State Bank of India Credit card Fraud

The Manager
Customer Care
Respected Sir/Madam,
Myself Suresh Patil holding SBI credit card no ############ 4070 received telephone call on 13.07. 2017 on my mobile no. 9986101565 on behalf of SBI offering SBI new card along with photo in it just like aadhar card.
The fraud person on phone introduced herself as Mr Ashish Pathak(Phone No: 9250010097) from SBI verification department and provided my name and card number printed on my card details mentioned above.
He also explained me the balance details, last bill settlement details date that amount was paid on June month and told me that I have reward points & I can redeem those points. Call disconnected after that & after some time he called again on my phone and explain the same thing again to redeem he will make the transaction on my behalf so it that I won’t lapse those points & no need to pay amount to bank. He asked me to provide OTP No. which I have received on mobile number
I suspected & asked him why he needs that detail, so he told me it is required to process this transaction on my behalf.
Hence I have provided the same to him and I got the SMS from SBI mentioning the transaction of Rs.7994/- in the name of KART FAST RETAIL SERVICES
The worst scenario is that how come this person had all the details of my SBI credit card, with balance & payment transaction details, unless by bank shares it???or I share it..
I proceeded to contacted SBI customer care they told me it was Fraud call and file compliant to cyber-crime department. I have given a compliant to police cyber-crime compliant Bangalore.
Hence, kindly investigate this serious matter and refund my amount which is debited fraudly.
I have already asked the SBI customer care to block the access of SBI credit card to stop further transactions.
Thanking you in advance for your kind co-operation in this matter and waiting your urgent feedback on this serious issue.

Suresh Patil.

IGNOU fees refund

control number: 1721014686
hi sir/ madam
my ignou control number is 1721014686 i have paid my admission fees but the transaction was cancelled by the consumer and still i didn’t get the refund . the amount that i have paid was 5100/- for BCA and my transaction id is :1721014686 . when i inquired the bank they said that the fault was from the ignou site.

eureka Forbes water filter not serviced for 4 months after payment

The Eureka forbes had taken a service of the water filter in April 2017 and till date no service has been attended I call the company on several occasion and every time they give a standard reply saying they will attend today
Kindly inform them that they will have to refunf my amount for the service paid My service regist 2003727928
Elison Fernandes 9820171020

DLF maintenance & services garbage picker is refusing to take garbage packing kartoons thermcol etc

Garbage Picker is just refusing to take the garbage as we have recently shifted all packing materials are kept in open in the balcony of the house .Due to rain all have started rotting and stinking. This has become the breeding place for mosquito and flies
The garbage picker is not coming regularly at our place to pick the garbage. We have asked him several times but he simply refuses
Garbage is getting accumulated in our home which is creating a hub for flies and spreading the diseases.
Please take immediate action against the garbage boy/man so that he comes and picks up the garbage. Thank you in advance and hoping for a prompt action from y0u

HDFC Bank Credit Card HDFC credit card hidden charges


I was forced to take an HDFC credit card by their staff. The man kept saying "free hai madam… lifetime free hai madam" . I had specifically asked him if i would be charged anything in the future for it, and he said NO. Absolutely no payment required. But i got a statement saying I’ve to pay around 1500 for some One Assist thingy. I went to the bank to inquire and those dumb # apparently had no information about the credit cards. They said they only sell it, and for every other information I’ll have to call up a number. Like WTF?? These guys are just sitting there like salesmen and selling cards. And IMPORTANTLY..the man who activated my card did not inform me that he is also activating this one assist programme, neither did he tell me that i’ll be charged for it. And now i have to waste my money due to their efficiency.