mobile number getting abusive call

i am getting a call from unknown number,there are 2 people speaking in total,while they were confirming about a girl namely pooja,when i told that it is a wrong number call nd there s no girl with that particular name,a person abused me with ‘prostitutal name’.please get rid of these calls.and help the girls.And the number is ############.

mobile number Abusing calls in the name of Snapdeal

A person called me identifying himself as Nithin, senior staff of snapdeal and informed me that I have received some car and cash prize. He told me to transfer rs8500 to some account to register for the prize. I told that I don’t want the prize and he went on to ask why and don’t you want to get married. He then started talking vulgarly. I have recorded the call. This is his number 070619 22546. the needful.