UGC ISHAN UDAY SCHOLARSHIP 2014-2015 Request for not getting full amount

Dear Sir/Medam,
Sir/Medam I am Elangbam Rameshwor Singh. I am successful in UGC ISHAN UDAY SCHOLARSHIP 2014-2015 Batch. My award letter number (Registration ID) :NER – MAN – GEN- 2015 – 49807. I Could not get full amount of 3 years instead of I get only 23 months (Rs. 1,07,133). I have already submitted all the required documents such as CONTINUATION FORM and RENEWAL FORM in time. I have also complained to the related bank ( CANARA BANK)
So i request you to check my REGISTRATION ID And also to transfer the remaining amount to my bank account. THANK YOU


ATM Card not received Sir/Madam , SBI ATM card ending 6862 not received not yet My ATM card booked. in 23/11/18 thru speed post track consignment No.AQ368981790IN I received the message on25Nov.2018 ,that the card is about to dispatched but when I inquired with post office .the card was returned Post . Now this ATM card returned Mangalore. Please resend my card at the same address -YAIRIPOK Bamonleikai Mamang Kekru tainaba leirak,PO/PS -YAIRIPOK District Thoubal Pin- 795149 Manipur. Regards. Khadangbam Suranjoy Singh. 8974614566/9856863997 I hope that you may resend my ATM card earliest.

HDFC Credit card

I’m Using HDFC Credit card. I got a message stating that an amount of Rs. 1399/- was debited from my credit card ending with 8173 without my permission on 21/10/2018
Kindly cancel this plan and request you to refund the amount of Rs 1399/- . Please deactivate ONE ASSIST membership & refund me all the deducted amount.This is unacceptable that you deduct amount in the name of one assist MFEE without customer’s consent. If it happens again I shall cancel my credit card.

Kindly, refund my amount.

Thanks and Regards
Tigangam P Gangmei

RELIANCE NIPPON LIFE INSURANCE CO. LTD. Mis-selling Policy No. 53120827

During, December 2017, I have received call from rep of Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Co. (1st Rep) Mr. Kamal Sharma- Manager, Mob= 09716084505 ( Whatsapp No) / 09716581061 (2nd Rep) Abhishek Kumar -Mob= 07836976183 / 08750113554) to my mobile No. 8800684301 and given assurance for providing following benefits with my Policy No.53120827 as my Policy will be processed by them as a Golden Category Client ID (as an AGENT of Company) and Agent Commission will be paid to me, that’s why, I have paid my first premium Rs. 99,999/- to company on 28/12/2017 :-
1) Rs. 99,999/- premium be paid for 5 years and will get. Rs. 8,50,350/- after 5 years.
2) Cashless Mediclaim Card for all 4 family members for Rs. 5,00,000/: every year.
3) 35% Commission for first premium and thereafter 25% commission every premium.
Confirmation Call and Verification call also received by me from Reliance company on 27/12/2017, 29/12/2017 (2 times), 30/12/2017 and Account verification call on 08/02/2018 which voice recording already provided to company in which also confirmed for providing above benefits but not provided by the company.
Since, I am posted in Manipur and not my home town Delhi, they collected my Adhar Card, PAN Card, Cancelled Cheque with self attested by WhatsApp which I have provided through WhatsApp to Kamal Sharma and paid it’s premium Rs. 99,999/- online from Manipur state. I have neither seen nor sign above Policy Form. But, in my above Policy Form, my sign put in the form by them which I had provided through WhatsApp to them.
Both of them assuring me that my case for crediting 35% commission under process / or processed but till end of Jan 2018 neither amount credited to my account nor Cashless Mediclaim Card received. But all time they requested me, don’t disclose that my case is being processed under Golden Category Client ID that’s why I could not registered complaint before Reliance Nippon Life Insurance as being Manager and above capacity they assuring me that case being processed.
Thereafter, after 3-4 weeks, a call received from (3rd Rep) Mr. Ashok Arora, NEFT Department (Mob. 085069 30651 /d 087438 14710) who told me that Reliance Company got profit Rs. 250 Crore out of which 56,700/- will be paid to me being Golden Category Client ID and total Rs. 56,700 + Commission Rs. 35,000/- will be credited to my account. He tried his best but all time refused to credit to my account and intimated me due to less investment it’s not possible to credit it. He requested to invest more 50,000/- so that it’s can be credited to my account. firstly, I have denied for that and then he and Mr. Kamal Sharma assured me that Rs. 50,000/- will be cancelled and it’s amount also credited to my account after receipt of Rs. 56,700/- Bonus amount + 35,000/- Commission. That’s why, I have compelled to deposit Rs. 50,000/- to Future Generali Life Insurance Company uLtd.
Thereafter, call received from (4th Rep) Mr. Abhishek Verma ( Mob. 09873381247 / 07836837186 ) who intimated that he is Senior Chancellor of NPCI, Chennai Branch and it’s Fund Transfer Confirmation call. He intimated that about Rs. 5,25,000/- (including Bonus- 56,700 + Commission- 35,000 + Future Generali Premium- 50,000 + others Bonus of NRI) being credited to my account as some Bonus of NRI person also linked to my account but it can not be credited till upgrade my investment so deposit 10% i.e. Rs. 52,000/- (10% of 5,25,000/-) to Reliance Company so that complete amount can be credited to my account.
Since, May 2018, I am writing for cancellation of my both Mis-selling Policy. My Future Generali Life insurance Policy No. 01421119 has been cancelled by them and full premium Rs. 50,000/- credited to my account in the month of August 2018. But, Reliance Nippon Life insurance Policy not yet cancelled.
I’m also sending my last letter dated 04/10/2018 (in this letter all details of voice recording mentioned date wise serially) written to Reliance Nippon Life Insurance for cancellation of my mis-selling but all replying by their Customer Care staff side even I have provided voice call recording to them. Till date no reply received from Reliance GRO. Moreover, Reliance GRO Contact Number (02233035309) none attended even ringing there, which clearly indicates the conspiracy for Mis-selling policy.
It is also bring to your kind notice that on 19-20 June 2018 Mr. Ashok Arora (Mob. 085069 30651 / 087438 14710) demanded bribe Rs. 40,000/- for cancellation my above Policy for which staff demanded. I was shocked as what level conspiracy being plotted by company staff for making 420 with customers. I asked how, it’s possible. He replied that they can manage and have power and if not paid then suffer yourself and company never cancel it’s. even though having voice recording and none able to spoil their career.
I have all Voice Recording since 27 Dec 2017 to 20 June 2018, details of which also mentioned date wise in my letter dated 04/10/2018 and 80 No’s voice recording already provided to Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Co.
It is therefore requested that an appropriate actions as deemed fit for cancellation of my Policy No. 53120827 may kindly be taken for refund my premium Rs. 99,999/- and necessary action against above defaulters may also be taken so that no other person can be cheated by these culprits please.
Mob. 8800684301 / 8851720700