Maharashtra traffic police Wrong Challan Created on My Name

The Wrong EChallan has been Created on My Name – Mr. Suyash Adgonda Patil Echallan No – KOPCC19001995299 FIne – 200

PFB Link for Echallan Receipt –

However in the Image the no is not visible correctly and also it is two wheeler.

I have four wheeler with Registered no . MH09FB4046 (Swift White).

How they have raised the echallan. It is wrong so need to cancel the same.

Maharashtra traffic police Wrong e challan on my Mobile number

Dear Sir,
I have received message from Maharastra Traffic Police about E-challan fine rs. 400 Challan No.SATCM19005641194
License No.MH1120190000812
Vehicle No.MH11AW9607

When I checked pdf of challan & opened the image, that was not my vehicle . & i am not belong Satara City.

Please sms to correct vehicle owner.

Maharashtra traffic police Second time wrong challan against my vehicle

I am Shahebaz

I received a message for E-Challan for a fine of Rs.500 for my Vehicle No. MH04kc3282 . It shows 1 Evidence Found that is the image of tvs vehicle ( mh04kc3292) address shows in challan – Thane – belapur road, vitawa, new Mumbai

The time of the challan is 16 agu 2019 12:09 and I was in my Shop at that time.

I have a scooter of Suzuki Bergman and this challan is against the TVS

Please revoke this challan as it is a mistake of reading the vehicle number .
THIS is the second time that the challan of another vehicle is charged on my vehicle. Plz correct both the mistakes

I got this messag from IM-MHPECH. Details of the SMS received are:

Maharashtra Police Traffic Branch

Maharashtra traffic police Wrong Challan (MTPCCC180100519 )

Dear Mumbai Traffic Department,

My Car Number is MH04JM4353. I received challan MTPCCC180100519 with out any evidences. Also, I have not made this violation as I wasn’t driving car on that day and yes I never went to Sea Link with my this car. But still received challan with out any evidences.

I have already sent 4 emails on [email protected] and this is 1st time I am sending this through this portal.

Kindly remove this challan from my account as it is fake.

Maharashtra traffic police False challan send

Sir i working as a teacher. I have received a challan for triple seat voliance. But at that time I am working at my college shirpur jain dist washim. And the evidence image is also wrong because it doesn’t have clear image of my scooty no and this scooty image not mine. I join this image. So I am not the right person for sending the challan so
I don’t paid this.
Sir i have received this message
My scooty no is MH 37 S 8149
Maharashtra Traffic Police
Echallan No. WASCM19004200649 Fine:200
Pay online:
(within 15 days)

Maharashtra traffic police Parking related

I have a tourist cab registered number is MH02EH1744
I have received a message of E-CHALLAN MUMCM19003812503 this challan is for no parking and my car is not standing in no parking so these is a wrong fine of rs 200 and there is no government board of no parking I have record a video also pls see the video and cancel my fine

Maharashtra traffic police Traffic jam on a daily basis at Pump house subway Andheri East

Everyday, morning, afternoon, evening there is traffic jam from Aghadi Nagar to Highway to and fro. It’s a patch of around 500 metres or half a kilometre but most of us spend anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes if on a four wheeler in incessant honking and traffic.
There are no dividers, no signals on this patch. One comes across atleast 5 junctions where more than 2 lanes of ongoing traffic moves to and fro and the indiscipline of drivers causes the jam.

This has been happening since many years. Inspite of Road widening there is no improvement in traffic movement instead more parking space has been available to 3 wheeler’s, cabs and tempos.

Request the appropriate authorities to take corrective action. It’s not rocket science just some basic traffic rules that are followed by all, especially 2 wheelers.

Maharashtra traffic police Wrong Challan

Please note all my unpaid challan is wrongly issued to a scooter with same no MH02BM3291 and one Honda Civic as same no as mine but my Car is Toyota Innova MH 02 BM 3291 engine no 2KD6334158 with registered Chassis No MBJ11JV4007178447.So like to complain this Vechile operating under fake no Please look at the evidence and take necessary action against the perpetrators

Thanking you

With best regards
Manoj sathyan 20053