Advocate Shirin Tamboli & Associates, Hadapsar Not providing me my agreement or money

Advocate Shirin Tamboli & Associates, Hadapsar.
I aksded Mr. Sarfaraz to create a Rent agreement.

I went to their office to create an agreement with my tenant. They asked me full advance Rs. 3000.
Its more than a month my agreement is not ready.
I dont livein Pune. I went there just to create the agreement. I gave all my details and money.
Mr. Sarfaraz told me that my agreement will be ready within 2 days.
So I left Pune trusting him that my agreement will be ready without any follow ups. After a week no call from them.
Then I called him and he said there was some technical problem and it will be resolved. After 1 more week the agreement was not created.
This time when I called he gave me another reason saying there is some problem with my chalan so he asked me to come again. As I am not living in Pune I asked my brother to be there on my behalf. This time he said he created a new chalan and the agreement will be ready soon. Still I had no luck.
After 2/3 days I called him again.
He started to ignore my calls.
I called him daily 15-20- times but no luck.
This is really problematic situation when you are not in the city and your tenant is in bad need of this document for Gas/Internet connections. Its more than 1.5 months now. I am trying daily.
I am not going to loose my money easily.

I will keep trying till I get my money back.


I have reported the fraud when the amount was deducted i received a fake call as i operate a business. I was out due to personal reasons so I just received a call that a lady has come to my shop she purchased things and the cost she has to pay is rs.3000 but she was running short on payment. So, the person on the phone said he will paytm me Rs.1000 and rest in cash. So, due to carelessness i shared my otp and there was a deduction of rs.1000 and then rs.106 on paytm. So, i have been asking paytm to share the details so i will ensure that i will get my money back through contacting him. I have filed to many compaints regarding the issue but yet theres no response from your side. DATE OF TRANSACTION. 03 FEBRUARY 2019. TIME- 5.00 P.M APPROX TRANSACTION ID OF PAYTM-22782088156 AND ORDER NO.201902031716340030. SO I RECEIVED THIS FROM PAYTM ITS IN SCREENSHOT so i would recommend checking it hope to get a reply soon

Info.VIN*ITUNES.COM Refund my amount

I here by request you to kindly revised Rs.1048.00, which was debited in my ICICI Saving account on 03.03.2019 .
As per the bank information it was done through our standing instruction. I blocked very successfully . So request you to kindly do the needful at the earliest, otherwise I will go for legal action regarding this matter.

Pramod rege

Credit Card Bill received Rs. 294 after full payment & closing of Credit card

Dear Sir/Madam

With reference to closing of Credit card & discontinuation of same ,I had paid Rs. 39313/- ,after discussion with customer care in Aurangabad Credit Card section branch on dated 19.10.2018 with Check details No. 46343 .

My Credit card No. was ################

After discussion with customer care I had paid full amount ,even I was not using your credit card since 4 years.

Today again I have received due bill amount Rs. 294/- ,this is not acceptable , pl. confirmed the payment of above details

This is for your action.


Ashok Satpute

ola Driver didn't pick up me

I had booked an Prime Sedan – White Xcent car around 11:15 pm on Friday, 1st March from Gundavali Gaothan, Andheri East to Matunga (East). I called the driver after crossing my pick up location. Driver said he has already picked up someone else on the way and he is going to Kurla to drop him. He cannot come to pick me up and I told him to cancel the trip.

I waited for long time so that he will cancel the trip, but he didn’t cancel. Whereas I had to cancel the trip as I had to book another one.

I have faced such issues with other few bookings earlier as well.

Request you to take some actions on such negligence drivers.

Sukanya samruddhi yojana Demoting of Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana by SBI

SBI branch Indiranagar and Nashik road branch are denying to open Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana, instead they are miscommunication to dont go for sukanya samruddhi yojana and passing comments as, it will not give any benefits and advertising and forcing for mutual funds and their own skim and demotion this wonderful skim of sukanya samruddhi yojana. Kindly take strict actions as people’s are not easily availing this facilities.