Mee Seva Paying challan

Meeseva mothinagar branch, Hyderbad has wrost staff, I went to meeseva for paying my challan there was a line,when I was on 2nd number in line. the madam went to another desk and told us to wait for 5min for 5min I went and sat at the chair after 5min I came back there was again line but line member are not making me to go in front, when I asked to madam that u told for 5min I was sitting on chair for five min but now she is not accepting that. She is telling that again I should come in line but line so big, so, I raise complain.. Please take strict action about that and she don’t have any manners to talk with coustmer. I think how like this people get jobs in meeseva ..

Mee Seva Working conditions in mee seva centre.

Hello, i am here to compalint about my problem in mee seva which i have faced recently. No one is ready to complaint for silly reasons but still many of them are compalining by wasting their time after knowing that there will be no action taken on the employees and there will be no change and no use of our compalint but still a small hope whether there can be any change. I am also compalining here beacuse i have faced problem at mee seva center bhimavaram town and i hope no one should face the same again. I went to the mee seva centre for 5times just only to update my mobile number in the aadhar card just a 10min time but i went for that nearly 5times and still not done. They have not even seen my face also. I asked them this is the fifth time i am coming please can you make it soon. But they have not even answered for my request they are just aswering me you go away please dont disturb us come tomorrow, this is the only answer i got for the 5times. I dont know whether it wi!
ll be done or not because they are angry on me for asking as per the rules. Their behaviour was very bad and very rude. Many uneducated people are treating very rudely as they dont know any thing. Being public servent they should serve the people and be polite towards people but they are just thinking that they not public servents they are govt employees so no need of giving respect to other and can behave according to their convenience but not according to public convenience. Our work will done with two things in the present society 1.Power,influence,recommendations 2. Money.
Being an indian i am not ready to give money and as i am common man i dont have power or recommendations.
I request to the concern department, please take necessary actions as many of the innocent people are facing the problem. Please be a public servent not a servent for power.

Mee Seva Meeseva challan for PVC

I am in need of police verification certificate.. In order to get that, I have to apply for meeseva challan..Me and my father came to this meseva center two days but these stupid people in the meeseva said to wait for hours..we have waited here for 2 hours on 12-2-2019 , after a long time they are arguing about the employee is asking the Manager about the process of challan and the manager told about that..even the manager(Razak) is not polite with us..he also said to wait for a long time and he is very rude…worst meeseva center in santoshnagar…please take a severe action on this…please.

Mee Seva Poor Service

Dear Sir,
This is with reference to the MeeSeva kavali centre.
I visited many times to apply New Aadhar card., I faced problems multiple times because of the staff insufficient knowledge and the owner of the center behavior is very worst. Unfortunately we have only one Kavali town and that centre people not working. Expecting some action with their poor service then the people can able use the MeeSeva services properly.
For more details on my report please reachout to me.

Kind regards,

Mee Seva Charging Rs.100 (HUNDRED RUPEES) to add the mobile number for Adhar card.

Charging Rs.100 (HUNDRED RUPEES) to add the mobile number for Adhar card. I see in Adhar website, there is no charge to add mobile number to Adhar. But, below mentioned e-seva agent charging Rs100.
Below are the Agent details :

Authorized Agent Id : APO-WGD-ATY
Agent Name : Atyam Sitaramayya
Mandal : Undrajavaram
District : West Godavari
PINCODE : 534329
Agent Mail Id : [email protected]