Chennai Customs Retention Reason : Retained by customs for unspecified reason ,, I don't know what happened please help.

Purchase Last month 19 th delivery date October 18 th ,, but not received , item block Chennai AIR , wait for the 10 day s. not clear. Tracking number ,.. RG939504180BE
Please help,,,,….


I,the undersignes having two DEEP DISCOUNT BONDS VIZ., 1)CERTIFICATE nO.00484148 dated 15 05 1992 2)Certificate
No00484149 Dated 15 05 1992. As per the terms on the Bonds the said bonds are liable to pay 1lac (1ooooo ) each.Hence advice me to encash the same.Please ad
advice the procedure to be followed. My email Id [email protected] Thanking you sir,

Joy Travels B#####IT service

Worst ever service from a bus vendor. Booked a ticket from theni to chennai for my spouse who’s travelling alone on bus "x" from theni busstand. These empty headed guys from bus "x" has called me n said that will b taking a different route n bus "y" will pick her up at exact location "theni busstand" n once reaching periyakulam will move her to bus "x" in exact seat I booked.
What happened was bullSHIT different. Bus "y" came to pickup doesn’t have any seat to accommodate her n told her to stand till Dindigul(earlier it was told as seating till periyakulam suddenly turned to standing till Dindigul).
What the f*. Do u think this JOY TRAVELS is safe for a single travelling women! Do u think this JOY TRAVELS care for their travellers! Do u think this JOY TRAVELS will ever make journey of ur spouse safe!
Don’t think twice before booking this JOY TRAVELS. Just ignore it at first glance. This JOY TRAVEL is a shame to travels service providers. This @JOY TRAVELS is your curse on emergency where u r 500kms away n us spouse needs to reach u through JOY TRAVELS. Worst service n experience ever in travel segment