Kurukshetra university Revolution mark blank

Sir, i am a passout student of BA ( roll no.4303806
My name is pawan kumar. I applied for revaluation (Rechecking) for security market operations (S. M. O)
Since the revaluation result has declared, but it is still showing my old marks and ‘new mark’ column is still blank. Can you plz tell my new marks and if the result will remain empty i have to give the exam again So, sir please solve my problem…! It’s a serious request…!…

Kurukshetra University Regarding Carelessness and Irregularity in Final University Papers Checking, by Checking and Evaluation Staff of Kurukshetra University.

Respected Member, Myself, a Mechanical Engineering Student, from a Private College-Apex Institute of Management and Technology, in Village-Gorgarh, Indri, Karnal(Affiliated To Kurukshetra University). I have studied in Regular Mode, in that Engineering College, from Year 2012, to Year 2016. Our University Exam Final Papers always are not Checked in a Proper and Serious Manner, by Checking Staff. Whenever, The Students file RTI for 250 rupees, for checking their papers, We find That, Marks were not given, even for correctly attempted and Neatly Written Exam Paper. On filing Revaluation of the Paper for 500 rupees, no seriousness in paper checking would be there, and papers are failed in result declaration. When we visited our Kurukshetra University, Exam Papers Store Section, we found All the papers-Here and There, without any Management. Our Kurukshetra University is totally without any concerns for its Students, of The Private Colleges. Kindly Consider my Grievance on a ser!
ious Note, as My Grievance is the Grievance of Several Other Students, who had suffered from Such Serious Issues. Currently, I have to Take my Backlog Paper, in the month of December 2018.

Kurukshetra University Revaluation, DMC

Respected sir,

It is stated that I was a student of Dayanand Mahila Mahavidyalya,Kurukshetra which is affiliated from Kurukshetra University and I passed out in 2018 after completing my graduation (B.A) without any re-appears.
I was not satisfied with my scores that I got in semester 5 and 6, so i filled the revaluation for both of the semesters. I have got the receipt for the semester 5th which was dated on 21-05-18, Book no. 714, Rt. no.92, the result of the semester 5th came out long ago (almost 6 months) but my DMC hasn’t arrived yet.
Moreover, in the case of 6th semester DMC which was dated on 18-07-18, Book no. 137, Rt.No. 82, no result has been announced yet, it’s been almost 4 months.
The problem is, that the process is making me wait for too long and because I am applying for universities abroad, I need my 5th and 6th semester DMCs as getting DMCs for the admission process is extremely important.
Furthermore, if the result of 6th semester is not going to be announced soon, i want my original DMC back without any revaluation since i cannot wait for it more longer.
I will be thanking you for your efforts to resolve this problem.
Roll no. 5344921

kurukshetra university. Please send my provisional certificate

I had applied for provisional certificate in month of July. But till date I do not receive my provisional certificate at my address. I submitted all documents and fees ,and also Post fee to send my provisional certificate at my house.please sir kind attention on this matter. Thanking you
Raghav slathia
Roll no.6811122

kurukshetra university,kurukshetra Rescheduling of Exam Date

Respected Sir
I am B.Sc. IT hons. 2nd year student From Yamuna Nagar,Haryana.One of our exam was scheduled on 29-05-17..Due to Convocation in University on 29-05-17,university rescheduled our exam on 04-06-17 i.e. on Sunday.On 3rd of june we’ll have to give C language exam.There is no time between these two papers and because of Their Mistake we Can’t tolerate this.They have to think about it before Date sheet Preparation.We won’t give our exam on Sunday..Please help us for this issue.. Thanking you

Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra university exam checking

this university is runinig career of many students.i had done my msc in maths fron guru nanak khalsa college. i had gor reappear in topology second sem with 28 marks which i never expected as my exam was gone good. i had even filled the rechecking exam with the hope that you people will help by giving atleast 4 marks more. bt no you had reduced my marks by 25. i hope that you people will help as i am very upset with the way you hd checked exam. every student of msc is facimg the same problem. i had evem read in an article of kuk that we can get a grace of 4 marks in one of subject in one semester. so please help me. hoping a reply from you