Hotel Sai Siddhi Illegal use of area

I noticed that in my locality there are number of food court and hotel lines which were illegally using area of local market. But few days back CIDCO had taken action and all the food court and hotels were trashed and started doing there business only in there area. But still there is one hotel in name of Hotel Sai Siddhi which is still running in illegal premises. He is running hotel were all the seatings for customers is done outside. It is already in very untidy condition and it is prepared like hut constructed with bamboos and tadapatri. I request you to take action. Or else other hotels will also try to do such things if action is not taken. For reference I am also attaching some pictures. Address – Hotel Sai Siddhi, sec-3, Sanpada station complex, Sanpada station, Navi Mumbai – 400705.

Hathway Very poor service

Hathway is the worst when it comes to solving technical or billing related issues Last month they disconnected my internet service for 6 days for no reason I had to call them everyday
Their typical replies were issue is filled , it will be done by today or max tomorrow , when asked about supervisiors they will tell you that they are either not available or busy and that they have arranged a call back , i have NEVER received a call back from them , and theyll keep you on long holds and disappoint you at the end
Now for no reason my internet is not working from more than 24 hours and i have to go through the torture of calling their useless costumer care again And they want 12-24 hours more to fix the problem
Its not even a big problem i know
It’ll hardly take 5 mins to solve it
But they simply keep delaying it / ignoring it
I would never recommend this internet service to anyone !

HDFC Two wheeler loan Excessive charges

I was excessively charged with 1780/- at the time of my delivery saying that’s charges you have to bear after already charged 2800-2900. Personnel name [email protected] was involved in this issue she was taking me for ride from the beginning, personnel like her should be sacked immidiately .please help me to recover 1780/- which I was charged by Hdfc two wheeler loan .

Nagpur Railway Station (Central Railway) Giving wrong railway ticket

Sir may nay aj suba 9:55 ko nagpur say general ticket krawaya tha nandura ka but lady nay muje wrong ticket dedia.. Nagpur to nandura ki badle nagpur to durg ka ticket dedia.. N may nandure utra to waha T.T nay muje fine kardia 370 rs.. Mere double payse chale gay… This is not fare.. I want my money return

Mercedes-Benz C200 Noise from Brake & Steering

Mercedes Benz India Ltd — noise from steering & brakes

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Ya YashPag on Oct 14, 2018
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I have a huge issue going on with Mercedes regarding C200 on two counts
1. Jadderring noise when brake is not fully Pressed or Released as required in Bumper to Bumper Traffic!
2. Sreeching noise from Steering when it is fully turned LHS or RHS when car is stationary, in P mode or D mode with brake pressed !
Mercedes-Benz claims both are characteristic of the Car !

My point is how Noise can be Characteristic?

I have asked them if it’s characteristic then they should include them in test drive, booking sheet & make customer expressly aware regarding the same !
The matter has been escalated to Dr Zetsche‘ office as well MR Folgers office !
Funny thing is that they sent me GLC & E-Class, the noise exists in these 2 varients as well ! That can’t be a justification!
Mercedes uses absolute superlatives while describing their cars such as
– Best or Nothing
– their mission statement says their goal is "delight of drivers" – perfection was never a milestone
– masterpiece of intelligence

Noise does not fit in any of these superlatives used & hence they use misleading, deceptive & illusive descriptions of their capabilities& car!

BAJAJ FINANCE – CIBIL REPORT WRONG Wrong Bills deducted (Fraud) (Showing in CIBIL) result in Less CIBIL SCORE

Dear Sir/ Madam
I Mr. Vishwas Morbekar had taken Mobile from Croma, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai through loan. I paid all emi in time and finished the same. After enquire i came to know that on 28/03/2014 through same location wrong bill from my name took place, for which i have not signed (visited, not submitted any document). Due to which from my account Rs. 7134/- got deducted till now and charges for bounce on same and my cibil score is getting very low which is creating problem for me.
I request you to pay attention in the same matter and clear the issue at earliest Mobile No. 9870320315

Place : Ranjapada, Sector 27, Kharghar-410210

Vishwas Morbekar