Mi india Xiaomi Broken Item not replaced by MI

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I ordered a MI headset and POCO F1 on 16th Dec 2018 which got delivered on 19th.But i found the Headphone Broken so the very moment i called customer service which then asked me to give a mail to [email protected] all the details i mailed the same moment but i received no response ,For continuous days i kept mailing and giving calls to their mail id but i received only fake concerns.On 10th of january i received a mail from them saying my request for replacement of headphone cant be done because i didnt place a request within 24 hours,I again mailed them with all the screenshots but i received no response from them,i request you to please kindly look into the matter Regards,
Sayantan Dey
Phone 7005041009
Order id – ################

Mi india Xiaomi Phone ON problem

Dear Sir,
I am Alok From Lakhimpur kheri. Mera aapse se nivedan hai ki kuch samay phle mera phone MI A1 me kuch problem tha jo on nhi ho rha tha . to hmne MI Center pe dikhay to unhone phone ko khol ke chek kiya uske bad btaya ki phone ka Card aur Board kharab hai. jo bnwane ke liye 5700Rs. ke krib lgega. To hmne mna kr diya aur Aur unhone hmse 100Rs Service charge le liya . Uske bad hmne usi phone ko ek choti shope dikhaya to usne sirf us phone ko 500Rs. me bna diya | To hmara aapse ye khna ki MI Xiaomi Center wale logo ko bewkuf bnate hai. Phone chek krne ke bhane wah sirf 100Rs. service charge le lete hai. Aur Customer ko jyada problem bta ke usse Service ke bahane se paise le lete hai.
Dosto kripya aapse nivedan hai ki MI Xiomi ka phone na kharide. 9451535665

Thank u

Mi india Xiaomi Worse Service Centre of MI

Today I submitted my MI 5A mobile to M/s Gloriouasa Infotech an authorised service centre of MI for a complaint of battery backup problem. After an hour they told me there is problem in battery and I agree to change the battery and will pay the charges as applicable. After that they told they don’t have battery in stock so I decided to take back my battery. But they charged me RS 118 as inspection charged. I did not get any service still I had to pay charged. They cheated us like this. Please stop it. Regards
Santanu Jana

Mi india Xiaomi Battery blast in my phone Mi 3s prime

Dear sir
I have buy a my new phone Mi 3s prime in manth of December 2016, 10 April 2017 I am charging my phone suddenly thy are the blast in battery and burning my phone.My phone is completely dead but he is one year warranty period .So please give me a new phone. Thanks you.

Sangram Singh
Email id- [email protected]
Mobile no. 9557396225

Mi india Xiaomi Redimi 3s prime-Internal Fault,not able to take warrenty.


This is regarding my Redmi 3s prime phone which I purchased online from Flipkart in the month of September 2016.
Today morning I faced a problem with my phone which was not getting switch on and I took the phone to the service center in Jaipur .
When service engineer opened the back cover (which cannot be open at home) he found that there are some screws missing from the body.
He told me that as screws are missing from the phone therefore your phone is out of warranty .
I told him that this is the first time I have faced problem with my phone and I have brought it to service center and I am not aware about the missing screws.
This is to my surprise that I have received a phone which was either not fitted properly at the MI company or it is a refurbished phone which has been sold by Flipkart.
The service engineer was not ready to take the phone under warranty and asked me to contact MI customer care after which I called customer care and the representative asked me to write a mail to the backend team with details.

Mi india Xiaomi xiaomi india

My order number is – 517072099823686301, i got vr play product on the date of 25/07/2017. when i open the box i found the button is damaged and not working. also heard some voice from inside so i call customer care for explain about faulty product and demand replace it. the customer care guy told me that if i got faulty product then i have to go at service center, either they will repair it or replace it. The case ID is ############.
after 2 days heavy rain in Ahmadabad, today i visit at service center, service center guy told me he is not able to replace or repair it, call only customer care, they will help. so at the same time i called customer care, now i surprised, the customer care guy told me that if i got faulty product i have to make compliant within 24 hours. sir, i already complaint at the same time when i got the product. i argued with him and asked him that " what is my mistake" but he have no any answer. now he is also not able to help.
when i explain my problem by mail, the reply is

Hi Vikas,
I would like to tell if the physical damage is with the device it will not consider under 10 days replacement and warranty. If got the product damage you have to inform us with in 24 hours.
then i replayed,

Why are you people do not trying to understand, i already mention in my 1st mail that i complaint at the same time when i got the physical damaged product. The case ID is ############. u can check and find that guy who talked with me. you have also call recording system. please check what i said on call. i already mention about this thing in product review at the same time. very very worst experience with me

Mi india Xiaomi bluetooth not turned on

I am writing this mail to you , some of you may not have any concern regarding this, but will request you to pass it to concern department.
I have purchased Mi Note 4 mobile first time ever in my life with high hopes,and you shown all the promptness before sale, But later you have started showing your true faces just like Micromax,Letv,lenovo and other cheaper Chinese brands.
It’s hardly around 6 Months while using the Handset and suddenly it started an issue after the MIUI9 version updation. The Issue is – "Bluetooth is not turning ON."
I visited the authorized Mi service center Venue Telecom, Shalimar Bagh- regarding the same issue. Nobody can ever believed what they told me after examining the Handset. They told me that "It’s not a software issue and we need to change the motherboard of the Handset which would be on chargeable basis due to Liquid found in the phone."
"I am a gentle user of this Handset and I know very well that there could not be any kind of probability of water inside my Handset, Also, Bluetooth was working fine till the update. The issue has arisen after the update and I immediately rushed into the service center." – said by me to the Service Center Executive.
Further, they stated a hilarious statement – "Water could have gone through your ear while talking via the Earpiece for long." (: LOL 🙂 Could anybody please tell – "Is there any kind of leakage in my ears, Is there any kind of leakage of water in any Human Being’s ears so that water could even flow into the Handset via Earpiece"? And even if the answer is "YES" then I would like to ask the Manufacturer of this Handset that – "Why did not you make this Handset Waterproof while other Handsets does not get defected in such case? Why is the quality of your Handset is so poor"?
"Was it my fault that I was talking through the Earpiece for long?" then why is there an "Earpiece" in any mobile or what we are supposed to do with that earpiece?
It looks like just a stunt to denying for the after sales service. I didn’t ever hear Samsung or any other reputed brand explaining these kind of excuses to their customers.
Just wanted to let you know that this was my first experience ever with MI and I am fed-up with the service, totally frustrated after hearing their comedy.
Oh! About the Overall Experience – ): Frustrated! Won’t Ever Buy Or Let Others Buy Any MI Product 🙁

Mi india Xiaomi Phone display not working

Hello team this is Sohan Patil,I am your mi note 4 user,few days back I was facing display problem it goes dark blank, so I visited your Ghatkopar service center for the same on 20 Dec 17,they took phone and did software update and gave me back saying it was software problem which is solved after few hours it was again going blank
On my second visit they took my 3 hrs and changed display and said it was display issue so we changed it, I took phone came back and after few hours it again gone blank
On my third visit they asked me for 2 minutes and took 2.30 hours and told you need to keep phone with us for 2 days for under observation and told me to come after 2 days.
I came after 2 days it was my forth visit to the service center
I came after 2 days on 30 they said sir we have again changed your display and it was side button problem,i was thinking that they have already changed it before so why it is been changed again, i just came out from the service center and found same problem again I visited store told to manager that it is not working he said give me 2 minutes and in front of me only he told to his engineer to change motherboard and again took 2 hours and asked me more 2 days and said after that you will not found any problem and told me to come on Monday any time
I did my night shift as I have night shift only and all the days I have visited I came from my shift only it’s gets over at 7 am and I use to wait till 10.30 as my home is bit far, came on Monday and swa service center is closed I asked security guard he told it will remain closed only,i called your hotline number and got to know it’s closed today and he suggested me that you should call and come when service center manager told me to come on Monday,is it compulsory to call hotline number and ask?
When manager knows that they will be closed on 1.1.18 then why he called me on a same say to take my mobile?
Interesting thing to share with you,I did Complaint to hotline and they told I will forward it to higher authority and you will get call from them,when I receive call I told the problem ,at that time I got to know that I have visited service centre on 20.12.17 for the display problem and they did software update and it is delivered on the same day,when my phone is still in the service center only,as per her information I have visited once only when it’s my 5th visit,they haven’t changed your display when it is changed twice as per service centre manager ,I am sure they are doing some frod as I got information from Bangalore customer care that display is around worth Rs.3000 and without any updation they cannot do it,when my display is been changed twice how they did it? So they are making fool to all people and mi as well,my phone is still in the service Center as I didn’t got time to go today.

Mi india Xiaomi registration for redmi note 5 pro mobile

this is regarding the registration for the mobile redmi note 5 pro in mi store located at manpada, dist-thane,state- maharashtra ,i have been visiting the store from two weeks regularly for registering the name for mobile redmi note 5 pro ,but the people in store are not registering the name they are giving either another date for registration or they are telling that the booking is full try next week , i dont know what the hell is going on ,redmi note 5 pro is available in bulk quantity across various dealer in thane ,how they are getting it ?? ,and it is not available for the genuine customers ,they are directly supplying to dealer instead of giving to the customers directly ,they have made a business for earning more by directly supplying bulk quantity of mobiles to local mobile dealers , i just wanted 5 quantity of redmi note 5 pro for my home members , and i am running from two weeks . please take necessary action against your store and tell them to provide me the mobi!
le in the next sale ,otherwise i will send this complain to higher level or greivance zone.
Name-ansari nadeem
mob no 9028234784/7021507480
email id [email protected]