Locanto Sexually assaulted

Please delete ads which contains my mobile number i am getting unwanted calls from random numbers.

Some of the sites from locanto had my numbers can you please remove them.
Someone posted my phone number instead of his own and i’m getting calls and messages which doesn’t belong to me moreover i’m getting mentally harassed with all these calls.

I’m an aged guy and getting harassed with random calls and messages.

Please remove the advertisements wherein my numbers is showing tagged on locanto website.

Locanto Onlinedating.com Fraud

Hi Sir/Madam,

A Person called from Locanto and asked for registration amount of 2500 RS for the Service and then one more person called for the License of the Service and needs to be paid which is refundable. they charged 35800 Rs and they are not picking the call when i asked for refundable amount.

Request you to please help me on the same.

Please find the below mobile numbers who are cheating the people on the name of Locanto and online dating.com

9564964107, 8145737993, 7430951645

and their bank details are:

SBI Bank,
Shrimanta Santra
Ifsc: SBIN0009358.


Locanto Number used for posting add relating to sex

Someone has posted an add for sexual activity providing girls dating and sex works. The number given in the add is 03123332772 similar to mine with only one digit difference. From last six months I am constantly getting messages from people asking for girls for sexual purposes. I am already fed up of all this please remove the add so that I can get peace of mind. As it is quite humiliating for me for getting messages and being asked for sex workers. Attached here is the screen short for your information.

Locanto Remove my Number

Someone has used my number and posted a fake sex advertisement. I don’t know who posted it. I am greatly annoyed by the calls and messages. I don’t know how much of them are posted using my contact number. Please remove all such adds mentioning my number. I am attaching screen shot of one such add i found.
Kindly remove this add as soon as possible and take serious action against responsible. Ad ID: 3457574173
Screesnhot is hereby attached.

Locanto Online girls paytm wallet scam

fraud numbers – 9999737746 and 8585937948

Never ever fall in this trap when someone asks you to transfer money (bank / e-wallet) to initiate conversation for any paid services / offerings, if you think that 500 rupees is nothing to lose, let’s say you have transferred the money and here comes the climax, person chatting (man or woman) will take up the conversation and fix a time and ask to you transfer more money for surety about the meeting, here comes more, now the person (allegedly woman / girl) will ask you to transfer more for cab to come to your place (right before the meeting), please never do it, that person for sex / pleasure agreement which you are expecting will never come and will make other stories to transfer more money e.g: the money which you transferred earlier is blocked. On a flip side, if you want to visit at person’s place and deny of transferring surety money, now, you reach the location, the person will ask you to transfer the money in full before meeting you at the location plus room!
charges extra and always insist you that this hassle won’t happen after first meeting. Let’s say you transfer the money at the location and expecting a great sex , now you’re blocked and standing nowhere and you have just lost all your money.
Please refrain chatting with online paytm or call girls and save your hard earned money, if you are really desperate, call shaddy 24 hours spa services and check if they offer sex and use your money wisely, it is not legal though in India, but better than fooling yourself in online scam. Cheers!

Locanto Looking for a job but the person are Watts app me and take my money

Some one taken the money and black mailed to me
Please refund my money as early as possible
I am using the site search for jobs
But here different users are msg me and blackmail
I trust your site for the sake of jobs not for other catageroius Please refund my money back
Below the name given her(blackmail person)
Name -soni rathi
Mobile number-6207638910

Locanto Paytm fraud!!

i took this number from Locanto 077279 97579 this man picked up the phone and he ensured me to provide services he sent me some WhatsApp images of girls I believed him he gave me another no.9560517350 and asked me to Paytm on this number a lady picked up phone on this no . first i forced them to take half payment before service and half after service they constantly denied but later agreed after transferring the first round of amount the lady called and said that she won’t come until we transfer the whole amount I foolishly trusted her and transferred the whole amount after 2 hours no one came I tried the numbers but I was blocked!! please don’t believe such people there is nothing such as sex services available in India.