Municipal Corporation of Delhi Unauthorized parking of vehicles

I complain to Delhi MCD commissioner about unauthorized parking of lot of vehicles on main Najafgarh road. Due to this lot of traffic on main Najafgarh road.
Huge traffic in Tilak Nagar, Rajori Garden, Uttam Nagar East and Wast, Dwarka sec -21 and many more places. People park the Vehicles on footpath, bus line on road very carelessly.
I hope you take any action regarding my problem and please tow the vehicles from the main Najafgarh road.
Thank You

Municipal Corporation of Delhi To build proper road

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to highlight that yesterday night SDMC/PWD/Local Councillor got constructed RCC road on surprise basis,in Mehrauli Ward no.2 Bhuian chowk.No proper cleaning of old/base road was done and RCC was spread just like that,Since no notice for construction of road was given most vehicles parked on road when removed made deep marks in RCC road making it very shabby.Whole work was unplanned and it appeared the workers were just doing the job for sake of finishing the work some how.
My complaint on behalf of residents of Mehrauli is that whenever road construction is to be done there must be proper notification to residents through poster/banner etc. so that everybody is prepared for the situation and make suitable arrangements to park their vehicles suitably so that there is no obstruction in construction of road and also take their vehicle from suitably parked location to proceed for work or any other assignment of theirs.
Further agencies are requested to take note of rising level of road every year, thus endangering the home level to go below the road level thus creating water logging and other problems.While tendering for construction of roads, old road must be dismantled and debris must be lifted then only RCC be filled suitably to maintain safe level in respect to home level.This situation is supposed to be every locality thus as a general rule everywhere old road material must be removed and then new material be laid.
Please review this situation with relevant authorities and do the needful for benefit of residents.
Please give feedback of this complaint on mail ID [email protected] cell no. 9015997555 ; 7020922860.
Thanks and Regards.

266J/2 Mehrauli New Delhi-30

Municipal Corporation of Delhi water mafia and currpted mcd officers


This is my 11th complaint againt same problem same note.Your mcd officer comes at site and taes money from them to carry on their illegal water suplies .They are doing job in front of all government but no one want to take any action on it. They gives money to delhi mcd, delhi police . They are very dangerous and now i no intrest on you low and action becouse each of every person of your department is currpted . They wast 10000 litters of water to purrifies and 5000 litter of water it will purifies in daily . From that our water lavel is going down.
Please take a strict action to this problem

Municipal Corporation of Delhi Bad sanitation and overflow of drainage water

I am the resident of B block of Vishwas Park Extn, Shiv Mandir Marg, Near by Kumar Public School.
The sanitation is very bad here. The roads here are not swept regularly. They are dirty with full of rubbish. The drainage water flows all over the street, not only during the rainy days but even on regular days also. The drains are blocked. There are many pits on the road. They are filled with drainage water. Foul smell arises from it and it is a place for mosquitoes to breed.
I request you to look into this matter seriously and improve the sanitation in this locality.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi Dengue

Bahut dukh ke saath kahna pad Raha hai ki Maine apni 5 saal ki beti Ko kho deya hai just coz of dengue admited in kalawati Saran hospital , kabhi bhi hamarye area Mai mosquito marnye ki dawai nahi Dali gai sarkaar ne bahut kuch deya hai but mcd / local councler gahri need Mai so rahye hai bachho ki janye ja Rahi hai rooj Apne areya hai . Request karta hu pls ese longu ke khilaf action le agye se esi laperwahi na karte

Municipal Corporation of Delhi BLOCKED SEWAGE DRAINS


I am a resident of J-63, Hari Nagar, 3rd Floor. We have been experiencing servile inconvenience due to blocked sewage drains in our area. It has become intolerable to even breathe in the area due to blockage of drains. There are high possibilities of diseases emerging due to this.
I have attached the images of the current condition of drains in my area. I would request the concerned board and authorities to take the necessary steps in order to resolve this serious issue. Thank you.
Yours Sincerely,
Contact: +91 9013352139

Municipal Corporation of Delhi cattle mess near cu block

e Court of India Cows and bufalows should not be there in residential area. However, I am sorry to say if you come at uttari pitampura and see the cattle mess . people of haiderpur who have these cattle don’t have any fear of courts order or police or system. They do power and water theft and also due to cattle breading my area is under high risk of diseases. Mosquitoes bread, burning of cattle dung, resident safety are major concern in my area. No one dares to complain. I have full faith in the system thats the reason I am writing. .

May I request you to please take appropriate action and help make the city clean and help in implementing honorable supreme court of India order. Many thanks in advance.
You can reach out to me through mobile or email.

a citizen of india

Municipal Corporation of Delhi Encroachment and unauthorised construction of basement in 21/3,4 yusuf sarai main market,aurbindo marg New delhi-110016

This is to inform you that encroachment and unauthorised construction has been done on main road yusuf sarai market building no.21/3,4 near gate no.4 Green Park metro station(Spice hotspot showroom).Approximately 3feet of encroachment has been done by the owner and new shutter has been installed.Kindly look into the matter and take the appropriate action asap.