Maan Sarovar Tech Solutions Career

The Manimaran is not good guy. The Lalith did not recurit many people in this company.He will recruit only few candidates who are good. Getting through interview bit tough . Once person got cleared he will get onsite oppurtunity dubai, saudi arabia. Normally as many company tells after coming back from onsite u cannot leave for minimum 3 months same policy has been followed here. In which organisation 1 year candidate get onsite oppurtunity. Here Lalith provides that oppurtunity. Manimaran because of his behavious and character he is not been provided onsite oppurtunity since this company deals with Top 10 companies in the respective region. This company and Lalit has good name in Middle east market due to effort to deliver the project. Better look for oppurtunity with Maan sarovar.
One candidate had given fake certificate in the name of maan sarovar in polaris but polaris did not took step for that person when BGC has done.Then lalit stopped giving BGC to polaris in year 2013. That is some thing they are not serious why should be given Geniune candidates also got affected due to that.