LG No Action on Service Complaint


The complaint was raised on 30th May & it has been a month now but still the ac is not yet repaired.

There is no communication from LG about delay and also not confirming when it will be repaired. When ever I call at the service centre, they mention the part needs to be reolaced and is not in our stock.

I have taken the AMC for the AC for which it seems to be complete loss to me since already a month of summer has passed and the product is not operational yet.

Such poor service is not at all accepted from a reputed brand like LG.

Please do the needful at the earliest.

Conplaint no: RNP############


LG Washing Machine

I bought LG F8091MD2 washing machine before 6 years.. it is getting rust around its body and also some parts of interior. When i get complained about this, they said it will not come under warranty.. now i am trying to paint it from car painting shop. It is very difficult process since i have to seperate the body parts and it cost me around 5k.. so i need to get an explanation from the company regarding this.

LG Washing machine

Hello sir,
Respect all of you who are working in LG.
I did not know LG customer care is this kind of worst service they gave. Resolving one issue taking 1 month 15 days totally 45days.
Just imagine living in 5 people family without washing machine how we are suffering.
If all you have family then only you would have understand and resolved by this time.

I am very sorry if i heart anybody.
If you not resolving please tell me i will buy NEW WASHING MACHINE.

Thank you

LG LED TV Display

I had purchased LG 49" TV in 2018 April from Nandi lath G mart in Thrissur, Kerala. For the last week, we are seeing some issues on the TV display. I have registered service complaint in LG authorized service center, a technician came home and examined TV. According to his inspection, he said that the backlights are not working. He was told me to change the backlight set and bring the TV to their workshop for further repair. Charges for 7000 Rupees for changing the Lead Light (Plus transportation + Technician service charge extra ). It has been two years yet since I bought the product and note that at this point that I have to spend around Rs 8,000 again for repair. Having a lot of expectations with LG company I purchased this LED TV for Rs. 60,000/- and today I need to spend Rs.8000/- more for replacing the Backlights with this I lost confidence in the LG product as a common I expected that this will work for a minimum of 5 yrs. without any repair but today, it is very difficult for spending Rs.8000/- towards repair and that too within a span of 2 years which not expected from the company like LG.

LG LG fridge issue with PCB Board

we have bought LG refrigerator model number GLM322RPZL2015 in year 2016 February month. As discussed with service Team, it has issue with PCB board and it’s not available and forcing us to go for depreciation policy which is not acceptable to us. I am surprised to hear that company is not able to provide parts for the fridge which is only 2.6 months old. Company is not able to provide part is company’s issue.I want you to take this complain and take necessary steps against company.

LG Front load washing machine jumping during spinning cycle

We have placed the complaint multiple times with LG service center but we haven’t received appropriate response for it. Complaint reference number RNP############
The front load washing machine that we have purchased has been moving and jumping around when the spinning cycle starts. This problem has been persistent since the day we bought the machine which is less than a year and we have posted the same complaint earlier as well with LG grievance cell. It seems the machine is defective and the Nagpur service center people are avoiding it so that the warranty period is over and we shall be charged for it. We have been receiving the worst service from Nagpur centre. We feel like we are being cheated by the LG company.
The engineers that they have sent to attend to the above mentioned issue have been totally incompetent and giving the most incompetent reasons for the problem

LG refrigerator cooling issue

Good Evening.

I have raised a complaint through lg customer care on 24 August 2019 (RNP 190824067) regarding my lg refrigerator cooling not working.
The engineer visited on 25 August and informed gas needed to fill for cooling system to work. He told other guy will come for filling the gas . I called the engineer on 26 when the technician will come , he told on 27 August .
When the technician didn’t came on 27 I called the engineer again he provided me the mobile number of jigisha madam who is the supervisor. I called jigisha madam the way she talk I was surprised , she told me the technician is not sitting with me , I will provide you the number you coordinate with him.
I told jigisha it’s not my duty to talk to the technician already I am dealing with 3 people. She told than she can’t do anything I was shock after hearing this from the supervisor.
Jigisha mam even don’t know how to talk to the customer , the people like her are destroying the image of LG brand .
I think if LG can’t provide the service properly it’s not worth to buy LG product . I think if I will sit on LG trust for service than don’t know how many days it will take . It’s better to carry the job from other party.

Total dissatisfied with lg service .