mtnl dolphin poor network, no action on complaint

excess mobile data bill is charged and nobody is taking complaints. I called customer care number 1503 many times but they denied to take complaints. hence i decided to port number to other operator so requested to adjust my deposit against outstanding and sent mail to [email protected] on 30/07/2019, no action taken. several times complained regarding network problem but no action.

mtnl dolphin auto debit of rs 7 or 10 by ocsbox

Dear Sir

I am MTNL Dolphin customer since 2006. I am writing again to disburse my anger against the auto debit of rs 7 or 10 by ocsbox . I often receive the sms from the number 51012007 ( thanks for choosing silver are charged rs 7). i have made the several complaints inperson at sanchar haat ,mail to appellate authority and call to 1909. All my efforts have gone in vain. I cannot afford loosing my hard earned money in small denominations to the service which I have not subscribed. I would like to make it clear I am not at all interested in any such service. I need an immediate resolution and at earliest. Please do the needful and kindly do not push me to respond with legal help.
thank you in anticipation

vishal sharma