MTNL Delhi Wi-Fi Access Problems

Wi-Fi Access Problems!

My Wi-Fi Internet Connection has not been working efficiently since last month. All the lights on the modem are stable and blinking but the main problem is not many sites are opening and even those which are, number is decreasing day by day. Registered the complaint many time on MTNL customer care since last month, but all they got on to asking phone number, name, address, issue at first and just forwarding the case to urgent in others with additional blank promises of taking an action in 24 hours. Not very happy with this kind of service to be honest.
Hope this time the problem get solved on time!

Manoj Aggarwal
Instrument No. 26190213
Consumer no. 2032190213
Mobile no. 9810265309

MTNL Delhi Surrendering of telephone after death of hirer

We want to surrender the telephone as the person in whose name the telephone exists is no more alive. But MTNL won’t allow it.We are told that the connection should be got transferred to legal heir first and then only surrendered.
Why should the legal heir be forced to get it transferred in his name and then wait till such time MTNL transfers it and then again apply for surrender when the purpose is just simple that the phone connection is not wanted.
If it were some private companies like airtel etc we can understand that the representatives try hard to retain customers and keep sending bills. But even dealing with MTNL is a problem.
Can anyone help me.

MTNL Delhi 011-28035802 out of order since long

Dear Complaint In-Charge (MTNL Delhi),

Besides MTNL Delhi Landline 011-28035802, myself & my wife together use 4 Mobile Numbers (of Vodafone, Dolphin, Airtel, & Gio) and an Airtel Landline. Yes I agree it is a back-up and that’s why we don’t check up whether it is working or not. About mid-May2018 I found it is dead, so also today (June 08, 2018, Friday). I think MTNL doesn’t bother to set it right. In fact I have forgotten how to lodge a complaint for MTNL Landline. I know for Airtel it is quite easy by dialing 121 or 44444121 (preceded by 011 when called from other than Airtel).
Please make MTNL Delhi Landline 011-28035802 operative at the earliest.
As a retired Govt. of India senior officer, I still maintain the MTNL Landline and Dolphin Mobile out of shear loyalty and gratitude.
Thanks & regards.
Dr. Subrata Mukhopadhyay
Dwarka Phase – I
New Delhi – 110075
June 08, 2018 (Fri)