Meeseva Paying challan

Mothinagar meeseva employes are wrost not having manners how to talk with coustmer, when I went to pay my challan there was a big line and I was on 5th number when I came to 2nd number the employee told that she will be back in 5min for five min I went sat on chair when I came back she is telling that again I have to stand in line from back, I asked why I should stand in line I was in 2nd number but she is not agree with that and then she is telling that If I will not stand in line then she will not do my work. So, she is telling what u will do what is this .so please take a strict action


COMPLAINT : I have applied for E.C at Meseva centre on 6th july 2017. For processing it takes hardly 1-2days, Nearly six days has passed but when I checked the status it is showing that This record is in Not Viewed status.
So I kindly request you to take proper action on my complaint and issue my Encumbrance certificate as soon as possible. DETAILS:-


Center name: TS-Y163
Application no: ECM############
Applicant name: Shameem Begum
Document no: 1836
Document district: Rangareddy(R.R)
Year of registration: 2015
phone no: 9290120789