lenskart Contact lense not delivered

My name is parag joshi iam using lenskart for over three years now thia is the first time i placed order through online.they said i would get contact lense for 1400rs and free liquid.i only got free liquid and not the contact lense for which i paid1400rs .these poeple are just fooling customers. after reading below complaints i am sure i also wont get my money refund.i am going to reach out to jago grahak jago

lenskart my order no – 1218239579

t is just a worst experience with Lenskart that they just sell the product and doesnât want to resolve the problem, if any customer is facing for around 3 months.
I have been escalating the same over phone and on email but in vain. They just reply a copy & paste mail, thatâs it. They are just not willing to resolve my issue, but dragging.
Again, I am writing about my problem which is still pending to be resolved for 90 days.
The frame they have provided is not large as required for my face and due to The tight fitting, it is digging into my skull and leaving pressure marks both the sides of my head. These marks are getting deeper and darker day by day. I have share the photos as per their request on 28.11.2019 but they just donât care.

lenskart Warrant Replacement-Ticket No.-9933244

Warrant Replacement-Ticket No.-9933244

Want to inform you that I deposited my frame in your Aliganj Lucknow store, Lenskart.com, LGF HIG 65, Sector-E, Aliganj Lucknow -226024 on November 18,
But today by calling your center, it was found that they have not yet sent my frame for replacement. And on further phone calls, he told me that this is our process.
If we first knew that Lenskart has such a service, then we do not buy goods from Lenskart.
Today when I spoke in the center of Lenskart, the behavior of those people was also not right.
I have also complimented on customer care but no satisfactory answer came from there.

lenskart Unreasonable delay in the delivery

I had ordered my specs from lenskart, guwahati, ulubari branch on probably 6th of November. I got the delivery but the frame did not suit me so I placed an exchange order on 23rd of November which was within 14 days from the date of delivery. I was supposed to get my specs on 2nd of December but haven’t received it yet. On enquiring the store people keeps on asking for a week’s time again and again. As per the policy of lenskart the replacement order is placed within 48 hours of their request after they get the refund credit. It’s the responsibility of the store to keep a check whether the refund credit has been received or not but sadly it so happened that on the date of delivery that is on 2nd of Dec when I called to enquire when will I get the delivery they had placed the order which means they did not even check whether the refund has been generated or not. This is not the kind of service expected. It’s been almost a month now and I am facing so much ! difficulty. The store people are not even receiving calls or responding.

lenskart Non payament

The sales people who come home are well educated from Lenkart for EYE check up . are not well equipped with payment process. He Mr. Panduranga from Vijayanagar Branch Bangalore swiped my CARD with incorrect amount. When he left home he said it will be credited back to account in one day. With many follow up calling back to back to Mr Panduranga never received the call. Later raised request to Lenskart with multiple follow up and escalation. They were only telling tomorrow and same evening it will be credited. This issue is yet not resolved from their side. CSR are promised ,Concerned team also promised never been credit to my account. I hope Peyush Bansal has to take time to revisit his office and take care of department. Peyush Bansal I have waited patience for more than 30days. Still the reply from your Lenskart is same two more days.
Today 10th OCT,2018 when I have spoke to CSR from Lenskart said it is credit to my account, When I check it was not been done. How can the CSR can ask the bank details of whole month of the customer which is compliance. And When I asked the same to Your concern team when was it credit to my account and send the screen shot to Email ID. Lenskart started flipping and said again two more days (Sorry Sir). Is this not the Integrity issue for the customer.
Peyush Bansal I appreciate your effort on building this company with integrity and loyalty