Maruti delay in delivery

myself sunil kumar, didn’t expect that I would have to face disappointment. There is marriage in my family in April so I visited Nexa, Roorkee in 1st week of Dec 2016 for booking Baleno sigma . After contacting several times and multiple visits they ensured me delivery by last week of Feb But when I contacted them in mid of march they asked me to wait till April 1st week. Then again I had to face disappointment as I was asked to get documents ready by 16th of April so that car gets delivered by 19th. Now its 20th when I contacted them I was told that the concerned person with whom I was dealing had left job and some other person talked to me and there is no surety from his side whether car will get delivered or not. This is really disheartening as I had already told them that there is marriage in my family. When I was about to book the car, many executives called me but today when I contacted customer care, the customer care executive said "I couldn’t arrang!
e a call". This is ridiculous. If you were unable to deliver the car then you shouldn’t have made false promises. I would have booked somewhere else. I regret my decision. I better had booked somewhere else.
Now it would be of great help if you could arrange the delivery. It will prevent your goodwill from any negative feedbac

Maruti No Response Bad quality repair

I met with accident twice in last a month. 1st on 9th of august and other is on 5th sep 2017. I had put my Swift dezire in Jagmohan Motors charkhi dadri service center for repair. I had received a claim of around Rs 24000. which they asked me to pay in advance(even after I have taken a zero dap policy from HDFC Ergo and ergo is having tie up with them). I took confirmation from Ergo that they had settle my claim and given credit on 06 sep 17 to agency but till date I have not received my funds back.
I want to bring this in to notice that same thing they had repeated in my next claim as well. Their repair quality is too bad. every 2nd day i observed they had left something unrepaired then I had to bring my vehicle to the service center. thrice I have done it. still there are so many things to repair. This really a kind of mantle torture.
they had make a bill of around rs 55000 in next claim where I am not confirm what part is being replaced. They have not given any bill or any thing. They usually get satisfactory letter signed in advance from every customer.

Maruti Finally I decided to quit from MARUTI BECAUSE MY LIFE SEFTY.

I have new dzire VXI AMT (17-oct-2017) (Chassis No: MA3CZF63SHJ188835) (ENGIN NO: K12MN2065450) having front brake issue ,The first service gave the complaint in running I feel brake apply automatically , They will found the issue brake pad and disk had spoiled and change the entire set ,after the services small time I have not fell the issue again but after 3000 Km the same issue happen two to three times ,on 7th Jan 2018 when I was driving suddenly I heard noise in front wheel it all most 4700 KM so I plan for the second service, I gave Unique Car Care they gave to the Cars India Pvt Ltd, Ambattur Industrial Estate ,Chennai
Now also they told the same issue in brake pad and disk totally spoil and also they claimed my driving style having issue, so I went there in person and meet service Manager Mr.Dominic and also test drive with his person. What mistake they found I donât know, He still not understand the issue, he just blaming others.
No one canât understand the issue and complaint,
1. I am really disappointment with MARUTI SERVICES
2. I am really disappointment with NEW MARUTI DZIRE
3. Within 4700 Km, 2 time Brake Pad and Disk change it is ridicules 4. Where the issue still not found, changing spare it not a solution. 5. The car have ABS, EBD, but where all this working or not I donât know If it works how only front wheel Brake only have issue 6. Finally I decided to quit from MARUTI BECAUSE MY LIFE SEFTY.

Maruti Huge amount for sevicing

I purchased my maruti swift vehicle on april 2016. Then my free service ended in 10000 km. After that i got cal from pratham motors and they updated that my next paid service is on 15000 km. Then 2017 july i gave vehicle to servicing ,this time they changed the oil and filled the syntetic oil and total service cost is 3600. After that again i got a cal and they updated like your next service is on 20000km,this is happening after the 6 months of first paid service and i agreed.This time they told the service cost will come upto 7600 approximately. Then in between the servicing they called me and told taht they are going to do some additional things like ac cleaning and painting. This will cost around 3000 but you will get it for 2000. Then i started shouting and asked why am paying these huge amount of money for servicing, then suddenly they reduced the service charge to 6700.And i dont have any option so i agreed.After that i calculated and realised that total 11000 rupees !
i spend for servicing in one year. And i again realised that this 15000 km servicing is not at all required. In this service they changed the oil to synthetic and again they changed the oil in 2018 feb service. In my understanding synthetic oil will last upto 10000km. but here they chaged after 5000 km itself. One more thing the reason why people purchasing maruti vehicles are mainly because of its low maintenance cost.Here i spend almost 11k rupees within 1 year time period. Usually in my awareness the diesel vehicles itself will not cost these much. And question here is, this service stations are really meant for customers or only for the agencies like pratham. Am going to write this bitter experience in social media very soon. and if am not getting any proper response from your side i will defnitely go to consumer court. There are lot of other things to mention like the parts they changed and the quality of the servicing and all. I dont want discuss all this toghether .F! irst i want to get a proper answer for this question and after! that i will take the other issue. Actually am feeling like looted here.