Levi's Rude and Unprofessional Behaviour

Recently I went to Pantaloons Section in Roodraksh Mall in Bhangagarh. I wanted to purchase a jeans so I went into the Levi’s mens jeans section. First of all there was no one to help me through. When called upon , a man came and I told him the type I wanted , he showed me only one jeans and wasn’t interested in showing anything esle. When asked to show some more , he murmured something inside his mouth and just ignored. I felt very angry and left . He was especially employed to look after the Levi’s section. But he was arrogant and I am sure he has treated others customers the same way. Being a business I know how to respect customers and I take them as my God because its what provides me food and shelter. I want you to check into the matter and get this man fired and set an example so that nobody treats their customers disrespectfully.