Ministry of national highway under Mr Nitin Gadkari compensation still not made for land aquisition for NH66 kudal

Respected Gadkari ji,

This complaint (rather a query) is regarding compensation still not made for land aquisition for NH66 kudal ( Bamberde Tarf Kalsuli )

In notification dated 08-12-2017 : SO 3854(E) (widening /four laning etc)
SO no 4073-4074(E) dtd 16-12-2018 for NH 66 on stretch of land from km 419-800 to km 450-170 (Kasal -Zarap section.) in district Sindhudurg / Maharashtra .
In the above said notification published in Daily Prahar on 10-01-2018 the following survey nos 37/1,38/2,38/26,38/7 of
village : Bamberde Tarf Kalsuli , Taluka: Kudal , district : Sindhudurg / Maharashtra have been published .
It is more than a year after notification & already work is going on survey nos 37/1,38/2,38/26,38/7 for widening of NH 66
but still no notice for compensation is given thus no compensation received till date (16-03-2019)
Is there any financial crunch for the delay in compensation . Many in other villages like kasal have got the compensation , but many in Bamberde Tarf Kalsuli are awaiting compensation
Persons in Prath office is in kudal only says you will get compensation but when nobody knows

Sir kindly do the need full
Thanks with due respect
parag pawaskar

Ministry of national highway under Mr Nitin Gadkari pathetic road conditions on the Khopoli Pali Road SH92

Dear Sir,
I would like to update you on the pathetic road conditions on the Khopoli Pali Road SH92. The road construction has stopped completely and is creating a lot of traffic congestion while putting the life of the commuters in danger. More over we are finding it extremely difficult to travel because almost the whole road is broken with full of pot holes…resulting into daily accidents, multiple maintenance costs to vehicles, higher fuel costs & additional time with lots of frustration; ultimately costs to national executor…!
Please find attached some pictures of the bad conditions of the road & look in to this matter on priority and resolve this issue ASAP

Ministry of national highway under Mr Nitin Gadkari Toll road between Dhule and Nasik

Dear Sir,

My husband and I were driving to Nasik on 1st September and were on the toll road from Dhule to Nasik and were 40 km from Nasik when the car suddenly went into a huge pit (crater) on the road.This happened at 10pm and there was no lighting on the road so by the time we saw the crater it was too late to apply brakes The rear tyre on the drivers side was badly damaged and was torn at the rim
Since it was an Innova Crysta , the braking mechanism was good and we parked the car on the side to access the damage
Fortunately for us , within 5 minutes , there was a highway patrol manned by 3 people who came to help us change the wheel
Since it was a very busy highway , one of them used a baton to warn the vehicles
While we were very happy to get timely help , we wish to complain about the sate of the road despite paying the toll fee
Looking forward to your response


Manish Sharma
Anita Sharma

Ministry of national highway under Mr Nitin Gadkari Require 4-6 Line Road between Dharwad- Hubli – NH-4

Located right in the middle of the Pune –Bangalore stretch (835 kms) of the NH4, in the state of Karnataka beginning at Km 403/800 on NH4 and rejoining NH4 in Karnataka at Km 433/800 . Nandi Highway Developers Ltd. (NHDL) has built and is operating 30 km. Since the road in only two line, free movement of vehilce is difficult.
As this NH- 4 comming under Golden Quadrilateral Road Project of India, Road are having 4-6 lines of width. But in this 30 kms having only 2 lines. travel time to cross this 30 kms is more.
Request for the action to expand the road to 4-6 lines by Govt itself or by NHDL( Nandi Highway Developer Ltd) om priority basis.
Thanks and Regards
Harish M

Ministry of national highway under Mr Nitin Gadkari Traffic Jam on National Highway 58

Dear Sir,

This complaint is regarding Traffic Jam on National Highway 58 near Ghaziabad.
As per Faced several times this traffic jam on this National Highway. The people are facing a lot of problem as the Jam halts for 3 hours. None of the traffic police was available at that time.
Petrol, energy and time is wasted.
Ambulance are not able to reach on time as they also halt for several hours in the Jam.
You have opened New highways in several places and Your good work is seen everywhere in Delhi, UP. I am great Follower of Our Most powerful leader Mr. modi
Sir, with due respect kindly check to it.

Your Faithfully,
People of India.