Mumbai Airport Sorting office Release my shipment – RW216841825CN

Dear Sir,
I had placed an order for Corner Storage Holder Shelves from The Wish List under Order #: WL 14468 on 15/05/2019. Its more than 3 months now and you have not delivered the shipment to me.

As per the tracking number RW216841825CN its currently in your office since 10/07/2019. Check

I want to know what is the problem? Why are your holding my shipment? Why are you not delivering it to me? Pls release the shipment ASAP.

S. Reddy

Mumbai Airport Sorting office Parcel not delivered yet

Dear Airport Team,
My parcel with track number
RH109668537TR was send from reached destination location. but due to wrong pin code.parcell reverted to mumbai. now in tracking it shows it is in mumbai airport sorting office.on the the parcell PIN CODE mentioned as 560106(wrong pin) correct PINCODE is 560103 .

So please consider my kind request and take necessary steps to deliver my parcel to destination bangalore. Regardas,

Mumbai Airport Sorting office Tracking number RR257101523PL from Poland Parcel stuck in Mumbai Airport Sorting Office

My parcel not received yet as it is stuck in Mumbai for 1 week now. My parcel with track number RR257101523PL

Following is the tracking link.

Mumbai Airport Sorting office Tracking number RR257101523PL from Poland Parcel stuck in Mumbai Airport Sorting Office

Hi Team,

Below is the information of Registered Letter sent on 25th June 2019, could you please help me track this , as its stuck in Mumbai Airport sorting Office since 26th June 2019

Registered Letters with Acknowledgement – Non Delivery of Article Transaction Number RR257101523PL
Transaction Date 25/06/2019
Transaction Office 02-363 under CHENNAI INTL. CCC
Country of Origin POLAND
Destination Office PERUNGUDI S.O-600096 under PERUNGUDI S.O CCC
Other Information Package number :RR257101523PL Shipping date: 2019-06-25 Package type: Priority registered letter Dispatch country: Poland Country of destination: India
Dispatch office: UP Warszawa 79 (ul. BiaÅo

Kind and Regards,
Mpohammed Rafiq
[email protected]

Mumbai Airport Sorting office Postal letter un delivered and returned back to Mumbai airport sorting centre from Bangalore

I was suppose to receive an important document form Canada which was sent on 8th may. Unfortunately the post man couldn’t deliver it on time. And has returned it back to Mumbai airport sorting centre on 20th. The tracking shows it’s still in Mumbai I’ve made all the relevant complaints to revert the letter back to the same address. It’s an important document please to revert back the letter with tracking ID (RN338854829CA).