Velex Courier Courier not received

Worst service by velex courier,

I received a text message that " AWB 11011933218035, delivered by velex courier on 17 Jan 2019 and received by sign. "
Its a fake message,

Neither me nor my family member received that item, so to whom that delivery boy has deliver that item ?
Where is my courier ?

The courier boy must have thrown my item in dustbin and reported to his office that he have delivered that item ,
In that case , velex courier is responsible to maintain a proper record that to whom that item was delivered, receivers name and signature , is there any record maintained by velex courier ?

SMART CHIP LIMITED NOIDA micro atm is not working properly


MICRO ATM SR NO- 16129WB20037451

ADHAR NO- ############

micro atm is not working properly since today. i have contact toll free no also but the problem is still remains. please help on my contact number 9984179277 .
EMAIL ID- [email protected]

Mobikwik Electsricity bill to paid

Dear sir
Electricity bill not paid
I had paid electricity bill through mobikwik on 14th jan 2019 ..I talked one of guy (mobikwik employee)- on 15th Jan 2019 he said on 16 th jan 2019 will be done electricity bill But still showing pending amount Rs 2440 So my electricity bill still have not been paid ..
Kondly Resolve my problem As soon as possible..

[email protected]

Hitachi Refrigerator I am facing smell in refrigerator

I bought my refrigerator 1month back from dealer named by mittal electronics. I am facing some kind of smell in refrigerator i have a doubt that compressor doesn’t work properly i asked to my dealer but he is refusing for the problems. He is saying that you are not covering the food with lid that’s why smell is their. But the fact is coverd food is also causing smell in the refrigerator
Model no of refrigerator-R-VG660PND3/2017

TMT Bus Service To handover Yeoor Buses to Wagle Depot as previous

To Whomsoever it may concern,

I’m a resident of Yeoor, Thane hereby would like to draw your attention towards the service currently provided by your TMT satff . Recently we are getting buses from Anand Nagar Depot, where the buses are moving on irregular as per timetable. We’ve to wait for buses for 1hr to 1.5hr . If we go and ask controller about this we only get the answer—"bus band padli ahe " or "atach bus sodli tumch laksh nasel " or "driver conductor nahi ahet " or "traffic ahe khup". I do agree that sometimes their reasons are valid but if all the time you’ll get the same reason you’ll definitely get frustated. Even on Tuesday on 2nd October Gandhi Jayanti in after people were waiting from around 12.15 pm and bus came aroun 1.45 pm. Same day same incident happened on evening where I was standing from around 5.15 pm waiting for 5.30 pm bus but when it was around 5.40 pm I asked controller for this he answered me that the bus is punctu!
re. I said ok but arrange for an alternate or at least arrange 5.55 pm bus on time. He answered me that the driver and conductor are not here to report so you have to wait. I was waiting for around 6.10 pm the pair of driver-conductor finally arrived on 6.10 pm and the bus was departured on 6.10.
But after 5 minutes they departured another bus which was for 6.15 pm. You tell what is the use of this??
People were waiting from 5.15 pm and TMT staff is not even concern about the passengers. This is just one incident I’ve described. I’ve a very bad experience with the Anand nagar Staff not only for irregular time of buses but also for their rude behavior. The argue with passenger for no reasons.
Hereby I request Your committee to handover the buses to Wagle depot for further journey.

Thanks and Regards,

A responsible citizen.

Videocon D2H Disconnection

Request to cancel my D2H connection and they took the complaint after which they are advised me that they are going to send a representative to get the devices back however I was waiting for an agent to come and collect the devices for more than 2 weeks when nobody turned up called the customer service team and they informed that I did not answer the call which they made due to which the request has been closed which is an absolute lie. Again placed a request to cancel the connection and send back the devices now the same thing repeated and right now when I am calling them to return the devices that early we cannot have such policy they are such a fraudster. I do not want to use the services anymore because they have a lot of issues with their service and the charges as well they just stealing money from their own customers somebody has to please look into this matter and get this rectified and get Videocon d2h service provider out of this industry if not they will keep on s!
tealing money from everyone. customer service agent will just keep on disconnecting the call even in the escalation desk they tell they will call us back and nobody returns the call they have a long wait of 40 minutes once you call gets disconnected you need to wait for another 40 minutes where is no supervisor is ready to take over the call and agents they themselves don’t know what they are speaking if you are calling them and stating that you want to disconnect the connection the start of telling with sincere apologies for the inconvenience I am sorry for the inconvenience I did not understand for what reason they were asking sorry and asking apologies somebody please take some action and get my issue resolved

passport Passport verification file not submitted by police commissioner district navi mumbai.

Dear sir

I have applied for passport on 12/19/2018 in passport seva Kendra located in thane having file no- BO4063165520018, My name is Devi lal Saran and i have completed my police verification on 07 January 2019. But still the status is showing that "Police report has been submitted by KHARGHAR Police Station, Navi Mumbai and sent to Commissioner Of Police, District Navi Mumbai for review". Since from last 10 days the status is same. I request you to speed up the process.
Devi lal

IFB Installation Problem

Poor support in installion of washing machine . No information about the electrical socket and water connector type while buying the Washing machine .
When installation engineer arrived he was asking all the things which housewife doesn’t understand. Returned with taking signature by wrong information .
Another installation request initiated is pending for 4 th day today and no one is picking the phone including the Service office lady .
Biggest mistake of purchasing an IFb product . Will definetly propagate not to buy IfB product because of the IFB People’s attitude .
R Bala