CIBIL User ID & Password Unauthorized access to my CIBIL account

Hi Team,

My CIBIL logins are created by some third person for which I am not aware of. I request you to look into it ASAP as my financial details are not safe. Also let me know how can i change the details as none of the consumer care CIBIL numbers are reachable.
Please help.

Madhuri Jha

CONSUMER LOAN Customer care number not working

I am taken consumer loan from Bajaj Finserv. I am paid regularly ecs clearance. But some miss understanding the account not sufficient funds for clearance the Ecs.So Ecs is not cleared Ecs is bounce. Therefore Ecs is bounced not any message coming or call regarding Ecstasy bounced. After Bajaj Finserv staff is 07/04/2018 put up Ecs clearance not given any message or intimation. I don’t know my Ecs is bouncing. Therefore I am check my account where Consumer loan Emi Ecs cleared. Cut 750 Rs. In my account I don’t know what is cutting amount my account regarding Bajaj consumer loan.And also Bajaj Consumer loan Customer care number called regarding this problem not answer nobody customer care executive attending the complaint. If not paying the payment of Emi of consumer loan. Collection Executive are coming our house. But nobody attending the calls regarding these problems.

Central Railways (1) Improper House Keeping (2) The drunken Coach attendant

I would like to inform you that I was travelling from Mumbai to Nanded by your 11401 Nandigram Express in AC III , B1 Coach on 2nd April `18 and I found that ,
(1) In W-4 the soap bottle is without any lid that means , no one can use the soap in absence of the pump at the top. The picture in enclosed
(2) At every station , I was only closing the doors of the Bogey till Nashik road and was wondering where is the Coach Attendant who is supposed to lock the doors at each station for the safety purpose. (3) After Nashik Road , I found that the Coach attendant was sitting near one door keeping it fully open and his legs were stretched and resting at other side of the door. ( Wah Wah!!) .
(4) I asked him why he was not closing the doors as a safety measure, he initially ignored. Then I asked his I-Card which should be kept hanging on his neck but he did not show it. Meanwhile the Coach Attendants of B2 , AB1 gathered and asked me to pardon him. (5) I was very much upset when I found that he was drunk during duty hours and thought of calling the TTE and to off load him. He started touching my feet and the other attendants were also asking me to let him go. The Photo of the Attendant is enclosed and please see his face which is clearly found in drunken condition!!

Sir , Even after that I found that the doors were open after Parbhani . Means he went for a nice sleep during duty hours!!
Sir, I request you to study this complaint and to take the appropriate action , other wise there will be no discipline among these employees . If you don`t take any action will prove your inefficiency and your direct support the the Nuisance .

Thanking you

Motorola Mobile Moto E 4 4G connectivity poor

I have received communication from Vodafone that the "site optimization work has been done at your location."As i had given complaint regarding poor Network.
Please go through the communication I had with customer care. I appreciate the co operation given by customer care & service center to resolve the issue but could no resolve might be because of power they have.
While talking to person of service center I told that when Vodafone person visited to my place we interchange our SIM & noted that my SIM in his hand set was showing full Network. On this he said every hands noet have different hardware & software.It means that this handset does not support 4G properly.
Second issue is I experienced​ that when I do not get 4G than after disconnecting net & reconnecting it shows 4G signal.
I think that this handset might not be supporting 4G properly higher version (cost) might be supporting but if had I known it I might have purchased that handset.
Now what should I do as this handset would not be of use to me.I request you either you provide service to this handset to support 4G properly or exchange it to the proper model.One more problem was noticed today that when no 4G signal is there than other SIM (Docomo) also becomes blank.I had to switch off & on to get both SIM signal in the handset.
Please not that I am of 72 years & I can’t go to service center frequently. Hope you will understand the issue & give the way out.
I am attaching few snapshots for you.
Mob : 9819646864/8097564505

Garbage collection Garbage collection

The person who is coming to pick garbage bags in our area is not taken garbage of my house. I m residing at tapadiya Nagar, Tirupati garden,darga road aurangabad.
Instead of repeatedly saying him he is not picking up garbage from last one month. Kindly take a note of it and resolve this issue at the earliest My contact no. Is 9370556674

ILLEGAL CUTTING OF TREES Illegal cutting of trees in Mumbai City

There has been indiscriminate felling of trees and chopping off branches by the "Tree MAfia" . Initially it was for the monsoon , but now also it is post monsoon. This is for the trees on the pavements as nobody questions them. They take away the chopped wood in truck loads. Its a sad state to see the mutilated trees bare of any branches- destabilising them. Apart from the fact that there is no cover for the animals who need trees. A concerned and angry citizen,

Edvise, Pune PTE Academic Speaking module

Technical issue in Speaking module in Edvise, Pune
Dear Sir/Madam,

I had taken PTE English test on 09th April 2018 bearing register no: 332499208, Test taken ID: PTE000504543.
I received my results today and was shocked to see such low scores, especially in the Speaking and Reading modules.
Honestly, I did very well in speaking. I strongly feel that there were some technical glitch while speaking because of which my voice might not have been recorded properly and I got just 42 in Speaking.
I have studied and communicated in English all my life.
Considering this, I feel, it’s impossible to get just 36 and 18 in pronunciation and oral fluency!
How can anybody get so low scores in pronunciation and oral fluency, if the test went well?
I kindly request you to investigate this issue, consider this as a noteworthy case and provide me a chance to re-attempt PTE test without any additional payment.
I would definitely not want to lose money and moreover lose my confidence, with absolutely no fault of mine.
Eagerly awaiting for your positive response.

Thanks and Regards,
Shilpa Agrawal