ..
When I was taking ticket to chitradurga he said at 3.15-3.30pm it will reach chitradurga when I asked. I thought it was more has it is having distance of 200km and the road is also nice as it is 6lines highway so i thought it would take time in Bangalore due to traffic.
But it was normal traffic as it was Saturday and it was not peak time for traffic. around 11.30 the bus was out from the Bangalore I thought it will not take more time to reach chitradurga.
As I started journey the bus started to stop in all the city the bus has went to thumkur,sira, hiriur and bypass in nelmangla. I asked the driver that why u are stopping in all the place as u told that bus will reach at 3.30 in chitradurga still 35 Kms is there.
He replayed me that you are new I think to this route the road was not good and the in Bangalore traffic was more he told.
I asked him when conductor was calling the city where the bus goes he as not mentioned that it will stops in all the above mentioned cities why you are stoping and the same in board also they didn’t mention any of the cities except chitradurga hospet kudlig.
He replayed that where and all we stop that we can not all the city names he is telling that as he as not made any mistake at all.
Please take my complaint and request the ksrtc department that to take action on the above mentioned issue, as they are making following for the passengers they don’t know the value of the timings if the same has happen at night time then would more problem to the common people who may fail in there other commitments .

Sandesh H

KSRTC, Kerala behavior of conductors and bus trips issues at the morning

Sir, in aluva perumbavoor ksrtc route buses are not stopping please increase the number of trips on the morning at 7.30AM to 9.30AM in aluva perumbavoor ksrtc route. the bus is fully loaded with school students so that they are not stopping the bus on bus stop.
Next is about the behavior of the conductors they are not giving the coin balance may be due to inavailability of coins but when we ask the balance they are shouting at the travellers but they are very good in asking coins from us. Some new conductors are not behaving like a human especially to ladies. Please give them training about dealing a traveller in the bus to ensure the safety to the ladies and students. I hope you will understand and solve the above mentioned issues. Thanks

KSRTC Sudden stopped facility ofLow floor bus from aroor to ankamaly at 7:45am

We are regular customers of aroor to ankamaly ac low floor bus from 7:45am. For more than two weeks the bus is un available in this locality.. When we enquired about the matter the authority said "we will arrange facility from very next day".. But the bus is not available after that also.. We called the authority and complaint about it.. But no respond or any action is taken against our complaint.. We people really struggling in the morning because of the stopped journey of ac low floor bus from aroor to ankamaly at 7:45am.. Please take necessary action as soon as possible..