LICHFL Loan Against property…no status even after 2 months

Loan file has been given to LIC HFL in the month of Feb 2017. Still no update received.
Employee of LIC HFL , Mr Sanjay Bhatia, is not picking the call for so many days. He is so careless at the customer service end that he even don’t bother the sms of the customer. No revert on phone, sms or through any medium.

After so many reminders, there is no update.

LIC HFL is a worst processing company

LICHFL non-deposit of Post dated cheques loan Account No 110600001094. by LICHFL-Dehradun

Dear Sir,

I am really feeling harassed by the continuous messages being sent to me regarding non-payment of EMI on my loan Account No ############. I am surprised that when all the post dated cheques are with LICHFL-Dehradun why they are not being submitted for clearance and rather non-payment messages are being flashed on my mobile and through telephone calls. I would like to know what exactly is required from me. No one respond to any call or sends email. Am I dealing with call centre or what? Please do let me know if I have to clear the amount then I would request you to please send me my cheques back. I will make payment on monthly basis. I am ready to pay the amount in case they send me back all my Post dated cheques lying with them. They need to waive of all the penal interest being charged on me and also my CIBIL should not get spoiled because of their negligence and lackadaisical attitude. Please intervene and get the things on place. Please note that I am a senior citi!
zen and being mentally harassed for no fault of mine but non-performance of LICHFL-dehradun.
I would expect a response by tomorrow or else I would make a complaint. I am sending you the extract of the messages I am receiving.
We tried reaching you for OVERDUE EMI of Rs.35544/- for Loan# ############. Pl pay urgently at our nearest Area Office/Call 02262436611. Regards, LICHFL

LICHFL home loan

To, Date: 31-08-2017
Customer Service Deptt (Loans)
LIC Housing Finance Limited
Lakshmi Insurance Bldg., Asaf Ali Road,
Chatta lal Miya, Old Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

Sub: Humble request for one time settlement of loan due to permanent disability of Mr Ravindra Swaroop (Husband)
Ref: Loan Account Number : ############ and email dated 24/05/2017, 17/07/2017
Dear sir/madam

I am writing on behalf of my husband Shri Ravindra Swaroop .
This is to bring to your kind information that my husband has sudden brain haemorrhage on 1-11-2015 and subsequently paralysed. He was bed ridden for many months and permanently disabled for work, so his office has got him retired from service at an early age of 55 years only.
I have all the supporting documents related to hospitalisation which are self speaking. In such condition, may I request you to kindly settle his loan outstanding amount as he is not in a condition to pay you any amount out of his pocket at present. Moreover there are 4 dependents on him, whose future are in dark due to sudden accident of my husband.
We have always paid our instalment in time till my husband was working and healthy. However, after this disaster, we reached to a situation of hand to mouth so could not pay installment also.
My husband was the only earning source for the family, who is having permanent brain disability and retired due to health conditions. I am also suffering from various ailments including BP, Sugar and Arthiritus. I have 2 children studying in 10th and 12th. His paralysed condition leads us to nowhere and come to a very bad condition due to no money left in the account for our livelihood. Please note that my husband was the only earning person in the family.
God only knows how we are living with all such ailments.

Respected sir, you have all type of corporate social responsibility and many other provisions which can accommodate the request of a poor wife of Shri Ravindra Swaroop, struggling to live inspite of all such challenges. I am sure that LICHFL, a company earning profit of more than 1380crore in a year with AAA rating is known to build the home and not to break the homes. With my folded hands, I earnestly request you to review my request on behalf of my husband to either waive off his dues or settle in OTS and return the property papers kept with you as security. I am ready to pay all the money we have received from his retirement against OTS. A line of confirmation on above shall be highly appreciable
With best regards and a hope to get the response ASAP

Seema (Wife of Shri Ravindra swaroop)
C 240 A, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad

Encl: as above

LICHFL Ghotala ho rha hai

maine LICHFL se housing load liya h jiski DUE DATE har mahine ki 10 tarikh ko rahti h . jab bhi main 10 tarikh ko due date ke din loan ki kisht jama karta hu online lichfl ki official site se to site m NO RECORD FOUND msg show karta hai aur next day yani 11 tarikh ko jama karta hu to 11 rupay extra penalti leti hai .
isse sabit hota hai ki LICHFL custmors se bewajah penalti lete hue khub ghotala kar rahi hai ; this is the serious issue plz pay attention

LICHFL LICHFL Worst Source for Housing Loan

Hi All,

I have taken a loan of 40 lakhs and was paying 10%. Last few months back, the % has been reduced to 9%. Now all the banks are giving the loan at 8.35% and still LICHFL is looting money like any thing from their customers. After sending multiple mails to regional managers and area managers, I have not received any response so far. Recently they have reduced the % to 8.8 and there is no intimation. If they cannot inform us.. if they cannot help customers.. if they cannot serve properly… let them close the LICHFL completely. Shame on them. This is wat is not expected by customers.

After giving loan.. they wont look at all. They are least bothered. Careless. They fulfull their stomach. tats it..

Best Regards,

LICHFL No Response to mail by Customers

HI Sir,

I J Satish Chandra, LIC Home Loan from Bangalore Whitefield branch. LIC Housing Finance Ltd has not provisioned an option to do online payment for home loan pre-payments via
Secondly I mail for information regarding pre-payment or home loan interest rate revisions rates, no reply from LIC HFL
I am sure there would be several customers in hundreds or thousands who are suffering like me due to non responsive financial organization like these
Please take some strict measure on these irresponsible financial organizations who hardly care about existing customers which is their duty to be taken care
My mail id is [email protected], please let me know if any further information is needed


Dear Sir/Madam, I took a loan of Rs. 1580000.00 from LICHFL (Loan A/C No.- ############ and a renovation loan of Rs. 300000.00 (Loan A/C No.- ############) on 10.09.2011 and 18.03.2013 respectively. But due to my personal problems I approached Punjab National Bank for my loan to be taken over. As per my application P.N.B. sanctioned the whole of the outstanding amount. At this I went to LICHFL Kharagpur Branch on 31.08.2017 and applied for CLOSURE QUOTATION which they assured me to provide on 05.09.2017. But when I called the office at 1st hour on 05.09.17 they told me to revisit the office and also told me that they cannot give me the quotation that day. I already visited the office for three times. However I went to the office again on 08.09.2017 but only to listen embarrassing comments. The officer in charge told me to come on 25.09.2017 for the quotation. But that day is the Durga Panchami, the starting of the Durga Pujo Festival and most of the financial institutions including banks remain close for the following three or four days, although I come to know that they give only 6 days validity of the quotation. What a harassment sir! Please rescue me from their trap. Thanks a lot.

LICHFL Loan Payment History Statement

I have taken loan from LICHFL in Sep 2011 for 20 years period. I need Loan Payment History Statement for my personal reasons. When i approached the branch they say they can provide the statement only for last two years and keep on asking the reason for why should i need statement. I told them its my personal and it is my right to request for the relevant documents but they are not listening to me and refusing to provide that. Kindly note my Loan No : ############, Area Office : THUDIYALUR, Coimbatore. Moreover few of the agents are not showing a proper sense of responsibility and they never pick our call even on emergency cases. Kindly look into this and take my complaint to resolve it.
Mani S