OLX/ Iphone 6S Fraud user

OLX Nashik: the Advertisement was posted with the name Avinash Sankar for I phone 6S 19000 Rs i replied on the same and offered 14000 he dropped the number 07424832771 when i called he said I am in Army Currently in Jaipur but i will courier me the same but for that i have to pay half ammount that is 7000 in advance and half after product deliver i refuse first then he told me he will whatsapp me his entire id proofs mobile bill he did the same then after a long gap i have asked him for acoount details he said he has salary account so please do Paytm him (Paytm No: 7229881891) First i transferred only 3500Rs he called me then i told him my paytm is not working then he asked me for address he sent me courier details on next day morning means today dt. 09.04.2018 got an call saying we have ur courier but before delivering that i have have to pay remaining amount and by mistakely i paid more 10000 Rs. dont know why but i was exited to see as Buying an i phone was dream for me and then again got an call from the courier boy (Mobile no : 08279253680) and he told me that i have to pay the 3150 as a deposit till delivery which will be refunded at the time of delivery he shared his Paytm id saying that its his companies id ( Overnight Limited) ( Paytm – 9672792730) and as i was under influenced of the same mobile i did one more mistake as i was not having enough paytm balance i transfer it from my other account also and in four transaction i paid 1000+1000+700+450 then after this agaon courier guy called me and told me that i had done a mistake the amount was supposed to pay in one transaction now i have to pay it again then i lost my temper he said i am in army postal service he sent me his id photos but i refused to pay he said ur parcel will be sent back i said u meet me i will show you how parcel can be send back then he started to use abusing words even i use so
This thing happen to me just because of my dream product impact and i really respect Army our Indian Army so thats why i blindly do this for ur reference i have attached the photos please assist me with the same what further thing i can do as its Rs. 16650

India Social Dating Scam

Hi Team,
I had been using the India Social Application, where in I connected to 2 girls having good educational and family background. After conversing with them for quite many days they asked to give some money in order to talk ahead and connect with each other. After paying them they suddenly stopped talking and are no more answering my calls nor responding to my messages on both the App & Whats app. Even when asked to send their bank account details they refused to do so & asked to pay via Paytm only.
Further more they said we will talk for ever and will not discontinue our friendship. But after giving the money they havent responded yet. So please could anything be done regarding this.
The numbers are,


Maruti suzuki bad service

Nexa Experience……
Horrible experience………

We had booked a “Baleno Zeta Petrol Manual Ray Blue” transmission from Nexa Kharghar Dealership ( Simran Motors https://goo.gl/NmzX19 ). We missed our first allotment because we couldn’t ready the funds in 7 days.
All this time the relationship manager was constantly pestering us to transfer the funds. I completely understand their position as there could be other customers in line.
Finally, I sorted the funds out. and all of a sudden, the relationship manager not only stops his constant calls but now he won’t even answer my own calls.
When they finally decide to talk they have a whole new quotation ready with a raised price. I understand that as well and ask my banks to increase the loan amount. The dealership told me the cars are ready I just need to get the money. The car will be delivered to me by 18 March 2018.
I get my loan ready with bigger amount and the dealership tells me there is no car available and they don’t even know when the next car would be available. Every single person I spoke to from Nexa Kharghar proved to be exceptionally unsupportive and rude.
Then I received a call from Nexa Kharghar dealership promising me delivery of a Granite Grey Baleno that was at the manufacturing Plant and will be delivered by the end of March 2018. ( Which they did not deliver ).
Then again, I received a call in last week of March 2018 & was being forced to take delivery of a White colour Baleno instead of Granite Grey promised, without no change in the actual price. Which I refused.
I had to escalate the matter to Maruti Suzuki customer care. Post escalation the dealership tells me there are one car available in any colour. Needless to say, this time also the reply from the relationship manager was rude. After one more escalation I get a confirmation of allotment and a whole new quotation where the cost of Accessory kit has DOUBLED!
When I asked the dealership about the exorbitant quotation the relationship manager is not even aware of the last quotation shared. The only humiliating argument they constantly throw at my face is that I wasn’t able to pay the first time and apparently his WhatsApp messages are deleted. This whole stressful experience started in December and is still not resolved.

I want to point out a few things for Maruti Suzuki Nexa
– Paying 8 Lacs in 7 days in one day’s notice would be a little difficult for most middle-class Indian people. Your relationship managers need not be so demeaning about it.
– Your relationship managers need to understand one thing – customers are paying for any product you guys are selling. Nobody is doing any personal favour so the basic thing you can offer is basic politeness. No need to belittle your customers.
– When you’re sharing any price quotation please share details of what accessories you’re providing. Which insurance you’re giving.
– Allotment letters, quotations should be available at your end on emails. WhatsApp shouldn’t be a medium to share these details. It says a lot about your service when you ask a customer to share these documents for your work. Basic business skills I suppose!

PAYTM GATEWAY non-refund of money on failed transaction

While paying application fee for VelTech University on 25th March 2018 at 08:51 through Paytm Gateway, my credit card account was debited with Rs.1020 but the transaction failed and again I had to pay the money through a different gateway. However, the money was NOT yet (9th April 2018) refunded to my credit card account but now I have to pay for it also. Normally, refund of failed transactions I used to get in two days from any payment gateway. Why I am NOT getting refund from Paytm even after15 days. Kindly take action immediately and live upto your reputation.
0-94430 59294
[email protected]

Stylish drapes (instagram) +919930950029 -https://www.facebook.com/stylishdrapes/

https://www.instagram.com/stylish_drapes/?hl=en, FRAUD Company I had ordered for a salwar suit. The product which i received was not worth for Rs 500/- i paid them Rs 2000/-. I wanted to refund my product, they blocked my number on both whatsapp & mobile. I was helpless then i took this medium to complaint. After my complaint i received a call from their customer service / legal department saying that we can take back the product but you give us your debit card number so we can transfer the money. I told them you take my bank account number why you need debit card number? You can give me cash as i have paid you cash or you can deposit in my bank but they kept insisting on giving debit card details. Imagine they are trying to take my debit card details & what fraud they can do?? Please be aware of this company & see how many reviews are post against them?? If they are so genuine they would taken my bank details – transferred or deposited the cash but they wan!
t debit card number. Everywhere they have blocked the comments & all the buyers have just taken different platforms to complaint against them. Be aware & don’t order from them +919930950029 – https://www.instagram.com/stylish_drapes/?hl=en, FRAUD Company .

SBI Credit Card Fraud FRAUD in SBI creadit card

Dear Sir/Madam
I have cheated by a lady having number 9667484531 on 4th april 2018 at 3.18 pm regarding coupon of my credit card having number ############ 1054 and asked otp to send my pending coupon
but she made 5 transaction out of which 3 success and 2 blocked by bank.there must be collusion between bank employees and fraudusters that why this being happened else how can one get my all the information from bank.and again on 7th April i got call from 9643510966 asking for card detail to reverse the transaction but i didn’t share detail to user.but the resolution of the previous complain is quite disappointing
1- how did the person having no 9667484531 know the detail of my pending coupon my credit card this should be verified in detail
2 and this the the last mail before police complain and cyber crime at BKC ,Mumbai
and this the 3rd complain in this forum and this mail will be forward to cyber crime in CC

Thanks and reagrds
Ranjan mohapatra

MOBILE LOAN Not Given my NOC letter

Dear Shivshankar,

Thank you for contacting Home Credit.

We regret for the inconvenience caused to you.

We have shared No Due Certificate (NDC) on your registered email id ([email protected]).
Hope this resolves your concern to your satisfaction.

For any further help, please contact us at the below-mentioned toll-free number or email id.
Customer Care Team
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