LICHFL High Interest rate

I have taken home loan of 28 lakh amount from LIC HFL around May-June 2018, during which Interest rate was 8.55%. And the Interest rate has increased to 8.95% around June 2019. But after June 2019, the RBI has cut Repo rate for five times and also has brought down the MCLR to 5.4%. And the central government has clearly instructed that banks shall implement the same and the benefit has to be passed on the loan borrower. But the LIC HFL are not showing any signs of decreasing the same and the staff/manager who work in LICHFL regional Tumkur, has no clue whether the same will be implemented in the coming months.
But, many of friends who have brought the home loan from HDFC and Bank of baroda, are getting the benefit because of repo rate cut down. Even I notice many banks are providing interest rate of 8.4% for home loan lesser than 30 lac. Please help me on this subject Best regards

LICHFL PMAY apna ghar Benfits

I, Mr.Garaga MahaLakshmi Rao & Mrs. Garaga Veera Naga Venkata Lakshmi I have taken the Housing loan from LIC Housing Finance from VIZIANAGARAM Branch ( Loan Account No. ############) in Dec-2017. I Would like to bring to your notice that. this is our first home, I have already applied for the PMAY ( Pradhan Mantri avas Yojana LIG) benefit under Cover.
I have been requiarly taking follow up of my proposal for PMAY But up till now I have not received the refund of the adjusted loan amount 16,20,000/-
I have personally contacted fort office Branch, But your representative failed to give me proper information renegading my file.
As i have not received the my due benifit under PMAY, I have to pay more EMI amount for my loan amount.
I am hereby requesting you to look in this matter and do the needful to process my proposal of PMAY As earliest.


Mr. Garaga MahalakshmiRao
(Loan Account No. ############)
Mob. No. 9948531019)

LICHFL Deduction of home loan EMI of Rs. 23,933/- after closure of Home Loan

I am to inform that I had taken loan Home Loan amounting to Rs. 18,95,000/-from LIC Housing Finance Ltd. (Address : Near Koyla Vihar Ganga Block, 1st floor, VIP Road, Mondal Gandhi, Haldirams Kolkata-700052) in April, 2014 bearing Loan A/c No. ############, Application No. 2102002986 and EMI of Rs. deducted every month.
Finally, the said loan was transferred to Axis Bank and Axis Bank paid the balance amount to LICHFL on 05.08.19 and the loan was closed. But on 13.08.19 EMI of Rs. 23,933/- was again deducted from my bank account. I talk to Mr. Raghunath, Officer of LICHFL (Mobile No. 9007506762), at the branch on 24.08.19 and he told me to submit six monthly bank statement alongwith application for refund through to his mail. I forwarded Bank Statement, Aadhaar, Cancelled cheque and application to Mr. Raghunath’s mail on 26.08.19 which was fully sent and he assure me to proceed the case. Today i.e. on 05.09.19 he again informed me to submit six monthly bank statement. They did not refund the excess amount of Rs. 23,933/- to me. Bank statement, Aadhaar No., Screen shot of Whats App, Receipt copy of my payment and application are enclosed herewith.In this connection your earliest cooperation is highly solicited.

Thanks and regards,
Jayanta Sen
Mob:9836476095 / 9433219549


A loan of Rs 5000000/_ was sanctioned to myself by LICHFL vide file no-2103015583 dtd 7th February,2019 for purchasing a flat in Ruchira Residency, Kolkata-700078 through Dfcpl Dynamics.
Accordingly I have given requisition for disbursement of Rs 2500000/_ by mail to Dfcpl Dynamics on 15.02.2019 with a verbal intimation that likely registration date was 6th March, 2019. Accordingly I have submitted original sale agreement, two no blank cheque bearing no-289155 and 289156 of SBI, Golpark in the name LICHFL and all KYC documents as desired alongwith with payment of Rs 11918/_ as processing fee and Rs 1500/_ to valuar for valuation of property by your valuar.
Subsequently the same has been informed to Dfcpl Dynamics no of times over telephone for preparation of cheque and inform the cheque number for incorporating the same in the registration deed. But till 4th March, 2019 evening, the cheque could not be arranged by Dfcpl Dynamics.
In view of above and insistence of seller to complete registration procedure latest by 6th March,2019, I had no other alternative but to arrange Rs 2500000/_ from other source on 5th March,2019 for incorporating the same in the registration deed and to complete the registration process on 6th March, 2019.
Ultimately Dfcpl Dynamics could able to give information regarding cheque at 20:40 hrs of 5th March,2019 by which time I had arranged required fund from other source, prepared draft and incorporated the same in the deed to be registered on the next day i.e 6th March,2019.Also there was no time left for verify the authencity of the cheque.
Your good self will certainly appreciate the fact that how much mental stress I had to go through for arranging such a huge sum within a day as ICHFL/ Dfcpl Dynamics could not arrange the payment when it was required.
Under these circumstances, I am requesting your goodself to take necessary action for the following
1. To return Rs 11918/_(processing fee) and Rs 1500/_(payment to valuar) as corresponding service are not given
2. To return of Original sale agreement between me and Sh Prabir Barik, the seller
3. To return Two no blank cheques bearing no-289155 and 289156 of SBI, Golpark in the name LICHFL. 4. To return All KYC documents given to LICHFL/Dfcpl Dynamics.
5. To take suitable action against Dfcpl Dynamics for their abject failure as all the correspondence/communication were done through Dfcpl Dynamics.

All mail correspondence and whatsapp chat made in this regards are attached in the mail given to area office and regional office

Further I have received a message from my bank which read as follows

"Mandate Registration- UMRN SBIN################ for Rs 80,000.00 issued to LIC HOUSING FINANCE received today.In case of any issues pls contact branch"

This means that LICHFL has submitted for mandate for EMI without disbursing the loan

I sought your personal intervention in this regards