Abnormal High Billing
Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that my electricity billing is coming much higher which is very unexpected and unrealistic. This has been started from Last 2-3 yrs ( from change meter) onwards which I have complained on 6th June 2016 and complained .
Kindly note that there is no increase on electricity consumption, it remains same since last 2 years. My average unit consumption during winter is 80-90 unit whereas during normal month it is 140-150 unit..
I would request you to kindly check and rectify this abnormal increase of billing. I am requesting you to take corrective action and adjust the billing as per earlier consumption trend.
and other flat bill is less, but i am not used extra electricity ..
sir please chek all flat meter, i thnik my meter is very fast than other meter.

P.C./CHAKRA + MARG+KRAM 1/05-5801-2140
CONSUMER NO ############
METER NO 8200214558



Reliance Jio Not able to Avail Double Data Offer on Samsung Galaxy S 8 Plus


I am Hemant Patle, I have purchase Jio Sim Card Number:- 9834172061 and insert sim on My Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Mobile, as per Jio Double Data Offer on s8 and s8 plus Smart Phone. I am not able to Avail this offer on my Mobile.
I have already contacted to customer care 5 to 6 times but still showing me 1Gb Daily. Care Person told me to wait for 48 hours it will automatically change to 2GB after, but still showing 1Gb daily.
Module Name: – Galaxy S8+ Indian Variant

Already Raise complaint to Jio on 5th or 6th June to till date they only provide me 48hour window to resolve to issue again and again.

I already told them I am not able to saw Redeem option in Jio application also I am not getting any voucher from Samsung shop nor Jio shop, I am trying to ask both shops for double data offer voucher but they told them don’t have such kind of voucher from Jio.

CPPC,SBI,BELAPUR.Navi Mumbai complaint against cppc patna

Sir my self ravindra Nathan tiwari my account no is 10876080655 ppo no ############ my complain is that on 14/06/17 I will send a fax for arrear due from back year but today by speed post u have got a letter that government have making me higher payment of DA than actual so kindly look at this matter because Government announces that DA has been increased but today I have got a letter that I have to pay 5 lakh 70 thousand back so pls look at this matter otherwise I will go to highcourt

Hindustan Unilever Pure It Water Purifier Worst service purit/Non-exps Technicians

We had raised the complaint regarding for changing the cartridge of Purit purifyer as it was blinking SF inner circle, on that time I had told clearly that to send senior person because last time these guys did a mistake and changed the entire cirtue.
You people were assigned the call to Sriram Enterprise against the complaint no.C178658740 dated 30-5-2017, those fellow sent trainee person name called Azeez, he removed entire machine we don’t know what he did wastage water is continuously going after filled the tank.
Again we had raised the complaint for the same, bearing Complaint no. C178666037 on 7-06-2017 for second time, and who person came from Sriram Enterprise said I have checked, it will work not be worry, we told him to be here until tank fills but he denied. After the tank fills again same problem persists.
So third person came from same Sriram Enterprise after he checks water was stopped to fill the tank, he told that you have to change the entire kit and sensor. It’s Cost is ₹2700, sensor cost ₹450.
We denied to pay because earlier it was working, and not showing any alert and water also filling the tank, only the problem was not stopping the wastage water after filling the tank. Then he said will send the details to higher authority and within 2 days will update.
Later your customer care people closed the call stating that address not traced. It’s really funny how could address was not traced after 3-service man’s came and attended the complaint. Why you couldn’t send the proper person I asked you to send senior one on my first complaint. Really it’s worse service what you have provided from past one year, each time we are specifying regarding this.
Again today we had raised the complaint bearing Complaint no C178721692 regarding this and mailing in detail what we had suffered till today from your service.
Please solve this problem asap, expecting your positive reply.
Thanking you,

Samsunh defective refrigerator

I had bought a Samsung refrigerator on Account of my father MUSHTAQUE ALI SAYED,priced 38,700/- on 25.04.2016.Its model code is FF39K5458SL/TL. The problem with the fridge is that its cooling is improper due to which tones of vegetables had got rotten, I had to throw the dry fruits which are way expensive just because of the improper functioning of the fridge. We tried calling in the customer care. They had sent their executives to our home several times. the executive used to come at our home, repair the fridge and gave us fake promises that it will not happen in future. but since a year we are facing the problem. it happens all time, Every time. we can not keep the left over food more than a day and if we do so, we have to throw the food as it gets rotten.We even had visited the store many a times from where we purchased the fridge. we communicated about the same to the manager and he assured us that action will be taken soon but there is no solution given yet. Last time w!
hen we had a conversation with the Samsung customer care, they asked us to pay the services charges for getting the fridge repaired. Is not this unethical? since the day we purchased the fridge, we are facing losses and now again we only have to pay for getting the problem solved? Samsung company is so poor in satisfying its customers? there is no care for its customers? Samsung being so well known company provides such a poor service? I hereby request to replace the fridge, we don not want it anymore or we want the money back.

AADHAR Address and husband name to be updated.


I have updated the address and husband’s name on my aadhar ############# online on 21st May,2017. I got acknowledgement with URN###############.

Still status is not updated.
Please update my aadhar as I need to travel abroad to accompany my husband. Once the aadhar is updated I can proceed with my other passport formalities. Still Waiting.

Thanks & Regards
Shobha Raman

Illegal school Illegal school

Respectfully sir

There was illegal school near by me in bera village which doesn’t has licens to open nursery school and he already opens 9 to 12 school of science.
So sir please enquiry about it and close that school because too many student are visiting at there and it may cause very harm ful for children Address of illegal school
Nam dev Bhavan, near by police station, bali road ,bera village ,dis- Pali ,(rajasthan)

BSNL Service not provide official no response

I have mobile shoppe from last three years so I need internet or wifi for my satisfy job so I connected BSNL WIFI by legal process….
I paid each and every bill on the sharp date .I want to change my plan from last six month because New facility is more useful according to me.but i am not satisfied for BSNL service.
Incharge officer of PATODA office is not responsible anytime .He is not receiving phone when I am in problem … All world is going to show the hyper range of internet
to become No 1…And our country try to compare those country which are on higher is it possible if there is non responsible activities from our BSNL office My wifi service is totally unexpected.
We want any expert technician of wifi in our PATODA
Plz try to give me best service so I can say each and every time INCREDIBLE INDIA…That’s all…