KSRTC Recliners seat not working properly + poor maintenance + broken windows stuffed with cardboards on tour bus from madurai to Bangalore

Dear team

Pnr details
* KSRTC m-Ticket * from: MADURAI to: BENGALURU PsngrName: TripCode: 2030MRIBNG PNR No.: J72661351 JnyDate: 07-Oct-2018 DepTime: 20:30 SeatNo.: 31 Class: RAJAHAMSA EXECUTIVE BoardingPt: MATTUTHAVANI B.S
Nature of complaint

Recliner not working. Windows broken and stuffed with cardboard. To mention this is a travel night bus for almost around 450 km with 9 hrs of travel.
I see full of mosquitoes and the window curtains unwashed with stinky smell rubbing on Ur face near curtain. We wonder we pay almost 600 RS and SRS offers 540 RS ac plus Volvo with multi axle. Can we compare these both. This is absolute shit travelling in rajahamsa with higher cost side and also the worst maintenance I have ever seen. Please imagine we all go to work the subsequent day and depend on government buses which are to be maintained well. I’m a traveller since my childhood in KSRTC which is almost 15 years plus. Such bad maintenance is there which makes the passenger life miserable.
My I ask can I claim insurance if my back breaks by travelling in KSRTC bus rajahamsa to be more specific from the government’s side. Sir we are all just way travellers and in my case I may be contributing around over two lakhs over my lifetime as travel cost. So beg you guys to not treat passengers like a shit and request to maintain things with proper care. People can reach me over my number mentioned as per the pnr. You can retrieve the details. Also I demand a proper explanation and money back as I am completely not satisfied with the service of KSRTC.
Attached the pic of cardboard stuck on window. Take a note and pls do the needful. Afterall we are passengers. I don’t know why conductor or the driver does not inform passengers on all these things before boarding the bus.

KSRTC Non-Refund even after 16Days


I had made online booking on Sep 10 at 8.13PM through UPI payment, the amount was 2996 and it was debited from my account and was also credited to ksrtc, however ticket was not booked and i had to book again.
Its been two weeks since than but i have not received refund for the same, i have followed up with accounts team , refund team and all the possible teams but have not received my money back yet. Every time i have been told it will be credited in two days or three days and i have been waiting for that for more than two now.
Seems like this a trick from ksrtc to hold up people’s money, and it is very unethical and outrageous, i hope this post will get noticed by ksrtc officials and will get my refund as soon as possible.
I have attached screenshot of the detail that i have received from KSRTC for the same
Transaction Ref No – OB33070515

KSRTC Behaviour of Bus Driver bearing Registration No. KA 07 F 1577…

Behavior of Bus Driver bearing Registration No. KA 07 F 1577…
Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to bring to your kind notice that I keep travelling along with my family from my home town Kolar Gold Fields every Sunday by Vai Bhav either by Dhamstala or Mangalore bus.
As usual yesterday (23rd Sept 2018) I boarded the bus at the starting point at 6.15PM (Ticket enclosed for reference)..
I told the conductor that I need to get down at isolation Hospital stop in order to take a metro which he had agreed and issued the ticket till Majestic.
The driver of the bus was stopping at unwanted points to pick the parcels and stored it in his cabin to deliver the same at Mangalore with an additional income, which resulted in reaching Bangalore late… Yesterday the traffic was too low even on the KR Puram Hanging Bridge aswell…
On reaching Isolation stop – I have asked the conductor to stop the bus to get down, the driver started using bad languages saying that the bus is already late and started driving at high speed,…
Further, he had threatened saying that no complaints can do nothing, since he is paying the Depot Manager/and officials from the collection is getting out of private baggage’s/ boxes for delivery at Mangalore.. Finally, I got down after Indira Nagar with 2-3 bags and walked to certain distance to engage an Auto.
Altogether this was a bad experience and started thinking whether to use KSRTC Bus.
Please reach me out on 9845846434 if required.

Thanks and Regards.
M. R .Siva Kumar

KSRTC Unhygienic bus with pests all over

Hello Team,

Subject: Unhygienic bus with lots of pest every where

Bus no: KA 57 F 788
Route no : 444
KSRTC bus from Vellore to Bangalore

We travelled from Vellore to Bangalore on 31st March at 1 pm . After we got into the bus we noticed lots of cockroaches and weird kind of insects all over the bus which were crawling on the seats and also over the passenger. Since the bus started immediately we couldn’t get off the bus. And the conductor and driver were also not much concerned about the unhygienic way of this bus.
It doesn’t take much to get rid of the insects. Please do take responsibility and do act on it for the betterment of our country.
Deepika P


First of all, this is not a complaint. It is just to inform all, that the KSRTC AC Buses provides water bottles in long journey for their passengers. It is free!!!
So usually when the journey starts it will be distributed to every seats(if it is a well mannered / honest conductor). In Karnataka RTC you can collect the bottle while going to your seats, the box will be kept outside only (not like hided).
Now I’m sharing my experience with Bangalore-Trivandrum Ac Volvo (15.30 on 23/04/17).
I gently asked the conductor do you have water ? then arrogantly "what !??" I repeat the same but he was not listening properly (I feel pretending) busy doing something inside his bag.
Then again I asked " have you not providing in this bus or the KSRTC stopped giving it !?? " Now the reply had come from his mouth " To where are you traveling ?" I said "Calicut "
Then he replied " Actually water bottles are kept out side box of the bus, so I will give you once the bus reaches Mysore. Ok " I said "OK " and come back to my seat.
Then I started thinking about the attitude he showed to me, that leads to me writing this. Because I’m a frequent traveller to this route (Bangalore- Calicut #prefer Karnataka/privet). So if it is happened to me after asking also! Where this bottles are going !!!????
Is there any scope of resale after !???
Or it is reporting back !!???

KSRTC Busses are not stopping in Veerannapalya

I used to work in veerannapalya. I’m regular traveler from Marathalli to Veerannapalya. Even though there is a stop in Verannapalya, buses are not going below the flyover and dropping us at the starting of flyover and saying that there is a huge traffic. Everyday it happens. While coming from Veernapalya to marathalli, After 7:PM, none of the bus comes below flyover and goes Via flyover. Even though we are standing at the end of flyover, no bus is stopping even if it is empty. Everyday I used to walk till manyata and taking the bus. Could you please take a necessary action on this. Thankyou

KSRTC KA 01 F 9189

it seems to be govt of airavat bus is unable to provide the water bottle, if we ask to conductor also they use to say we won’t provide the water bottel in the bus and also they give stop more then half an hour for lunch if we ask something they not even response. while baby is sleeping just we inform to conductor to low the volume but they not even hear what we r telling and volume also remain the same.
if we say that will complaint to higher authority, the conductor n driver both use to say can complaint to any body bcoz instruction is given by the responsible person.
can u plz take care of these matter with high priority on behalf of all passengers.

KSRTC Unnecessary pick ups on the way

KSRTC Bus : PNR :J64075064,Journey Date :03-May-2017 18:07,Trip Code :1732MUMBNG,Bus Number :KA 57 F 982,Depot :BENGALURU 4,Crew Mobile No:9448429632 .
1. No water bottle is provided
2. The bus is stopped wherever the driver/ conductor feels like on the way. Undue delay is taking place in negotiating with the passengers who have not booked the tickets and who have been issued tickets after getting into the bus.
Request you to stop this racket by the drivers and conductors.

KSRTC Irregular timing

I would like to say about the irregular timing of bus (KUmily- cherthala ).Bus Start from kumily at 4.35 am and arrives mundakayam at 6.35 am. From mundakayam they starts at different time(6.44am,6.45am,6.47am,6.50am) and many of us wont get that bus because of the early departure. This is take over service of lovedale [kumily-kayamkulam] Actual time of this bus is 6.55 AM ( from mundakayam bus stand) So most of the passenger’s cant get it.and they changed the time of lovedale at 6.49 and we will reach only the station at 6.53 am and we wont get both bus so sir please do immediate action against this irregular timing of take over service . Faithfully,
Ament scaria