Airtel gallery Sim card activation

Recently I lost my mobile, and I went to get a duplicate sim for my airtel number 9768054570, while assessting my doccuments I have been informed that my mobile sim will be activated after 48 huors, and i asked the reason, they told me that in previous form your name is misspelled by mistake by our empyoee and your papers are correct as well as address, I said OK. but when I went today after some 54 Hours, they are saying still 24 hours will be taken to activate my sim card, and excuse was that again an emplyee mistaken my number while sending my application form. what the F this is ? what kind of irresponsible emplyees you have appointed ? its almost 3 days gone and still I am waiting to be my sim activated. and that too without any fault of mine ….Gallery is situated at Lokhandwala, Andheri west Mumbai

Enquiry about Third Year B com education

I was student at Mumbai university batch 2007 – 2012 . When I was a Second year (2011) student I got ATKT in 2 subjects and I failed in 2 subjects in Third year final exams (2012). I was not able to clear my KT, I would like to clear my KT and Third Year and peruse further education.
Currently I am not in Mumbai. I shifted to Kerala in 2013 due to family problems. I am writing this email to enquire about the ATKT and Third Year registration process. I would like to know if I can apply online and if so what information is required. I would also like to know if there is a deadline for online registration and if there is a registration fee.
I tried to contact Mumbai university but they did not give proper information. Please give me some suggestions. Reply as soon as possible.

Reliance management bill

Purposefully do not terminate connections after you tell them to. He is least concerned it seems. Reliance management is only believed in top line and hence service deterioration is acceptable as long as profit margins maintained. Sad state of affairs. Do not go for Reliance.
i already send request for stop my connection but they you got call from our side but nothing and now they say for bill we will send you the court notice for payment
staff dont no how to talk with customer , i m talking the my problem and they sayad you can disconnect your connection no problem 3rd class service
i already send request for stop my connection but they you got call from our side but nothing and now they say for bill we will send you the court notice for payment
By the way you have only the call center to address the issues. There is no way you can contact anybody to resolve any issue. It is horrible.
Believe me. DO not go for them.

Inox Metro Junction Mall Movie reatarted after 30 min running

This is highly disgusting and shocking as it happened for first time in my life. The movie bank chor started at scheduled time of 3 pm and after a run of 30 minutes Manager and operater came and stopped movie and then restarted it . It was to give undue favor to a group of persons and again they started movie and made others irritated and frustrated.
I am a frequent visitor of Inox and this has happened with me for first time in my life.
I urge you to take some serious action aginst such umprofessional persons and to value your loyal customers at the same time.

Airtel Company OR Store – Koperkhairane Number portability Request – Misbehavior of Airtel company OR store executive at Koperkhairane Ms. Monika Shinde

Hello Appellate Authority of Airtel Mr. Kannan/Consumer Court Representative/Honorable Sir/Ma’am of TRAI,
This is Saket Priyadarshi. I am Airtel user since past 10 years and having Airtel corporate number.
I am having another corporate Vodafone number , used for Mobile number portability and trying to switch at Airtel. According Porting Procedure I got generated UPC Porting Request- VM139224 and Visited the nearest Airtel company store (OR store) and submitted the necessary documents (Address Proof of my name/ID proof/Photos) to process the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) request.
Airtel company store (OR store) address: –

Shop No 1, Shubham Palace,
Plot No 85/86, Sector No 15,
Near Gulab Sons Dairy,
Koper Khairane, Navi Mumbai 400709

My Porting Request- VM139224 on 4th Nov, 14, I was assisted by an executive Supervisor Named Ms. Monika Shinde. I asked specifically two times should I pay all outstanding Vodafone bill before Submission of porting. Her response was no need to pay now you can pay after that even though I made payment on same day and cleared all outstanding due till that date I mean 04/06/2017.After 3 days I got another message from Vodafone “Date is Porting Request Rejected from Vodafone: – 12/06/2017: 15:15 (Outstanding payments due of 45 Rs.)”.
I called to Vodafone customer care regarding my bill payment of all the outstanding and connected to executive Mr. Amol – Customer Care Supervisor and he suggested me make extra payment so I did and submitted all my payment receipt and proof negative outstanding amount to Airtel outlet executive Ms. Monika Shinde. According to her , was re-pushing my current rejected porting request to Vodafone after consulted with outlet manager (Ms. Sanya) and told me that within 48 hours you number will get port.
Last 5 days didn’t get any response from Airtel and Vodafone. So again I called to Vodafone on 18th June (Yesterday) after long wait I was assisted by an executive Ms. Jenifer. She told me nothing is pending for clearance from Vodafone even though they have cleared all the clearance from Vodafone. But she told me didn’t get any porting request from Airtel after rejection but as I mentioned Airtel Re-pushing that request on 13th June as Airtel executive Supervisor “Ms. Monika Shinde told me. Now she suggested me visit your Airtel outlet again and connect me from there.
So finally I visited again same Airtel OR Store, I was assisted by again same Airtel executive “Ms. Monika Shinde , after little bit check of my account then she told your porting request cancelled by Vodafone.
As Vodafone customer care suggested I connected Vodafone customer care to Airtel executive “Ms. Monika Shinde at Airtel outlet itself. Again Vodafone customer care manager told her Vodafone don’t have any request if you was sent than Vodafone did reply because customer don’t have any due and we have clearance against this my Vodafone number.
So after her (Airtel Excutive Supervisor Vs Vodafone Customer care manager) conversion on speaker I asked same Airtel executive “Ms. Monika Shinde what should I do because you committed me number will port 5-6 working days and 16 days already passed and I visited your store 5 time so far…
Airtel executive “Ms. Monika Shinde start shouting and told me we have not given any thing in writing porting will done in 5-6 days. Are you dumb u don’t know 2 service provider have involved in porting so it was failed from anywhere. Again I try to convince , Vodafone customer care manager just told nothing is pending from her side and clearance have given so just find out from where that request is “CANCELLED”.
So I make a request for to meet RO outlet manager but she reply I’m manager we can’t do more than that leave now office hour finished. If you won’t leave now I will closed the shutter from outside and you will wait here till tomorrow morning 10:30 when it will open.
Again I make final request please your manager number or u call her and connect to me but didn’t do this… Infact she was pushing me outside the gate.. So I ask at least tell me exactly what I can do for this… But she is not listening anything because she knew, didn’t send any mail VODAFONE as VODAFONE customer care saying.
Ms. Monika Shinde start shouting, you have any problems call to customer care. i again make request make please re-open this complain and take a look… she says this issue wills not I request again please log another request and Ms. Monika Shinde: “abhi koi request nahi le sakte I am manger of this store, yahi procedure hoti once the prblms closed neither will re-open or re-log”.
So far I had decided I am repenting my decision to choose Airtel as my service provider (so now I won’t be with Airtel so I will port my existing Airtel corporate number to Reliance JIO service provider even I do this for Vodafone number as well was giving form porting to Airtel initially) so I ask please deactivate my Airtel number please give me form… Ms. Monika Shinde say you will have to pay all undue bill plus some extra charge (for next 7 days) now but i know that i am not liable to make this payment, otherwise I won’t take a request. i ask please take my request for deactivation of my number but again start shouting and said: “this is procedure , I know very well I am manager, jisko bhi call karne karlo,me form nahi dunga or request nahi lunga”
Ms. Monika Shinde was not at all helpful and very rude too. Her answers and tone was not at all polite and he misbehaved a lot. I am so disappointed with it.
When I didn’t get any satisfactory response I said to him "may I meet your senior or your supervisor. she very rudely replied "Sir, me hi manager hun. apko jaha mail daalna hai daal do." This reply pissed me off even more. I was seriously stunned at her response.
When I asked another person “who is manager of this store” the answer is more surprising, Store manager name Ms. Sanya not Ms. Monika Shinde which she claimed. Ms. Sanya was left for that day so I ask feedback form she is again came to me and told me there is no feedback form.
Is this the way you treat you old customers?? Even though i am corporate guy having corporate number (more than 20K customer from my organization (RIL)), still they are dealing with that way if any person having individual connection how these guy will treat it’s out my imagination!!!
This is the worst Airtel executive Ms. Monika Shinde I have ever come across. I would definitely suggest people not to use Airtel because you do misbehave with your customers on the name of after-sale service and customer assistance. I am repenting my decision to choose Airtel as my service provider.

I will be repenting my decision to choose Airtel as my service provider and porting my numbers Vodafone and Airtel to Reliance JIO service provider.

In the light of the above facts/statements, I once again request you to please look into the matter and request the concerned Authority to open/consider my case to find the facts.
It was happened on “FATHER DAY” and my 4 yrs daughter with me she cried because of this incident. I am a very stressed with the current situation and wishes this matter will be solved at your most convenient but immediate time on Ms. Monika Shinde otherwise will go in consumer court in this weekend.
@Airtel Grievance cell: I spoke with another Airtel Franchise outlet manager (Not OR Manager) Mr. Pawan and Mr. Karim at same Koperkhairane location. These guys told me they got same complain previously against Ms. Monika Shinde of unprofessional behavior .I told the entire story so far and requested him to consider my case to find the facts or let me speak to someone who has authority at his end who can look into this complaint. If Airtel is not able to handle these complaints they can simple stop foolishing the customers. Kindly do some needful work?

Thank you for your time.

Saket Priyadarshi

One Assist Consumer Solutions Money of claim settlement not transferred to my account for than said and mobile handset and bill with them.

Dear Kaustubh,

Greetings from OneAssist..!

We regret for the inconvenience caused to you and sorry for the delay in response.
As per our records, we can see that the BER refund has been initiated from our end today. The transaction details of the refund are as below:
– UTRN: NEFT – KKBK############
– Payment date: 21-06-17
– Amount: Rs.15249 /-

It will be credited to your bank account within 7 working days.
Hope your query is resolved.



Team OneAssist

bajaj finance Harrasment from bajaj finace

These bajaj finance company is a completely fraud company. I had purchased a tv and water purifier against a loan from bajaj finance. And later on by default due to a pro lem in my account my cheque got bounce. So i asked them to take cash pmts. Every month i use to make cheque pmts along wit their bounce charges even after informing that i dont want to continue tht account still there was no help from there executive or staffs. Even though i visited their office in sanpada carrying my 9 months baby in my hand they kept me waiting for an hour and then said tht their system is not working. These cheaters were still recovering all the charges from me. Lastly i said them tht i want to close my account with you so let me know the procedure and they said u just hv to give us the final amount chq with bounce charges will close ur account. So finally i handed over a cheque to the executive for the closing amount with their charges also said them tht i m closing this account just bc!
oz of my bank account problem wherein i m not making any transactions so kindly not to deal anymore wit tht account. Thattime the executive was very polite and said me tht there wont be any problem then on. These idiots later on without informing me refunded a certain amount in my account and it got deducted in the bank charges where in i too was not informed by the staff. And now they are continuously harassing me for not paying my emi. Everytime i get calls from their goregaon branch asking for emi several times informing them my situation and also informing them tht i have already clearde everything longwith the bounce charges these peoples are using vulgar languages also threatening me. Even after clearing the complete amount along with your charges why the hell this company is harrasing me saying tht it was a system problem wherein it didnt accepted the amount then how cum only one product amount was not accepted and my other product amount was accepted which i had tak! en on the same day and their emis too were at the same day.. Y! the hell your cheating peoples… i need an explanation on this..